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I was worried it would be really complicated to set up a blog and beyond my technical capabilities. I wanted to have a place to post my writings but did not want to have to get bogged down by lots of technology behind the scenes.

But, your guide is so user friendly. I love the videos and the fact you have broken down different FAQs so you can pause and replay and apply your techniques to your own blog. I actually set up my laptop next to my desktop and would play your video on one PC while I set up my blog on the other. You have set the pace perfectly and give great commentary as to why you proceed in different ways for setting up. I also think you are incredibly service orientated and got back to me so promptly with my set up questions. I would recommend you and your guide unconditionally!

You are friendly and obviously knowledgeable and so generous with the way you share your experience. You take the scare out of going live with a blog!!

Kelly Bennett
Kelly Bennett

Owner @Pumpkin Potential

Starting my own blog was an intimidating experience because of my complete lack of skill in setting it up. The main reason I chose over other sites was because Court offers mentoring on his home page.

His site has a lot of information to offer and the only reason I persisted was because he writes about his connection to other bloggers. He was offering a more personal touch.

The start up was simple enough – you can have a blog up and running in 20 min. The challenge however is not in writing your first post, but creating a blog that looks good and will encourage many visits. I wanted to go all the way and present something I could feel proud of. For someone like myself, unfamiliar with the simplest of terms like i.e. domain name and URL, words like widgets and plugins, well, it was like learning a whole new language.

Although Court’s tutorials and step by step videos are well explained and very thorough, I was surprised at how many questions I still had when I got ‘stuck’ in. After a few days I started to feel just a little discouraged. I needed a mentor and so I started emailing him.

I was (and still am) so impressed at how helpful and patient Court is. Everything I asked was already on his site, but only when being hand’s on and integrating the info into my blog could I digest and utilize it all. I don’t know how many emails he receives a day. I assume many, so naturally I am always very grateful when I receive an enthusiastic, constructive and useful reply from him.

Today I have a blog I so enjoy and I have also acquired new skills that I use every day with ease. In hindsight it’s all quite simple, but one really does need a mentor one can reach out to in the beginning, and Court certainly has shown integrity in honoring that commitment to me. A big! thank you Court.

Tina Isabella

Owner @

I was intimidated by the amount of technical jargon and layer upon layer of intangible programs, the strings of letters, numbers and passwords I was strongly advised “not to write down” but memorize, and basically where to even start the process let alone whether I would be able to actually accomplish this on my own.

When I found your site and listened to the video’s I felt encouraged by your description of how you started your blog. I watched to videos and jumped right in. The process of setting up my blog while watching the videos each step of the way was great! I set everything up on my own.

It was excellent. Late in the night I ran into a problem, I was frustrated and exhausted from looking for answers, you offered help so I sent an e-mail. Your response was waiting for me in the morning and included step by step instructions that worked like a charm. The next hitch happened during the day and your response came in minutes, with in a short time you had everything fixed.

I am so thankful that I found your site, you have come through on every promise you made.

Andrea Forshaw
Andrea Forshaw

Owner @ The Shack Track

I found that while I didn’t understand everything (and still don’t), your site showed me enough to actually get the blog up and going.

I was really amazed at how fast you responded to my inquiries. I knew you were the real deal when I saw you do that. I now feel confident that I have someone to turn to when I need help. And as I said, I do so greatly appreciate that.

Anthony Zarillo
Anthony Zarillo

Owner @ My Day In Recovery

Before starting a blog, I was intimidated by everything! I knew nothing about the process. I was afraid I would put something out on the ‘blogosphere’ that would be wrong and never be able to retrieve it.

I educated myself using your amazing tutorial. It was easy to follow. I found I could stop the guide, go back, listen again, and move forward, whatever I needed to get it down. I also liked the concern you had for not going down roads that would present pitfalls later on, since you already had experienced those and knew how to make sure the same would not happen to me.

I have asked you many questions by email. You are quick to respond and always eager to help. I have never felt like I bother you or that my questions are stupid. My blog has been up for 6 weeks and you are still there for me. It’s a great relief and much appreciated. I’m sure you will be hearing from me again!! Thank you for being there!

