How To Make Your Posts 500% More Powerful With Only 25% More Work

Making money online is all about leverage. Many of us have been trained to trade work for money, and to be honest this holds each of us back at times. Thinking that your time is only worth a certain amount of money makes it much harder to think outside the box.

When you write a post for your site, how much do you think it’s worth? Some of you probably think that it isn’t worth very much. You might think that it probably won’t bring much new traffic to your site.

Leveraging Your Work To Super-Charge The Results

Right now, each post that you write might bring a few visitors to your site. If you’re lucky, the post might get linked to a few times. I’m going to offer you a method to ensure that you’re new post will get linked to at least 100 times. This will ensure that the post gets ranked a lot better in search engines, which will result in continuous traffic for your site and will also boost your PageRank.

The method I use to make this happen is very simple. Once I publish an article or post, I immediately rewrite it. I create a different title – one that has the same meaning of course. I then go through each paragraph and change the wording. After about 15 minutes I have a brand new article that has never been used anywhere. I then take that article, and submit it to Article Marketer.

When I submit the article to Article Marketer, they allow me to fill out an ‘About The Author’ box at the bottom of the article. In that box, I’m allowed to make a couple links back to my site. Article Marketer will then submit my article to over 750 sites. Most of the time, almost all of the sites will accept my articles. I’ve never written a single one that didn’t get accepted by at least 100 sites. The sites publish my article and also publish the links back to my site.

How To Put Links In The Author Bio Box

The author bio box accepts HTML, so I simply write the code for a few links. Here is an example of what I would enter in the About The Author box:

Court shows people how to make money online free by writing articles about article marketing and other topics.

You can take that code and change the name to your name. You can change the URL to your URL, and the anchor text to the anchor text (def.) you want to use. Then you can just paste it into the ‘About The Author’ box when you submit the article.

Article Marketer Has A Free Version

When you go to Article Marketer, you will be able to choose between their free and paid versions. I use the paid version because if gives me the most leverage for my time. The free version gives you a partial distribution. The partial distribution will still help you significantly, so each one of you should at least use that.

I paid $200 which gives me unlimited use for a year. Right now Article Marketer is giving a second year for free. For a limited time $200 will get you two years instead of one. You’re going to have to decide whether it’s in your budget or not. For those of you that don’t have the budget, go with the free version until you have a bigger budget.

Rewriting And Submitting Is Easy And Fast

I’ve been doing this every day, and I can tell you that it works. It takes me about an hour to write most of my posts, and only 15 minutes to rewrite and submit them to Article Marketer.

Article Marketing Q & A

If you have any questions about article marketing or Article Marketer, feel free to ask!

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  1. I do have a question about this. Would it be true that all of these sites that your article gets submitted to will only be accepted by sites that have relavent content?

    1. Post

      That’s a very good question Mike. Almost all of the sites that the articles get submitted to have hundreds of different categories they publish articles in.

      You can have a look at the following site to get an idea of all the different categories they have:

      No matter what your site is about, they will probably have a section with relevant content. Article Marketer allows you to choose which category you want to submit to.

      An interesting fact that might clarify this question is that my articles about mobile phones usually get accepted just as much as my articles about internet marketing.

      1. That’s sweet! I have checked out articledashboard before but i havn’t submitted anything to them yet

        Are you still focusing on howtomobile? Just wondering because there just wasn’t your usual update on saturday.

        We started another site yesterday, for my wife, having to do with fashion. I think it has potential to do really well. She is excited about it.

        1. Post

          Yeah, I’m still going to be doing HowToMobile, but decided that I’m not going to update every week. There aren’t a ton of news flashes so all the posts started feeling the same. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions and watch for an update soon.

          Fashion is an awesome topic to blog about, that should be a really good topic for your wife!

  2. Hi Court
    Another great post – hey your giving all the secrets away!
    Article Marketer is a great resource but best to warn everybody that they’re very picky about format, spelling and just about anything they can be picky about! New(ish) minimum length is 400 words but they prefer 700…

    1. Post

      Don’t worry, I still have plenty of secrets to give. 🙂

      They are picky about spelling, as they should be! I usually take these steps to remove all the formatting:

      1. Copy the article.
      2. Paste into Notepad.
      3. Re-copy the article from Notepad.
      4. Paste into Article Marketer.

      Works like a champ!

      1. Right on Court.
        One should never copy and directly paste, into any website, an article created in a word processing app – especially Microsoft Word – as they apply a huge amount of hidden format to the document. Notepad in Windows, and Text Edit on Mac, are better options.

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    1. Post

      That’s exactly why I would rewrite it Ronaldo. Since the article might get submitted to a site that has more authority than yours, it might get indexed on their site first, which would give them credit for creating the article.

