Where Did All The Bleepin’ Bloggers Go?

Nothing like a week of Google slapping, PageRank drops, and PageRank updates to get you thinking about the future of your online business. This week while I was considering how I can use all of these changes to better my brand, I started thinking about some of the bloggers I became friends with back when this blog was started. It has now been eight months and I can’t help but ask myself, “Where did all the bloggers go?”

Rest In Peace, Bloggers Of My Generation

The sad truth is that many of the bloggers that I met when I first started have dropped off the map. They’re gone, their sites are gone, or at least they haven’t updated their sites in a few months. I don’t know what’s happened to most of them but I can tell you that somewhere along the line they lost their motivation to succeed in online business.

My First Eight Months

I thought you guys might be interested to know that the first three months of blogging for me were really lackluster. From February to May, the growth of this site was pretty non-existent, as you can see from this Alexa chart, which represents the last 12 months (my site wasn’t online for the first four):

I will be the first to admit that the first few months of working CourtneyTuttle.com were somewhat taxing mentally. It seemed at times that the traffic would never come. I will admit openly that I questioned at times whether this site would make it. It’s easy to ask yourself those questions when you compare yourselves with other people that are ahead of you on the business time-line. If the temptation to give up comes, remember this statement:

Winners Never Quit, And Quitters Never Win

I’m going to tell the truth, I hang onto the dream that I’m one big break away from becoming an A-list blogger. I think we all wish that we would get a semi-lucky call from a big media outlet that would put us on the map. That would be freaking awesome, wouldn’t it? I don’t have all the answers, I can’t tell you how to make that happen but I can tell you how to destroy all hope. If you want to ruin your chances, quit. Give up.

Whether I catch a big break or continue on my current growth path, I’m going to make it. I can tell you this in black ink: I will never quit. I will never quit.

Three Feet From Gold

In Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, there is a section that talks about how most people fail because they are taken over by temporary defeat. The book tells the story of a man named Darby who was caught by ‘the gold fever’ in the gold-rush days. He moved west to dig and grow rich. He staked a claim and went to work with his pick and shovel.

Within a few weeks, the man was rewarded by discovering gold. He needed equipment to mine the gold, so he covered his mine, and went home to borrow the money he needed to buy mining equipment. Upon his return to the mine in Colorado, he mined his first car of gold and shipped it to the smelter. He learned quickly that he had discovered one of the richest mines in Colorado!

Down went the drills. The man knew that a few cars of ore would clear his debts, and then would come massive profits. Then something happened. The vein of ore disappeared. They drilled on, trying desperately to pick up the vein of ore again. They couldn’t find the vein. What did they do? They decided to quit.

The mining equipment was sold to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and Darby took the train home. The junk man then called in a mining engineer, who advised that the vein wasn’t rediscovered because Darby wasn’t familiar with fault lines. The engineer’s calculations showed that they would find the vein within three feet of where Darby had stopped drilling. That’s exactly where it was found. The junk man was able to take millions of dollars of gold from the mine.

Fortunately, the story didn’t end there for Darby. He learned from his mistake and went on to make an enormous fortune in the life insurance business. Darby said he profited immensely by simply saying to himself, “I stopped three feet from gold, but I never stop because men say ‘no’ when I ask them to buy life insurance.”


Do you know what frustrates me the most about my fallen blogging comrades? Some of them had a ton of talent, and probably would have made it big if they hadn’t quit. Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

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  1. Hey court! I wanted to be the first post, haha! Anyway, seriously good job for continuing your blog, it’s obviously been very helpful for many people out there and become a resource for me as well. You have come so far and still will excel, it’s amazing that other bloggers that started the same time as you have dropped out somehow, great job on the longevity!

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  2. Agreed

    Motivation is the key. It’s quite hard to motivate ourselves when things are not going the way we planned e.g getting less income and traffic everyday. Sometimes what people need is a bit of encouragement, self esteem and challenge to survive.

    What challenges me most is seeing other bloggers achieved and gave to the community more than me. That really pushes me to move forward and keep on blogging.

    1. Post

      That’s true affzan, it challenges everyone when they don’t grow traffic and earnings as quickly as they would like. Without the challenge, it wouldn’t be worth it though.

      It’s a lot more fun to win when you’re playing a difficult game.

  3. It’s a good story and moral. I also started in February and I look at my traffic and I should had resigned but I don’t. Why? because the blog has my name and I like to give information, do reviews … It’s fun most of the time. I can also practice my English. I got an Irish name but went in a French-Canadian school. 😀

    Those bloggers makes what I call “dead blogs”. That’s why my blog directory category is not free and ask a very small fee. Too bad, most forgot the first rule: blog for the fun of it not just for the money. Money is only the side effect of blogging.

