Writing exceptional copy isn’t simple, but is probably the most important thing you can do if you’re involved with internet marketing, or marketing in general. If you can’t write effectively, you’re going to struggle to make money with the internet.

Three Personalities Of Exceptional Copywriters

Split Personalities
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To write effective copy, you will need to develop three distinct writing personalities: planner, creator, and editor.


Master Plan
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The planner personality should come out when you first decide to write about a topic. In order to plan effectively, you need to go through a 2-step process:

  1. Do your research. You will usually need to research your topic to make sure you’re covering it well. For some topics you may already know what you need to know.
  2. Make an outline. Creating an outline will help you during the creative phase, and will help you to see whether you’ve completely covered the topic.


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Once you have planned what you need to write, you will unleash your creator personality. During this phase, you don’t care about spelling, grammar, or anything else that could slow you down. Your research is already complete, so you will be free to write anything you like.

After the creator phase, you will edit your copy. This means that during the creator phase there isn’t any reason to worry about how things are said. Anything you type out that doesn’t apply can be altered or deleted later.

Almost all of my best ideas come out during the creator phase of writing. If I didn’t remove all limitations with the other two phases, this wouldn’t be possible.


Angry Editor Eye
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After the creator phase, I would recommend taking a break. The transition from creator to editor is very abrupt – you need to come back from your break as a completely different person. You now have to learn to act like someone else wrote the document you’re going to edit. You need to bring out the brutal dictator in yourself.

As the editor, you are responsible to make sure that the document can be easily understood by everyone that reads it. You need to make sure that it’s presented well. Your duties as an editor will include:

  • Checking for mistakes with spelling and grammar.
  • Adding graphics and images that help to better portray your message.
  • Formatting the document to make it easy to scan and visually effective.

Implement, implement, implement.