      Rewriting it takes a small amount of time, but makes it impossible to get a duplicate content penalty. This makes it a lot safer, and since the post won’t be published somewhere else, it will rank a lot better.

      1. How about waiting a few weeks, Court? Just to give the search engines enough time to index the original article. Assuming one is prepared to wait, of course. It’s just that, increasingly, a lot of publishers get their articles written for them

    1. Post

      It’s probably one of the most important things that I use, but I like to get links from as many sources as possible.

      I use article marketing, blog carnivals, and a lot of other methods.

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    1. Post

      It doesn’t matter how old the original article is at all! It would actually be wise to do it with your old ones, because they’re the ones that get lost. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tip, I am excited to try it out, now I just need to think of a good article to write or maybe I’ll try it with one of my older posts

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  5. If you say to do it Court, then I will. Have you found people clicking through to your site from these articles fairly regularly?

    Also what is up with that large highly relevent google ad? I haven’t seen that format (single text ad) before and it really caught my attention.

    1. Post

      People do click through from them Greg, but the biggest benefit is the increased authority that my site gets from all of the links.

      I would dare say that my site has been able to get more search engine traffic than most sites that are the same age, and using articles for leverage is one of the keys that made it possible.

      Did you see the ‘Blogging To The Bank’ ad? I think they did a site match ad for my site but I’m not sure. It’s been there all day from where I’m sitting.

  6. Doing article distribution is something i’ve thought about but never done. I’ve seen lists of places you can submit your article to which people could probably find with a bit of searching. You said that you rewrite your article to avoid duplicate content on your blog, fair enough. However you said that the article gets submitted to 750 places. So your going to have duplicate on different sites which will force some most of the pages the articles are on into the supplemental index, making your link worth not a lot. What do you think?

    1. Post

      Hi Martin! I think with almost anything you have to look at the risk-reward ratio.

      This technique allows you to get a significant amount of links with little risk. Sure, there is a risk that some of the links will be on supplemental pages (actually Google is doing away with that, but it’s still a valid point since the links will be on pages that aren’t as valuable). Having links discounted isn’t really a risk though. Discounted links are much better than no links.

      I guess you have to ask yourself whether it’s best to get some quality links mixed with weak links or no links at all.

      1. Hi Court,

        Good points in your reply. I dont think Google are getting rid of the supplemental index, they have just removed the supplemental tag! It’s still there but we just dont know which pages are affected.

        1. Post

          I see it as a spectrum. Some pages are of high value and some aren’t, no matter what we call them. Whether Google actually keeps them in a different index isn’t hugely important. Making sure the pages on your site are of value is.

  7. Yeah this is a great way to get traffic and links, I’ve dabbled in this and it does produce some targetted traffic

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  8. Aagh I forgot the anit-spam word and lost what I typed ! So here goes again.

    I have just submitted an article to AM “A Total Beginner’s Guide to Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading” – (for my oher blog) – only 500 words – is that a bit short ? I’m on the free version so it says it will be reviewed by 14th August, any idea if it really takes that long ?
    Thanks again for the tip, I’ll keep you informed of my progress if any. The Old Vic

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    1. Post

      You can actually sit down and just right an article for Article Marketer! I use my posts because for me it’s easier to rewrite than it is to write. 🙂

  9. Court, did you try out any other article marketing software before you decided on this one? Looks like there are a few other contenders out there. $200 seems like a pretty fair price for 2 years unlimited…

    1. Post

      Hi Zen Zoomie! I’ve actually tried almost all of them. Most of them charge each time you have them submitted. That makes it kind of expensive if you do it all the time. It’s much cheaper to pay for 2 years if you’re commited to using it.

  10. Wow, it only takes you an hour to write your posts?

    Yikes, this one here would have probably taken me three or four. Maybe I need fewer bathroom breaks or something.

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  11. I will definitely try your tactic. I’ve written a couple of articles for submission before, but it took too long for the effect, because I was writing them from scratch.

    Article Marketer’s free version kind of sucks, though. They don’t show the distribution or exposure for the article, so it really difficult to estimate the real worth…

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  13. I rewrote one of my newer articles that I think is pretty good, and so I went to the site to sign up.

    After registering, entering the article’s information, and choosing partial distribution, it told me the people I’d reach (around 14,000 I believe) and to see my account page to see my status and whatnot.

    So I clicked to go there, and it told me to sign in of course. I did, and it said that there wasn’t an account matching the username and password.

    I tried and tried over and over, and I was sure that I had the username and pass right. So I signed up AGAIN, and the same thing happened. It tells me I don’t exist. So basically, I can’t login.