    Btw, nice Alexa graph. Can I have one like that soon? 😀

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      The fun of blogging has definitely kept a lot of people going when the going got tough. Using my name for my site was one of the most important things I ever did. It forced me to put everything I had into it.

      When you put your name on something, I think it makes it easier to keep throwing punches when you’re not winning the fight. Good observation.

  4. I have seen it in some of my blogs. I started off strong and then went in spurts. But I totally agree with you Court, if you don’t keep at it you will not be successful. I think a lot of people think that just because it is simple and cheap to start a business on the internet that it is easy to make money and that it is quick. Internet business are not that much different from their bricks and mortar cousins. You can’t get rich quick on purpose. No way around it. To be successful you have to work hard and usually work long. But when it comes it usually comes big.

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      There are a lot of times when I wish that I had worked on only one site this entire time Dave. Sometimes the new idea appears to be a lot better than the current one and that can be dangerous at times.

      Usually the established site is closer to profits than the new idea. It’s not always the case though. 😉

      1. I remember when you said that in our interview. Makes me think its better to stick with just a few tight niches and go nuts with them rather than a bunch spread out.

        1. Post

          The belief there is that authority of a site is immensely important. There seems to be a much bigger effect when all of the authority (links) you can generate point to one site.

          When you start to get a lot of authority, your search engine traffic makes exponential gains.

  5. 63% of new business fail in less than 4 years. And this considering the investment of thousands and thousands of dollars.


    According to the SBA this numbers have gotten way worse.

    92% Of new blogs are gone in the first twelve months. Taking into consideration that the investment is null it is easier for people to drop and start something new.

    The keys to becoming a successful blogger are the same to having a successful traditional business. Having a clear goal and proper research to achieving that goal.

    As we say in Spanish you have to have COJONES to walk not the easiest path but the hard path that will lead us to success.

    Congrats Court and to the restof the bloggers have the Cojones to suceed!


    1. Post

      Those are really interesting numbers Vic, and they don’t surprise me at all.

      Another thing that is pretty common is for bloggers to shut down one blog and start new ones. On rare occasions this is wise but most of the time people are suffering from ‘the grass is greener’ block.

      As you said, Vic, research is huge. People generally take the easy path and don’t really try to educate themselves on their field and niche. Those that make it dig and dig until they know everything they need to know.

  6. Granted, the first three months don’t look very good on that chart, but from there on it looks great! I’m quite sure you can soon count yourself among A-list bloggers 🙂

    1. Post

      So true! The first three months were pretty pathetic lol. I personally had a good amount of knowledge starting out, but not enough to beat the search engines to the gate.

      If I started a blog again, I could probably generate a lot more instant traffic because I wouldn’t rely as much on search traffic.

      That said, I’m glad that everyone happened the way it did. I wouldn’t trade a thing because it taught me a lot about persistence. I’m sure that eventually I’ll hit barriers that have to be broken again, and I can rely on what I’ve been through already.

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  7. Hey Court,

    Thanks for reminding me of that story. It really illustrates what happens when you quit just before the break through.

    I used a niffy little trick in that regards, I painted my self into a corner so I can’t quit. I write an inspirational blog, urging people to keep chasing their dream and not to give up.

    What would it look like if I quit!

    Progress has been slow, but speeding up a bit now.

    And reading you just reenforces the whole thing.

    Learn, grow, keep on going.

    I’ve also promised myself a new wordpress theme once I hit 1,000 visitors a day. Bit of the carrot theory there too.


    1. Post

      That’s a great trick Nick! I guess the same kinds of principles would apply to me. I can’t really write posts like this and then quit, can I? 🙂

      I think it’s really hard for some people because they don’t realize that success is mental. You can only achieve things that you believe you can do.

  8. Hey Court,

    I was looking at your alexa rankings the other day and was amazed with the traffic you were receiving. Your blog is definitely my favorite out of all the make money online. Great quality and very interactive.

    Well Done!


    1. Post

      I’m getting there Carlo, but still have a long way to go. It makes it a lot easier if you look at your progress instead of your current position. My Alexa is obviously trending upward so that makes it a lot easier.

      I hit low spots just like anyone else though. I have the same disappointed feelings as anyone else when that happens. The winners are the ones that use the low spots to improve.

    1. Post

      Hey Steven!

      I think we all feel that way from time to time. The key is to find the motivation to keep on truckin’.

      I try to turn around those negative emotions as quickly as possible so they don’t affect as much as they could.

