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Learning WordPress:
Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

How Do I Log In To WordPress?
How Do I Change My Site Title And Tagline?
Can I Customize The Links In My Menu?

Yes – absolutely! This video will walk you through it:

Can I Customize What’s In My Sidebar Area?

Yes, you can change everything in your sidebar area:

Can I Keep My Site Private From Other People Until I Feel It’s Ready?

Yes – absolutely. Follow these simple steps to ensure that no one else can see your blog until you’re ready for them to:

1. Set up your hosting account

2. Install WordPress

3. Install the underConstruction plugin for WordPress (this plugin is free). I show you how to install it in this video:

WordPress Themes

How Do I Find And Choose A Premium Theme?

The WordPress section on Theme Forest is by far the best place to find a premium theme. I get all of my themes there. I like to sort the themes by rating so I can see the highest rated themes first.

Theme Forest has their themes separated into categories and that helps me to find what I’m looking for more quickly. The categories of themes that are available are Blog/Magazine, Creative, Corporate, Ecommerce, Technology, Non-Profit, Entertainment, and Wedding. Each category is also broken down further if you want to get more specific.

I have spent a LOT of time on Theme Forest so if you are having trouble finding the right theme, shoot me an email and I can make some recommendations! In this video, I will walk you through my normal workflow when I’m looking for a premium theme:

How Do I Install A Premium Theme?

To install a premium theme (or any other WordPress theme that you found outside of your WordPress admin), you need to download it to your computer, upload it to the right place in WordPress, and then activate it. This video walks you through that process:

How Do I Find And Install A Free Theme Inside WordPress?

There’s an area directly inside the WordPress admin area of your site where you can browse for free WordPress themes. You can install the new themes directly from that area. This video walks you through that entire process:

How Do I Install A Free Theme Found Outside Of WordPress?

To install a free theme that wasn’t found in your WordPress admin area, you need to download it to your computer, and then upload it to the correct place in your WordPress admin area. I made this video for premium themes, but it’s the exact same process for free themes that come from outside your admin area. This video walks you through that process:

Using The WordPress Editor Box

How Do I Use The Editor Box?
How Do I Create Links?
How Do I Add Pictures In The Editor Box?
How Do I Add Videos From YouTube Or Vimeo?

Increasing Functionality With Plugins

How Do I Install Plugins?
How Do I Connect My Blog To Social Media?

There are actually two things I would recommend doing to connect your blog to social media. First, I would create buttons that link to your social media profiles so that people know where to find them. Second, I would set up sharing buttons that people can use to share your blog and blog posts on social media. The following two videos will show you how it’s done.

Displaying Links To Your Social Media Profiles:


Creating Social Media Sharing Buttons:

As promised in the video: Link to free registration page on 

How Do I Create An Email Subscription Box

To use this tutorial, you will need to register for a free account on (different than your current WordPress account). You can do that for free here:

How Do I Create A Contact Form?


How Do I Install Adsense Ads?

The first obvious step is getting an Adsense account. I wouldn’t recommend applying for one until you have an About page up on your blog as well as 10 original posts (posts that you wrote and didn’t copy from another blog or site). Once you have that, you can apply for an Adsense account here:

Once you have your account set up, you will be able to sign in and choose the size and color of your ads. Google will give you a piece of code that you will use to make the ads show up on your blog. This lesson walks you through adding that code to your blog:

Still need to set up your blog?

Yes! I want to go to step 2 to set up my blog

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