    Problem? =/

    1. @Tay,

      You didn’t say if the registration process included an email. You may have been sent an email confirmation, which may have been bounced by a SPAM filter somewhere along the way. If you check your spam folder, put them on a whitelist, or try with a web email account, you might see the confirmation email.

      My 2 cents. I know this is an old comment, but it might help others…

  14. Hi Tay
    I sympathise; I’ve not had the same problem but at any one time I have two or three articles which need re-editing for some reason… when I solve one aspect it comes back requiring another edit for something else and to this day I’ve never found a way of them accepting a £ sign!
    People familiar with the phrase from Little Britain ‘the computer says no!’ will find it appropriate to the way Article Marketer works.
    Having said that, I 100% agree with Court that it’s well worth doing.

  15. Alright, you’ve made me curious enough to try this. I’ve tried before but didn’t get the results I was hoping for.. did you guys ever try that one? Anyhow I will give it a go with yours and hope for the best. 🙂

    take care and thanks for the tips!

  16. Hi Court,
    My first article was accepted after numerous re-writes due to formatting and quotes etc… I’ve just submitted my second. Is there anywhere where you can actually see the finished product on some other site somewhere? Vic

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  21. great advice. I love article marketer. I run a few article directories as well – and getting articles from article marketer is great. We publish almost all of them.

    The only other tidbit I would suggest is to actually spell out your domain name in one link – and not use a keyword anchor text – and the reason is that sometimes people will just grab the articles but not the html (even though they are not allowed to) – but that way your domain name is still visible.

  22. quick question: when using this technique (particularly with keyword sniping), do we point the links back to individual posts on our sites, to our homepage, or both? Thanks again for all your help!

  23. Well I signed up for Article Marketer under your link and so far I am very disappointed. I put in my first article and no matter what I do it will not save the field where the text of the article goes. I have all other fields in just fine but no article cause it won’t save it.

    Now the computer has just rejected my article because my article is too short. LOL LOL
    Yea its too short cause your silly system wont let me imput it! So I had to open up a ticket an who knows when they will get back to me.

    I’m just glad I only signed up for the free version so far. I tried to put in a second article and the same thing happened. I wish I could get those 3 hours of my life back!

    1. Maybe it’s a good idea for you to try some other way to make money online, because your grammar sucks.

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  26. Great Post Court! I’m relatively new at blogging but will be using this tip as well as the rest of the information I’ve gleaned from your site. Your site is a goldmine of information.

  27. For really unique articles, to almost COMPLETELY avoid any worries about “duplicate content”, Go ogle “Articles Unique Article Multiplier Software” (use the quote marks around the search phrase).

    Disclaimer: It is for manual submission, and for automated submission by subscribers to Artemis Pro. I don’t know if it will do you any good with Article Marketer, as I haven’t used them.

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  29. I am also new on SEO and would definitely try article submission. Do we always have to rewrite before we submit articles to all article submission sites? I have a hundreds of article directory sites and rewriting my article a hundred times would really be tedious…any suggestions?

    I plan to create at least 5 articles per week and what I was thinking is to submit these on article submission sites and then rewrite these posts next week and then submit it to another set of article submission sites…. Do you think it’s a good tactic?

  30. I am waiting to try out Article, and so far I don’t think too much of how their system works. I assume when a system says (even when it’s free) that an article will be reviewed in 5 days, that that is exactly what should happen. Not, I get to the day of review, and it gets bumped back another 7 days! I had heard about ezine articles too, and was thinking about trying that as well.

    Court, did you ever use the free service? If this article comes back to me once it is finally reviewed with some silly quote error or something, do I have to wait another 5-7 days for reviewal?

    I am not on the site now…the paid version gives some sort of link back tracking stats?

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  32. Hi Court

    I’ve got a question about the author box when writing for article marketer.

    In my author box, the way that I put my anchor text is like this :

    bla bla bla……’keyword1′ …bla bla bla….’keyword2’….bla bla bla… address.

    When I check my backlinks, the anchor text that I’m getting is just the website address and not keyword1 and keyword2. Is this because I’m putting 3 links inside my author box, or is it because I’m putting the actual website address as the anchor text so Google just pick that instead of my targeted keywords?


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  36. I was wondering what the best way to write your posts then write your articles would be. I try to write a post on my blog every day which can be a chore.

    Seemed to never get around to writing the articles to submit. This is so easy because you’re already in the writing mode & can do two things at same time!

    I am going to try the free version of Article Marketer.

  37. A question: Article Marketer is not currently accepting free users. Can you suggest other article marketing sites that do accept free users?

    Thanks so much for the tips!

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  46. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
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