The beginner’s guide to creating your own blog
by Court Tuttle. Last updated: March 25, 2017

The beginner’s guide to creating your own blog
by Court Tuttle. Last updated: March 25, 2017

What You Can Expect From This Guide

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    To Get More Readers And Respect

    I want you to have a BETTER blog, one that people love. One that gets followers and subscribers. One that gets you respect and makes you feel like a champion. Read an awesome success story here.

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    100% Free Step-By-Step Lessons For Beginners

    You will watch the entire process of starting a blog. You will gain supreme confidence in your blog starting abilities. You will conquer. 🙂 Start with Step 1 here.

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    Blog Setup That Takes Around 20 Minutes

    Easy-to-follow instructions make your setup quick. If Frank (83-year-old guy I helped) can use this guide to start a blog, you can too. Be like Frank.

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    Generous Live Support And Guidance

    You will find that I exist to reduce your frustration. Ease your pain. Calm your soul. Erase your fears. You can find my help at any moment, through live chat.

If you’re ready to start your blog now, go straight to the first step: The Basics of Blog Setup.

From Blogging Zero To Blogging Hero

One day, my sister Brooke called me. She wanted to start a blog. She had some ideas for what she wanted her blog to be like, but had no idea where to start.

In her words, she had “no clue“. She had no knowledge whatsoever about starting a blog.

I offered to help her. I had already started over 100 blogs, for myself and other people.

But, as we talked, I sensed a lot of hesitation. She finally told me her big concern:

She was afraid her blog wouldn’t be successful. She didn’t want to fail!

My Beautiful Sister Brooke

I owned a company that helped website owners get traffic with Google.

So, we talked about how Brooke could grow traffic that way – through Google. I committed to helping her through the blog setup and to teach her about traffic.

I think that talk really helped Brooke to see that she had a strong chance of success.

She knew I could get her through the setup process. And, she would have at least one strong method for bringing visitors to her blog.

After that Brooke got more comfortable. She decided to go for it! We started on her blog.

Starting With The Basics

The first step was choosing a name for her blog. We talked about what she wanted to blog about. She said she wanted to share thrifty decorating ideas.

We talked about potential names and she came up with the name She would call it All Things Thrifty. I thought the name was great! She felt good about it. We checked that item off the list.

From There, Things Got Awkward. Ha!

I wanted Brooke to set the blog up right from day one. Having a popular blog myself, I was in contact with many successful bloggers.

I knew that almost every popular blogger (literally like 99%) used a tool called WordPress to make their blog. I told her that it is by FAR the best way to set it up.

But, she was very resistant to using WordPress. It’s a free tool, but to use it you need to get an online account (a hosting account) where your blog is stored. It would have cost her like $60 a year. She didn’t want to spend the money.

We went back and forth.

Like I said before, I DEEPLY wanted her to set it up right from day one. But, she wanted to try a free blog platform and ‘figure it out later’ if the blog took off.

In retrospect, I should have pushed her harder on that point. I should have better explained the problems I was trying to prevent. To make a long story short, we did it her way.

Well, The Blog Took Off

Brooke set the blog up on the free platform and I did my best to help her out. We talked about some of the things she needed to get right:

  • Making her blog look good.
  • Following the plan I gave her for growing Google traffic.
  • Connecting social media to the blog.
  • Making her best posts easy to see.

She worked through all of that. Then, she launched the blog.

As it turns out, people were really into her thrifty decorating ideas. Her blog traffic exploded.

It was so exciting!! She loved it and so did I. I felt so good knowing that I had helped her. She started getting that feeling that you can only get when you accomplish something awesome.

Unfortunately, Problems Were Coming

But, I knew that with her free blog, she was going to run into problems FAST. She did.

Since her audience was good sized, she started running ads to make some income.

I told her that I was having great success by putting an ad right after each blog post. People were really clicking the ad in that location. That gets you paid. But, when we tried to put the ad in that location on her free blog, we couldn’t.

That cost her a lot of money.

Then, some of our friends started using a Pinterest button people could use to easily pin images. It was working great. Pinterest traffic was growing. But, her free blog didn’t have that capability.

That cost her a lot of traffic, and therefore a lot more money.

Then, my friend Grizz had his $3,000+ a month blog shut down by a free blog service, the same one my sister was on. Yikes.

This gave me an anxiety attack.

If you’re using a free blog service, you don’t own your blog. The service can shut it down if they want to.

I wished that I had done a better job teaching her WHY I wanted her to do it right from day one. It would have saved us both a lot of frustration and work.

Fortunately, after all of that, she was finally ready to do it right!

