Blogger Income Reports for November 2012

Congratulations to these bloggers who made money in November. Some of them made a killing! If you would like to appear on this report and make more than $500 per month, get in touch with me. I’d love to know about you and would probably also be interested in publishing your story.

1. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $47,546.29
Net Revenue: $43,375.45

Income Breakdown:

  • Affiliate Earnings: $39,000.58
  • Sales of his own product on $3,012.84
  • Earnings on $2,797.45
  • Earnings on $289.71
  • Mini-Sites: $502.09
  • iPhone Applications: $1,943.62

2. Adsense Flippers by Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti (Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $16,124.58
Net Revenue: (Expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Private Sales: $11,896.76
  • Adsense: $2,787.69
  • Consulting: $300
  • Niche Site Gold: $50
  • Affiliate Sales: $1,090.13

3. Dollars and Roses by Jeff and Mandy Rose (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

This income report is from October as they take about a month to report.

Gross Revenue: $13,491.48
Net Revenue: expenses not reported

Income Breakdown:

  • Earnings on Good Financial Cents: $9053.13
  • Other niche sites: $2,734.41
  • House of Rose blog: $753.94
  • Freelance writing: $200
  • Financial planning fees: $250
  • Online Planning Fees: $750

4. by Matthew Woodward (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS)

Congrats to Matthew for appearing here for the first time!

Gross Revenue: $9,315.59
Net Revenue: $8,717.64

Income Breakdown:

  • Consultations: $7,114.65
  • Affiliate Earnings: $2,798.89

5. Leaving Work Behind by Tom Ewer (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS)

Congrats to Tom for appearing here for the first time!

Gross Revenue: $6,268.02
Net Revenue: $5,776.97

Income Breakdown:

  • Leaving Work Behind: $410.51
  • Information Products: $2,279.36
  • Niche Websites: $2.03
  • Writing: $3,556.30

6. Nerdy Nomad by (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $4,895
Net Revenue: $4,322

Income Breakdown:

  • Private advertising: $4,272
  • Adsense: $309
  • Affiliate commissions: $111
  • Ebook sales: $98

7. Pinch of Yum by Lindsay and Bjork (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $4,782.70
Net Revenue: (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Bluehost affiliate commissions: $975
  • Sales of own product – Tasty Food Photography: $1,673.76
  • BlogHer: $1,026.19
  • Google Adsense: $938.21
  • Thesis Theme affiliate commissions- $82.83
  • Amazon associate commissions: $54.71
  • VigLink – $32

8. The Financial Blogger by Mike (Twitter, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $3,746.01
Net Revenue: (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Niche site ebook sales: $205.32
  • Niche site Adsense: $215.12
  • Adsense: $3,325.57

It also appears that Mike is selling a lot of a book that he wrote for the Kindle, although the income isn’t in his income report. It looks like he’s selling 70-100 copies per month at $9.99 each.

9. My Multiple Incomes by Robert Farrington (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $3,348.26
Net Revenue:  (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Private advertising: $1265
  • Affiliate commissions: $717.99
  • CPC ads: $10.27
  • Writing service: $1355

10. Mike from Maine (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $2,870.05
Net Revenue: $2,480.55

Income Breakdown:

  • Sales of starter sites (he builds starter sites and sells them for $50): $1,106
  • Affiliate commissions: $1,514.05
  • Adsense: $250

11. My 4-Hour Workweek by Eric Gati (Google+, Twitter, RSS)

Congratulations to Eric who is appearing on this list for the first time! Keep your entrepreneurial dreams going Eric, you’ll get there.

Gross Revenue: $1,606.26
Net Revenue: (Expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Affiliate Income: $1,576.58
  • Niche Sites: $26.85
  • Article Writing: $2.83

12. Avocado Pesto by Vicky Berman (Facebook, TwitterRSS)

Congratulations to Vicky who is appearing on this report for the first time. Nice work Vicky!!

Gross Revenue: $1021.67
Net Revenue: (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Private Advertising: $854
  • BlogHer: $45.90
  • Google Adsense: $77.67

13. Traffic Generation Cafe by Ana Hoffman (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $863
Net Revenue: $638

Income Breakdown (all affiliate commissions):

  • Acme Traffic Plugin Pack: $410
  • Market Samurai: $211
  • TweetAdder: $202
  • Aweber: $40

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      Eric congratulations on your earnings. I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re able to make them grow. 🙂 Looks like you made a really big jump in affiliate earnings this month. Nice work.

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        1. My brother suggested I might like this website.
          He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
          You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!

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  1. Court … It’s wonderful that you are bringing these online success stories to our global community.
    Every day, more and more people, on every continent are trying to figure out how to use the internet to bring enough income to set them FREE from the drudgery of work.

    This post gives inspiration for those who have the courage to build new skillsets.

    Keep these great articles coming!

    ~Muhammad Mahdi~
    Global Blog Alliance

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  2. Real life success stories are the bestest! I can’t wait to start making some money on my sites too. It seems like it takes forever, and it’s so hard to keep pushing when there’s zero results, but I guess it takes time.

    I love to see the earnings breakdown for each blogger, but you know what else I would love to see in there? The month/year that the blog was started…just to give new guys like me a realistic idea of the amount of time and effort it takes to reach these numbers.

    I guess I could visit each site and go to their archives and just backtrack to the first post, but having it right here on the list would be pretty handy.

    Well, either way, thanks Court and all the bloggers for sharing these income reports. You have no idea how encouraging it is to see that people can still make real income online. Well, then again you probably do have an idea, because I’m sure most of you can still remember what it was like at the beginning.

    Aloha, Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Its the storys that are truly inspiring! But I get what you mean about wanting to get a general overview of the growth.

      My first month of actual focus on my blog was in August 2012 where it made $605.28, In November 2012 it did $9315.59 which is quite a jump in a short amount of time ( the 4 income reports and exactly what I did are here )

      HOWEVER what you have you bear in mind is that is the culmination of over a decade of experience with the web reaching all the way back to when I was doing a paper round just to rent a server so people in my gaming community could share videos with each other – money was not an incentive then.

      But really all I have done is nothing more complicated than finding out what my audience wants, creating it and giving it to them for free via forums.

      1. Woah, Matthew, that’s outstanding progress!

        I totally get the importance of all the work you put in to get to this point. Thanks for the link too; I’ll go check it out today.

        Congrats on your blog’s success. I hope things continue to scale upwards for you.

        Aloha, Chris

  3. Wonderful article and very helpful. i write a lot of different things on my blog “Muzzle Your Mouse”. One of the favorites (of the few who’ve read it” is “The Helpful Hubby and The Soaking Cycle”. I will follow “TheBlogBuilders” with great anticipation.

  4. I’ve been following Pat and Adsense Flippers ( they changed their name to Empire Flippers ). I can only dream of reaching anything in that range. It’s still all a mystery to me. Maybe I’ll make the list someday — and hit the lottery too!!!! 😉

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  6. Do you guys think that blogging still works today? Is it worth to start a brand new blog in todays web and hope that it will grow viral? I wish I could be certain of it!.. if you guys think I should try and it is possible… let me know! I used to have my account at the keyword academy several years ago and learned a lot from them! Wish there was another academy like that! Court and Mark! I miss you guys.. wish there was a way to talk to you all!

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