What’s Missing For YOU?

In the last year, I have written about a lot of different topics. I know that some of you haven’t been reading the site for that long, and I’m sure that there are a lot of different topics that I could have covered in more depth.

What confuses you? What pieces are missing in the puzzle for you? Does SEO confuse you? Are you confused about monetizing your site? If there are any concepts that you have struggled with, please explain your questions in the comments of this post.

I would absolutely love to create some super thorough posts that explained these missing concepts for you.

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  1. I would like different ideas for monetizing your site at the different stages of having a flagship blog. When first starting out, I am monetizing it with some ad programs, but i don’t know if that’s best.

    And, if my site grows in the next 3-5 months, should I change what I monetize with?


    Also, how to find the best places to build links from in order to build authority. You mention in the keyword sniping case studies, that since you are ranked and not in the sandbox, you just have to go about building authority. What do you do to build that authority.


  2. I’ve been reading your site for about 4 months, and I’ve even gone back to some of your previous posts based on your list of related posts.

    My questions are:

    1. You’ve written that there is no rhyme or reason as to why a keyword sniping site ends up sandboxed. However, I’ve read in one of Vic’s post that as long as a new site with a brand new domain gets less than 500 hits/day (what Vic calls trickle traffic), Google will usually ignore your site as long as it passes visual inspection.

    Through your experience, do you agree with Vic’s statement?

    2. I seemed to remember reading somewhere (cant remember where) that Google has somehow blacklisted your Keyword Sniping theme. Is that true?

    3. I want to know if Wordze is still your keyword research tool of choice? If so, why?

    Thanks…I really look to you, Vic & Griz as my primary IM source of info.

    1. Oops, that traffic number should be 500 hits/month (Vic’s trickle traffic benchmark). Not 500 hits/day…my mistake. :>)

      1. Correction…Vic’s “trickle traffic” benchmark is 500 unique hits/day as described in his Dec. 18, 2007 post entitled, Promoting BANS & Niches the A-Lister Way”

        You were right the first time.

    2. John his theme was not blacklisted it was just one of thos things that a few sites where de-indexed with that theme but most if not all got re indexed after visual inspection it seems more likely that some prick reported the sites as MFA’s and it had nothing to do with the theme.

  3. Trying to keep up with all the latest info is so overwhelming, especially for novices. If we could watch you launch, promote, and monetize a small site, while you share the details, including how to choose the site name, how to pick keywords, etc. I think we’d all be in heaven. (Since you asked, I thought I’d dream big!) Thanks!

    1. Kim, Court has done a couple of case studies in the past that would probably show you what you’re looking for. Search Court’s blog for HowToMobile.com, and ColoradoLasikSurgeryGuide.com

      I haven’t heard much from either case study recently, so I would be interested in their current status. I do remember that HowToMobile.com was sandboxed.

  4. I’m sort of repeating what was asked in the first comment above, but I’d enjoy more of your thoughts on solid (ethical, tried and true methods) link building as well as authority building through the various bookmarking/social networking platforms out there.

  5. Links and getting links. It seems so important and it remains the hardest part for me to understand exactly what my options are and what I should be doing to get meaningful links. Any help along those lines is always appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Court I would like to know how to make my template more SEO friendly. For instance how to make sure I have NoFollows on my pages etc.

    How do I modify the php to get this to happen automatically….etc.

  7. It’d be nice to know what it takes, what it REALLY takes to establish an authority site.

    web 2.0 is good for wave sof traffic that doesn’t convert, and backlinks…

    How does one get real traffic to a blog, traffic that converts via good linking strategies and also, please answer this:

    How best to set up a blog if you’re selling THROUGH your blog, and

    How best to set up blog is you’re selling off/from it?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Personally I would like to see more about link building, conclusions of your keyword sniping case studies.

    Link building is always helpful and case studies are always educational + motivating!

  9. Are there any tactics that you’ve suggested in your old articles that you now consider dated?

    How have your views changed over the course of this blog. Not only is knowing what to do great, but I’d love to know what you did wrong. Where do the “experts” mess up?

    I’d also love to hear your view on the future development of SEO. Since Google is always changing their algorithm, are there certain factors you think will slowly reduce in importance over time? Which factors do you think will be phased out, and which do you think will become more important?

    After listening to this video of the SVP of Product Management at Google

    He suggests 3 books:
    Long Tail
    Wisdom of Crowds

    I feel that social sites will become an increasing foundation for Google.

    Things he mentions:
    “Average of the crowd is better than an expert”
    “Crowd wisdom”
    “People contribute”
    “Open systems”

    And Matt here:
    Names off
    Ultra specific niches and mobile devices as the “future of SEO in 2008”

    You and Vic cover niches really well. What are your thoughts on the future of mobile focused marketing?

    1. Justin dude that is such a good question. In my case man I have not even started looking at that I do not know if Court already has dabbled into that market.

      But tell you what with people using more and more mobile devices to connect to the net no doubt this is something all of us who live from the net need to start learning and paying attention.

    2. On crowd wisdom, I go with what Agent K says, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

      As for mobile, I don’t see it as a viable option, at least in the US, as long as it’s a more or less closed system that’s expensive as hell to use. 4-6 or more years from now, it will probably be the hot item though so having an early entry or keeping your finger on the pulse of it is a good idea.

  10. Hi Court, I’ve been listening to your advice and am having a good shot at it – the thing I am struggling with is actually finding the right keyword or phrase to go after in the first place. Cheers.

  11. Hi Court,

    I’ve been following along with the keyword sniping thing and have made my first $10 from my first site. The next step I’m about to tackle is getting inbound links from authority sites – I currently have none and am sitting on page five in Google for my keyword. I’ve decided to do this through article marketers, and I’m wondering if you have any tips about which marketers are best to use and if there are any free options out there.

    Thanks so much!

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