How To Start A Blog And Get It Right (Complete Walkthrough)

How To Start A Blog

Every day, more and more people are getting into the exciting world of blogging for fun or profit. It’s never been easier to set up a fun, professional-looking blog.

My name is Court Tuttle, and I’ve been a full-time professional blogger since 2007. I created this “complete walkthrough” to ensure that if you want to, you can have an awesome blog that’s set up and configured like a professional’s TODAY.

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If you’re ready to start your blog now, go straight to the next step: The Basics of Blog Setup.

Why You Should Use This Guide Instead Of All The Others

I have been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with many phenomenally successful bloggers over the last few years. We have spent a lot of time talking about what it takes to create a blog that people love.

Interestingly, almost all of the successful bloggers I know have these same three things going for them:

1. A blog that’s set up on the right platform (the platform, which is what I recommend (see Step 1: The Basics for further explanation).

2. A desire to create blogs that inspire and/or help other people.

3. A good mentor – access to someone who has already been successful.

If you’re missing even one of those three things, you will find it very difficult to start a blog that people like. If you’re on the wrong platform, simple things like creating sharing buttons for social media or getting traffic from search engines may be more difficult or impossible.

If you don’t have a desire to help or inspire others, well, then it’s all about you and people will pick up on that.

If you don’t have a mentor, when you get stuck (and you will get stuck), you’ll be STUCK. If you have someone to help you to get un-stuck, you can move forward and make your blog better and better.

All of the successful bloggers I know (myself included) have mentors.

I have found two other guides that are REALLY good, but they are paid guides that costs $97 and $247. You’ll find them if you look for them. They both have everything you need to set up a great blog but let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have to PAY just tolearn how to set up a blog.

The creators of those guides also don’t make themselves available for mentorship, and honestly, I just haven’t seen people do that well without it. If you get stuck, I want you to feel comfortable getting in touch with me.

After seeing what I saw, I decided to create a free guide myself that anyone can use to start a killer blog. I also decided to make myself available to those who need me. This guide gives you the tricks and secrets I have used to create the blogs I make my living with, and through the guide you can contact me when you need me.


The Biggest Benefits Of Having A Blog

Increased income. Before I started my first blog, I was STRUGGLING financially. I kept thinking day after day that if I could find a way to make even a few hundred dollars extra every month, it would change my life.

I learned about blogging and websites and considered giving it a shot. The problem? After my research I had discovered that to do it right, it would cost me $120 (hosting fees were more expensive back then) to get my first blog site up and running. I was afraid of losing that money. Looking back, I know that the fear I had came from never investing in MYSELF before. I just kept thinking: What if I screwed it up?

I was back and forth for a while. Finally, I thought about all the stupid stuff I had wasted money on and decided to move forward. I decided that if it didn’t work, I just wouldn’t tell anybody about it! From there it’s a long story, but to summarize, my blogs DID make that few hundred I was looking for, and much much more. After about a year, I was able to quit my job. I couldn’t be more grateful that I invested in myself.

Friends. I never anticipated that through blogging, I would meet some of my greatest friends. I am amazed at how many cool, awesome, talented people I’ve met.

I’m a super-shy introvert so for me, meeting new people is difficult. Blogging has made it a lot easier for me to interact with people and create new friendships. I’ve found that blogging mainly makes this possible because if you’re a good blogger, you’re out to help people. I make a concerted effort to help as many people as I can and they in turn try to help me. Caring about others = Friends.

An incredible résumé. Thanks to my blogs, I don’t need to have a job anymore. But, in the last few years I have padded my résumé in a huge way. If I ever did decide to go back to work (at a job), it would be ridiculously easy to find one. Having your own blog could really help a future employer to see your passion for an industry. One of my friends got a job as a University Professor (without a graduate degree) because he had an incredible blog about the subject he wanted to teach. The University is now helping him to get his graduate degree – isn’t that awesome?

Why Free Blogs Aren’t Really Free At All

I can’t recommend with a clear conscience that you use a free platform like Blogger for your blog. While it’s technically free to get started on Blogger, the actual cost is in reality, very expensive. There are multiple ways you can lose your shirt with a free blog:

#1 – It’s possible for you to lose your blog to someone else. One of my really good friends created a great blog on Blogger and was able to make good money with it for a while. Somehow, a troll was able to get his user name and password and ended up taking over the blog. After some fighting with Blogger, he was able to eventually get it back but the blog’s traffic had been significantly damaged. He lost a ton of income.

#2 – Blogger (or any other free platform) can shut you down at any time, if they don’t like your blog. Literally thousands of people have lost their blogs simply because the team at Blogger didn’t like the content of their blogs. On other occasions, I’ve seen Blogger shut down blogs because they thought the owner was stealing other people’s content. In reality, the content was being stolen FROM them. Lametown.

#3 – You don’t have control of your blog. I’ve seen this work against people in a lot of ways. For example, my sister figured out that she could create a lot more income if she used ads right at the end of her posts. Since she was on Blogger, she couldn’t put an ad in the right location unless she edited every single post (she has hundreds of posts).

Paying for a blog isn’t expensive – it’s dirt cheap and can save you thousands. NEVER start with a free blog, even if you aren’t sure how serious you want to be about blogging. It isn’t worth losing all of your hard work. You can get hosting for $5-7 per month. It’s like eating at Wendy’s.

How To Create Any Type Of Blog With This Guide

This guide teaches you how to set up a blog on the WordPress platform – the platform used by over 90% of the successful blogs on the web. This platform is very flexible and allows you to create almost any type of look, allowing you to have any type of blog.

WordPress uses themes that you can use to change your blog to look however you want it to. This guide shows you the entire process of choosing and installing a new theme in an easy-to-digest, video format. There are literally tens of thousands of free ‘themes’ to choose from. If you use this guide, you’ll be able to pick any theme you want and install it on your blog.

I’ve seen blogs started through this guide that cover Religion, Philosophy, Parenting, Fashion, Sports, Marketing, Photography, Food, Fitness, Decorating, and many other topics. I happen to be somewhat of an expert on what WordPress can do and am willing to help you if you get stuck so there’s no need to be intimidated, even though this stuff is new to you.

The “100% Guaranteed Method” For Setting Up A Blog

Step 1: Follow what’s in the videos. I recorded the entire process of setting up a blog from start to finish and you can just do what I did.
Step 2: If you get stuck, use my free live chat or visit the Help and Support tab, to the right.

I help someone every single day to get their blog set up and enjoy doing it. Since I get a small commission from the web host if you use my help to set up your blog, you aren’t being annoying if you ask for help. You’re HELPING me to make a little extra. It’s a true win-win so don’t hesitate to take advantage. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re ready to start your blog now, go straight to my Blog Setup Video. If you would like to see more details first, go to The Basics of Blog Setup.