  9. I haven’t been blogging long enough to have seen bloggers quit but there is no shortage of good blogs around.

    I have to agree with your mantra though. I’ve read Hill’s book three times now as well as many other by him and other similar authors. I’ve also taken the step of burning my bridges behind me. I walked away from my job, I have no income. I have no choice but to succeed online 🙂

    1. Caroline,

      In past times sea expeditions would be taken more than half way and than told they where running out of supplies ,making the sailors know they now had to do there best to find land because going back was not an option.

      I commend you for taking the stand to succeed.

      An as you said failure is not an option.!

      To your success.


    2. Post

      Hey Caroline!

      The story about burning the bridges behind you is another great one from ‘Think & Grow Rich’. If you’ve read it three times, you know that there are boat loads of important concepts in there.

      Take care!

      Vic, that’s a great story to illustrate the concept. The gold, bridges, and sailor stories all illustrate a crucial principle – faith.

      It takes a lot of faith to keep going when it’s difficult.

  10. Great post, Court. I’ve been blogging just over a year and found that all but 5 of the bloggers I read back then have quit. Most of the time it’s because people “have run out of things to say”, but this can’t be completely true as we’re always talking about something with those around us.

    Congrats on 8 months. I look forward to your next 8 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks Jason! It’s happy to hear from someone that has been around longer than I have. I think you’re right, a lot of people do feel like they run out of things to say.

      Vic’s comment earlier talked about research. I think if a person runs out of stuff to say, they definitely aren’t doing enough research. There is an almost unlimited supply of new information for most niches.

    2. Plus things change every day. 6 Months ago the Google paid link issue was not even a story. The lord provides us something new every day. The day we feel we have learned something is the day you need to do some serious soul searching.

      Keep on blogging Jason 😉

  11. Congratulation on the 8 months.
    I think I heard the story about the gold but I do not remember the part about him becoming a salesman. Great story.
    You already are successful Court. You have the mindset.

    1. Post

      Thanks James! The story wouldn’t quite be the same if Darby hadn’t learned his lesson. It shows that people that make mistakes can still become something great with enough determination and self-belief.

  12. I enjoyed this post reminded me of when I thought of quitting myself. I had just moved off Myspace with my blog due to a few readers telling me they didn’t want to get a myspace account. Within 2 months most if not all my readers from myspace stopped reading. I started to feel that blogging wasn’t worth it especially since I was writing for the readers no readers ment no reason to write. Luckily Mysti Mayhem and Brian of Vegas Dragons convinced me to continue on. I decided since there were at least 2 people in the world who wanted to read what I had to say it was worth it. Granted up til this last month I hadn’t thought to monetize or promote. I am just now looking into both and enjoy reading your posts they are very helpful. Now if I can only tap into enough musicians to really bring my blog to life.

    1. Post

      I think almost everyone has a story that’s something like that Netvalar.

      If you look at a three year chart for Steve Pavlina you will find that he struggled for quite some time. Now me makes $40,000 per month, and then some on his blog.

      Most people don’t realize that even the great ones had to struggle for a while.

  13. I’m having a crummy day at work and this post has been such an encouragement to me. There are so many challenges and I want to join you in your I WILL NEVER QUIT mantra. In just my first week of blogging I’ve faced having my hosting company being hacked, lost my database, recovered my database, and had my WordPress upgrade fail. Plenty of reasons to give up before I started – but I am pressing on. Hopefully in 8 months I will have the same success you have had.

    By the way, at what point will you consider yourself an A-Lister?

    1. Post

      Hey Lisa! The ‘universe’ will always put challenges in front of you to see how much you want to reach your goals.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever consider myself an A-lister, but I definitely won’t until I reach a few hundred thousand visitors per month.

  14. “I think we all wish that we would get a semi-lucky call from a big media outlet that would put us on the map.”

    Hi Court

    I have written a blog post about getting into the media


    In my case, the website I made was featured on the national news on all commercial networks in Australia. (It also made the news in 6 other countries.)

    You don’t need to campaign on a topical issue like I did… I mean, a normal website wouldn’t have got the same coverage… But if you have any story worth telling, they may well tell it.

    The media are constantly hounded by people wanting to get their story in the news – as such, they really do any searching for sources as generally, the sources are lined up outside their door already!

    Don’t go major media initially, go local, do a press release to the local radio and newspapers… “Local storms to blogging success”

    I’ve never had a press release not get picked up by at least one local paper and radio.

    After you have done that, either the big media calls you (as they track all local media) or you go to bigger radio, local TV and state Papers with examples of your story.

    And out of those instances, only ONCE has the story NOT made this next leap.

    Jeff Crilley’s book Free Publicity is where I learn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyJf7xmFWfs

    He teaches you how to come up with a story… like running a crazy promotion for your blog or a wacky competition.

    Good luck.

