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I am extremely passionate about helping people to get their blogs started. Why? Because my blogs completely changed my life and gave me the freedom I currently enjoy. I haven’t had a real job in almost 10 years, thanks to my blogs.

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What People Are Saying

Before starting a blog, I was intimidated by everything! I knew nothing about the process. I was afraid I would put something out on the ‘blogosphere’ that would be wrong and never be able to retrieve it.

I educated myself using your amazing tutorial. It was easy to follow. I found I could stop the guide, go back, listen again, and move forward, whatever I needed to get it down. I also liked the concern you had for not going down roads that would present pitfalls later on, since you already had experienced those and knew how to make sure the same would not happen to me.

I have asked you many questions by email. You are quick to respond and always eager to help. I have never felt like I bother you or that my questions are stupid. My blog has been up for 6 weeks and you are still there for me. It’s a great relief and much appreciated. I’m sure you will be hearing from me again!! Thank you for being there!

Pamela Zitron
Pamela Zitron

Owner @ New Age Aging

After a little over 2 mos. of frustrations and connections with different persons on line that over promise and under deliver and getting to the point of giving up, God guided me to Google one last time and luckily I found you.

My experience has been of contacting many ‘experts’ and getting no answer. I was in shock when you answered my request. This is a Testimonial that you’re free to use at your convenience. The only regret I have today is not having met you before. From this point forward I will refer anybody that needs assistance building websites or blogs to you.

I feel that if I am going to build a ‘business’ it is important that I learn how to do it. You were more than gracious offering me access to the videos. I can tell you that my day was more profitable than my last 2 months.

Tonight I feel like by following your videos I probably will be able to do this and build my blog and monetize it.

It is rewarding to see somebody that really care for others and that is what I wanted to do. I am sure that in the near future I probably will be touching base with you and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do some mutually beneficial business. And to finalize I like to inform you that my blog at the end of this day is almost done. I’m sure there will be a lot more to learn, but all is left to do is THANK YOU!!!

Gilbert Marrero
Gilbert Marrero

Owner @ The Gilmar Post

I was very confused about how to start a blog. I didn’t know the steps to take and in what order. I was pretty incapacitated by indecision. I’m a social worker not a techie so much of what was available on the internet seemed too complicated. I really just needed a jump start and a very concrete guide to get me started.

I was so fortunate to find The Blog Builders site about how to start a blog. It provided me not only with the step-by-step guide I was looking for but it also helped me to understand things so that I could start to take risks and experiment with WordPress on my own. Essentially, Court makes the PROCESS of blogging as engaging as the blogging itself. I am actually excited about learning more about how to build and maintain my website. I don’t want to turn it over to someone else!

In addition, every time that I have emailed Court for help he has emailed within the hour. He has been very helpful in answering my questions and/or pointing me in the right direction. I look forward to continuing to use the valuable information Court provides to develop my site and refine my blogging skills.

Kathleen McCormick
Kathleen McCormick

Owner @ Kathleen McCormick LCSWMPH

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