Step 5: Start Blogging

How To Start A Blog

If you just want to have a casual blog, you’re pretty much all done. Blog away! If you want to learn how to start a blog that gets popular and makes money, continue on.

Thoughts On Creating A Serious Blog For Profit

Why are there bloggers who make nothing and others who make over $50,000 per month?

Because some bloggers consistently execute good plans, others do not.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that people who fail at blogging do so because they either have no plan (most people), have a bad plan, or don’t follow through on a good plan.

It takes work to create a successful blog so if you don’t want to work, you’re definitely not in the right place. If you’re willing to EARN your results, I can help you out. A blog can be an incredible business, for those who have the dedication and willingness to learn.

Components Of A Successful Blog

Every blog that works has three components: a proper setup, awesome content, and solid marketing. If you can get a blog going that has all three, you’ll be on your way. If you’re missing one of the key ingredients, it’s going to be more difficult to turn your blog into a success. So, get it right and reap the benefits! You can see more easily what all needs to be done here:

How To Start A Great Blog

Proper Blog Setup

Choosing A Brandable Domain Name

The #1 rule for choosing a domain name is picking something you really like (for real). If you like the name of your blog, it will be MUCH easier to tell other people about it (and to be PROUD of it when you do). Here are a few rules I like to follow when I choose domain names for my blogs:

  1. Keep it short: I like to use three words or less.
  2. Don’t violate trademarks: Never use a company or product name that isn’t your own company or product name.
  3. Use the .com extension: I know of many successful blogs that use other extensions, but .coms are the most memorable.

Examples Of Blogs That Have Brandable Domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How To Create A Blog That People Love

If you’ve followed the steps above, you should have a blog all set up! Does that mean that people everywhere are going to come flocking to it? Absolutely not! It takes a little bit of time to have a successful blog. Fortunately, I’ve gone through the process of getting a blog to be successful multiple times and I’m going to teach you how it works.

First things first, I want you to read an article I wrote about starting a blog that makes a difference. Most successful blogs make a difference for others in one way or another but let’s not complicate it – instead let’s just break it down into what a successful blog actually is: a home to multiple, useful posts. If you can create useful posts, you can create a successful blog.

Remember that successful blogging isn’t only possible in one niche – I know of blogs that are tremendously successful in a lot of different niches. Here’s a list of a few (of many) successful blogs that I know of: All Things Thrifty, Interactive Biology, Pinch Of Yum, Good Financial Cents, The Macro Trader, Your Cup Of Cake,,, Laurens Fitness, The 36th Avenue, and Hilah Cooking. I have personally talked to the owners of most of these blogs. Almost all of them make full-time incomes (all of them make good money) and as you’ll notice, they are all very different in their topics. The point is, pick a topic you like and go for it!

Some Of My Interviews With Successful Bloggers:

Awesome Content

People say it every day (create awesome content, create EPIC content, make better blog content, blah blah blah…). The problem is that most people don’t even try to define that what means! So – what does it mean?

When I started my first blog, I honestly couldn’t answer that question. Now, I can answer it with conviction. I have seen content work for me again and again and when my content works, it almost always has four ingredients:

  1. A catchy title.
  2. Visual effect (GOOD pictures and/or video)
  3. Usefulness (people who read it have a take-away)
  4. Readability (notice that I didn’t say grammatical perfection)

Let’s break each of these down a little further:

Writing Catchy Titles

There is already a ton of AWESOME information out there that can teach you to learn how to write awesome titles so instead of trying to take this on myself, I’m going to point you to the resources you need to use to learn this skill:

Solid Visual Effect

First things first, I am absolutely terrible at making things look good visually. But, guess what? When I decided to try to improve the look of my blogs and blog posts, my businesses exploded. I started getting huge traffic from places that I didn’t know existed. My content instantly resonated better when I started adding pictures.

Not convinced of the importance of this? Check out this story. I guarantee it will change your mind. Images can be HUGE for your blog.

Videos can have the same impact. But, every blog is different. I can use a lot of videos here on my site because the nature of my topic lends well to that. If video doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. Plenty of blogs do amazing things without using video.


If I was starting a new blog today, I would spend a ton of time in forums that were closely related to my topic. Why? Because I would want to find out the questions that people were asking. That’s how you find problems that people in a particular niche are having! Then, I would be helping with their problems by writing useful blog posts, based on needs I was aware of. Don’t guess about what people what to learn. Go to places where they will tell you.

I find that every time I start a blog in a new niche, it’s difficult to get ‘in tune’ with what people in that niche respond well to (and want to learn). This is an outstanding resource if you are looking to really knock this out of the park: 22 Ways To Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have A Clue.


The most talented blogger I have ever seen (who actually no longer blogs) is my old buddy Vic Franqui. His grammar wasn’t good, but his readability was off the charts. He made you laugh, ripped on people, poked fun, swore, and made every grammatical error in the book. The guy didn’t care enough to proofread. But, he developed a massive following almost overnight.

To have awesome readability, you just always have to be saying something that makes a difference. It’s that simple. Give people take-aways, things they can use and they will love you.

People ask me all the time how they can get better at making their writing perfect. My advice? Forget about it. If you are delivering what people want, they aren’t going to care. Your writing can still be very readable without being grammatically correct.

Extra Resources For Creating Awesome Blog Content:

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