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  15. Good post, Court. One question though: Why do you want to become an A-list blogger?

    What will you get by being an A-list blogger that you don’t have now?

    It’s something else you are looking for…

    1. Post

      Thanks Tomaz.

      You asked why I would want to be an A-List blogger. This site is about making money with the internet Tomaz. The more exposure a person gets, the more money they can generate.

      So what will I get then that I don’t have now?
      1 – The opportunity to reach and help a lot more people.
      2 – The chance to create a lot more income.

      I have no intention of working for the rest of my life for what I’m making right now. Give me a little time and I can make 100 times what I’m making right now.

      1. I am not sure about making more money as a blogger writing about making money online.

        What are you selling? I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while and you haven’t generated a penny from me and probably won’t.

        Do you think I am going to click on Adsense? I don’t even see them. 😉

        If you really wanted to make a lot of money, then it would be much better to build a large content niche website which makes passive income day by day.

        And you can work if you want and whenever you want.

        What do you think will happen to your blog if you stop writing for 2 weeks?

        Bye bye most of the traffic. You’ll never be free by blogging.

        What I think you are after (and most of A-list bloggers) is attention.

        It’s the lack of attention (can also be from your childhood) that drives you to work so hard and chase this dream of being someone special.

        Yes, money can be a motivator but how much do you need to live a good life?

        I am sure you are there already.

        Why more and more and more?

        Stop and dig deep into your mind to find the real motivation and you’ll see it comes mostly from pain. (from the past)

        Once you realize that, you can make a conscious choice to deal with that pain directly or to actually chase this dream of being an A-list blogger and having 10 million dollars in your account. (which is just ego. 😉 )

        1. Post

          Tomaz Tomaz. Assuming that I have to make money from you to make money is pretty short-sighted. You also missed the fact that one of my main motivations is to help as many people as possible to help people to get better at this.

          Your acting like you know the first thing about me just makes me laugh. 😉

        2. Court, I wrote “I think”, not “I know”.

          I’ve been reading your blog for a while and your seem a very honest guy and I thought some introspection wouldn’t hurt.

          You could have more maturely replied:”Tomaz, that was a very interesting mental exercise but it’s not really pain and ego that drive me. Thanks for your good intentions though.”

  16. a great reminder to all bloggers by you court and many thanks for all the tips – some of the tips I use in my 5 month blog development. Did you notice court, you answer all the comment here. That make this site somehow different from other “big” site out there.

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  18. I’ve never really been one for inspirational posts, but this one really hit the spot.

    Your statistics and overview is comforting to us who are trying to carve our own little space.


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    1. Post

      I’m sure you can remember quite a few people that have dropped out since February Andy. I still can’t believe how many people drop out, quit, or whatever you want to call it.

  21. Great to hear you read that book. I have to admit I’ve read it no fewer than 30 times. I find every time I feel lost, I refer to the bible. Here’s a crazy suggestion. Record the chapter on autosuggestion on audio file. Download it to your ipod. When walking or jogging play it over and over. I take a lot of 2 hours drives, and play the CD in the car on the way. I also do this with my plan. IT WORKS!!!

    Thanks again Courtney!

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  22. That’s true. A lot of the bloggers I knew when I started early this year are gone now. Good thing you’re still here buddy.

    As for me, I’m quite stubborn. I’ll be going all the way heh.

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  24. Hi Court. Just wanted to congratulate you for your achievements.

    I remember the first time I saw your blog, it was at the early stages of its existense. I knew you were going to make it big.

    I then put a prediction on my blogs sidebar saying this: “Courtneytuttle.com! A future super-star blogger!” And then I recommended your blog with links to your best articles.

    And today “CourtneyTuttle” is famous all over the place. Congrats.

    However, I think you didn’t like me putting such a prediction at those times because you never responded, nor reciprocated the linking favor, as you claimed in one of your posts. Anyway, very well done!

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  27. I’m sure this will be redundant, but that’s a very inspirational post for us all. I’ve seen way too many bloggers (the bigger ones) trying to make people feel they won’t succeed with this, and you took a much more positive approach..Thank You 🙂

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  30. I then put a prediction on my blogs sidebar saying this: “Courtneytuttle.com! A future super-star blogger!” And then I recommended your blog with links to your best articles.

    And today “CourtneyTuttle” is famous all over the place. Congrats.

  31. The frustrating thing for me is that it’s been super difficult for me to blog about my ideas here – honestly I just haven’t had the time and I’m sorry about that.

  32. I fully agree, blogging is hard work, and too often one is disappointed that the only public that seems to read you is… yourself.

    But the only way to achieve success are to provide quality work and to be consistent. Never abandon! Otherwise your hard work will be worthless…

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