Pamela Zitron
Pamela Zitron

Owner @ New Age Aging

When I finally decided to start my blog, I was a nervous wreck! I didn’t want to invest into something I could potentially and probably screw up! I stumbled across The Blog Builders. The site seemed sincere about offering help. I just hoped they meant it!

The video tutorials are very informative and helped me immensely. However, I had more questions that only a real live person can answer. I decided to find out if The Blog Builders meant what it said. I emailed my questions and heard back that day. They gave me easy to understand instructions.

I HIGHLY recommend The Blog Builders and Court Tuttle (the founder). You can trust them to help along every step of the way if you need it.

Cheryl Debrone
Cheryl Debrone

Good morning, Raymona Brown here, sending an email to say THANK YOU! Thanks to the help and the information you give on The Blog Builders, I was able to create my first blog from start and with in a Year and 4 months was able to go from 1 blog to five and from making a few extra dollars a month to making over $2500 a month in passive income and growing!!

So yes many many thanks, what you do and the help you give is greatly greatly appreciated.

Ramona Brown
Ramona Brown

Owner @ Profit and Possibilities

I was very intimidated by the thought of creating something that was “live” with very little knowledge of how to do it and what to expect. I follow a few blogs but would not consider myself a “geek” in any way. I was looking for something very simple, along the lines of a “Blogs for Dummies” assistance and found it at your site.

I found your site to be spot on regarding explanation of what to do and what to expect along the way. The new video tutorials you posted were incredibly helpful as a follow up as I needed to add more and more detail to the site.

I wondered what to expect when I hit “send” on my computer and truly pondered whether I was wasting my time or not. I was shocked to receive a reply so quickly that addressed my issue with detail. I was even more shocked when you, not only, responded to my follow up issue but volunteered additional advice. It was truly invaluable. I will share my experience with anyone that asks and even those that do not-HA!

I sincerely thank you for your help in starting something that is both scary and exciting all at the same time. – Sandy

Sandra Kernen
Sandra Kernen

Owner @ Help To Hope Online

After a little over 2 mos. of frustrations and connections with different persons on line that over promise and under deliver and getting to the point of giving up, God guided me to Google one last time and luckily I found you.

My experience has been of contacting many ‘experts’ and getting no answer. I was in shock when you answered my request. This is a Testimonial that you’re free to use at your convenience. The only regret I have today is not having met you before. From this point forward I will refer anybody that needs assistance building websites or blogs to you.

I feel that if I am going to build a ‘business’ it is important that I learn how to do it. You were more than gracious offering me access to the videos. I can tell you that my day was more profitable than my last 2 months.

Tonight I feel like by following your videos I probably will be able to do this and build my blog and monetize it.

It is rewarding to see somebody that really care for others and that is what I wanted to do. I am sure that in the near future I probably will be touching base with you and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do some mutually beneficial business. And to finalize I like to inform you that my blog at the end of this day is almost done. I’m sure there will be a lot more to learn, but all is left to do is THANK YOU!!!

Gilbert Marrero
Gilbert Marrero

Owner @ The Gilmar Post

I was very confused about how to start a blog. I didn’t know the steps to take and in what order. I was pretty incapacitated by indecision. I’m a social worker not a techie so much of what was available on the internet seemed too complicated. I really just needed a jump start and a very concrete guide to get me started.

I was so fortunate to find The Blog Builders site about how to start a blog. It provided me not only with the step-by-step guide I was looking for but it also helped me to understand things so that I could start to take risks and experiment with WordPress on my own. Essentially, Court makes the PROCESS of blogging as engaging as the blogging itself. I am actually excited about learning more about how to build and maintain my website. I don’t want to turn it over to someone else!

In addition, every time that I have emailed Court for help he has emailed within the hour. He has been very helpful in answering my questions and/or pointing me in the right direction. I look forward to continuing to use the valuable information Court provides to develop my site and refine my blogging skills.

Kathleen McCormick
Kathleen McCormick

Owner @ Kathleen McCormick LCSWMPH

When I began, I really had no clue what I was doing, and not a great deal of computer savvy. What intimidates me most is not knowing what to try when things aren’t working, and being faced with a lot of technical “computer speak” that I don’t understand.