We Finally Did It Right

We knew what we had to do and we did it. We moved the blog and set it up the way I had wanted to from day one. I think we would both describe that experience as terrible.

A lot went wrong. At first, traffic wasn’t redirecting properly from her old blog. She lost some traffic.

Some of her ads weren’t showing up.

It was thing after thing.

Brooke became very frustrated with herself for not taking my advice.

I was mad at myself for not explaining the potential problems well enough.

But, with a lot of work, we got the blog fixed. We had set it up right.

Brooke and I have laughed and laughed about this mistake. It was a big one, but it improved our relationship. We got to work through something hard together and something awesome happened:

She trusted all of my advice after that.

When I told her about ideas I had to get more Google traffic, she used them.

When I showed her a strategy to get more traffic with her images, she used it.

When I wanted her to change how she named her posts, she did.

Brooke’s Blog Grew And Grew

Over the last few years, Brooke’s blog has continued to grow and grow. She keeps getting better at blogging. And, she consistently follows her plans for developing traffic.

That discipline has paid off in a huge way.

Since starting her blog, she has received millions of visitors from Google. In the last 30 days, Google has sent her 108,914 visitors. She has added other strong sources of traffic.

As of this morning, Brooke’s blog has 247,385 subscribers. We go to blogging conferences together and everyone knows who she is. She is treated like a blog super-duper-star! People recognize her when she goes to the store. It’s fun to watch!

How To Start A Better Blog

Since helping Brooke, people have come out of the woodwork to ask me for help.

I have heard from an astronomical number of people, too many to help in person or on the phone.

Usually, people want to know the details of how Brooke’s blog is set up. Or, they want the details: the plans and routines she used to build her traffic.

In a nutshell, they want to learn how she became so successful.

Me: Court Tuttle

Since, I have taught a lot of people to start blogs, many of them Brooke’s friends. Brooke and I have been asked to teach together at blog conferences, which has been super fun!

But, every time we taught at a blog conference, it increased the number of people I was helping. It got too big for what I could handle.

To keep up with the demand, I started putting together lessons. I structured them as a guide that I could share with people who asked. That made things a lot easier!

I eventually decided to use the name ‘How to Start a Better Blog‘ for my guide. I think the name is self-explanatory. 🙂

How to Start a Better Blog contains all of the tips and tricks I taught Brooke, and others she taught me. It’s the resource I wish I could have given her when she started. This guide has six steps:

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    Learn The Basics Of Starting A Blog

    In this step, I go over choosing a name for your blog. I also show you the best place to set it up. Go to step 1 now.

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    Set Up Your Blog

    Here, I walk you through the entire process of setting up your blog, the right way. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Check out Step 2.

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    Learning How To Blog (with WordPress)

    Learn how to blog with WordPress. In this step, you will learn how to create blog posts, add images and videos, etc. You will also learn how to create your About page. Bask in the glory of step 3.

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    Start Blogging For Success

    Learn the components of a successful blog. I will teach you in this step how to think about your blog posts and how to write posts that create an impact. Go to step 4.

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    Getting Traffic To Your Blog

    Learn how to promote your blog. In this step, I teach you that if you don’t have a plan for building traffic, your blog will fail. I give you a plan for building traffic from Google and other sources. Visit step 5.

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    Making Money With Your Blog

    Learn how to produce income with your blog. In this step, I teach you how to get started with making money. I also teach you how to improve your earnings. Hit up step 6.

How To Get Access To The Guide

Right now, accessing my ‘How to Start a Better Blog’ guide is pretty dang easy. Right now, the guide is free. All you have to do is go to it and follow the instructions.

I am working on turning this into a full-blown membership site, which I am planning to launch in July, 2017. I am wanting to charge between $30 and $250 per month, depending on how much one-on-one help people want from me.

Until then, the guide will be free. Access it here.

How To Get Access To My Mentoring

A few months ago, I installed a live-chat feature in the guide. That way, I can help people through the setup process and gather awesome feedback.

I have learned so much by chatting with potential bloggers. I have also felt like I have really been able to connect with and help people this way.

Until the membership site is ready, I am not charging for live-chat help and mentoring.

Here’s how my mentoring works:

  • You work through the lessons in my How to Start a Better Blog guide. Every bit of knowledge you need is there.
  • You set up your blog and follow the plan. Let me know if you need further instructions.
  • If you need help, you ask me! I am available on live chat most days (lower right of the screen).
  • I will help you solve any technical problems that come up. Most people don’t have any issues, but if you do, I will solve them.

How To Get Started

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    Go to the guide.

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    Follow the instructions to set up your blog.

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    Get help on live chat, if needed.