Luckily I came across The Blog Builder’s video almost as soon as I typed “how do I set up my WordPress site?” into Google. It was brilliant, particularly because it took things step by baby step, everything was clearly explained and demonstrated, and it went at a pace I could follow. Before I knew it, I had my site up and running, and was telling my friends how to do it (or at least, telling them to watch the video!).

As I began wanting the site to do more and more, I began running into problems. So I contacted Court when I got really stuck, and he was amazing! He explained things clearly, checked things out to find out why things weren’t working and helped me get it back on track. I felt bad filling up his inbox with all my queries, but he never made me feel I was being a nuisance – he was always really helpful and friendly and so quick to get back to me. There’s nothing worse than being stuck and having no-one to ask – thanks, Court, for being there and for saving my sanity!

Jo De Corrado
Jo De Corrado

Owner @ The Spirit Of Us

I was searching for help because I knew I was going to setup a blog but I wanted to get up and running as fast as possible. I was afraid it would take me too long to get the understanding I needed to get my blog going.

I have to say that your response time is what totally hooked me. I have never come across anyone that is so eager to help, has such a quick response time, and does not ask me for money.

My first email to you was because I had no idea where to start with naming my blog. You gave me some good advise that helped me get started. I want to mention that I asked you what I could do for you. You never approached me to ask for me to give you a review, this was all my idea.

Melanie Denison
Melanie Denison

I am fairly confident in my ability to write a successful blog, and to write something that people will want to read. My only concern, was that WordPress would be fairly limiting. I have a keen imagination and know exactly how I wanted it to look. I didn’t want it to hold me back. Having watched The Blog Builders video however, I saw how easy it was to edit it all.

As I set up my blog, I found exactly what was shown on the videos. (Which is so reassuring, especially when you are unsure of what you’re doing).

When I asked for help, Court responded extremely quickly, and sorted my problem within a couple of hours. My issue was one caused by my own stupidity and naivety but he was very reassuring and sorted it without me needing to do anything more than give him my login details. Can’t praise him enough! Definitely recommend!

Chris Betteridge

My knowledge of technology has always been decent but to develop a site on my own that others will view was extremely intimidating. If so, what was it? I simply didn’t know where to start and how much time it would take to develop and learn how to operate a blog.

With your guide, I found a one stop resource. The videos that you provide are simple and easy to follow. I never felt overwhelmed, actually after each step I felt a sense of accomplishment! Even after setting up my blog, I’ve referenced your guide many times as to how to market it, make money and attract traffic.

Your help has been above and beyond what I was expecting. I’ve asked several questions and your responses have been prompt and very useful. It was intimidating to ask at first but I’m glad I did. It eases my mind to know that you are an e-mail away if I have questions and I’ve had many. I can’t thank you enough!


I followed quite a few bloggers for the 6 months prior to starting my blog. Lots of advice. No one ever said it would be difficult. Most people said that they were up and running in 20 minutes.

Lots of them advised going with WordPress right away. Content would belong to the blogger that way. LOL I have to assume that either these bloggers were already technically savvy or they went with a blogspot type that really held your hand.

Had I known in advance, I probably would not have jumped in so naively. However, the one thing that I did count on was The Blog Builders and you Court. It didn’t cost me anything to trust you. And I had already read lots of comparisons and opinions on Bluehost and others. So it was no big stretch to sign up for that. So the intimidation came like the dawn. Slowly and painfully. Without someone like you to email and ask questions, no matter how idiotic, I would have just thrown in the towel at the get go. I could have paid Bluehost for a session, but that was limited.

As far as your guide……I had to go back to it on several occasions. Knowing it was there for me to rewatch, was the best help. I just watched a couple of sessions again this morning. Forgot how to put in a new menu item. So, I can take the class again if I need to.

I cannot believe how quickly you respond to my questions. After the first few, I knew that if I could figure out the question, you would be right back with an answer. That is the best thing about your service. Besides the knowledge (which sometimes is faster than me) I felt more confidence in moving ahead with posts. It still is taking me more time than I thought, but hey, we’re retired and I keep trying to remind myself that it’s a learning experience and FUN!
I would recommend you without hesitation.

Annie (last name withheld)