The Best Article Or Post Of Your Life Challenge

No matter what level our blogs or websites are at, we need to continually challenge ourselves to improve. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately, and would like to extend a challenge to all of you, as well as to myself.

I challenge myself and everyone else to write the best article or post they have ever written, during the next week. I would like to then showcase these posts and articles here on I don’t care what the articles are about and to be honest, I don’t care how good they are. I care about whether they are your best. If your best isn’t very good, that’s ok. Do the best that you can.

Next Monday (3/10/2008) I will be providing a list of these posts so that each of you can get a link and some exposure to your sites. Please leave a comment on this post to let me know where your article or post can be found so that I can include you on the list. 🙂

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  1. Yes, I’m curious about this, too. Is this site going to move away from the “actual useful information” foundation into just another blog about blogging? I had noticed that with the 2 new posters. Not that this type of writing is valueless or they aren’t any good, but to me it seems to weaken the brand, and shifts into the territory of any ordinary blogging site.

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      Come on Robert, this isn’t even the first time that I’ve done something that gives people the chance to get some exposure.

      You really don’t know me very well if you think I’m going to stop providing good information.

      1. Don’t misunderstand; I was ASKING, not decrying you’ve jumped the shark and abandoned us all or anything like that. 🙂 I suppose it wasn’t clear, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to articulate my concern in just the right way, either. I know yall have been busy with BZ and the hacking problem, but the “3 Musketeers” posting frequency has been off lately. Actually it’s good to have alternate content in that case, but like I said, it’s the nuts and bolts that really set this site apart from the myriad of others below it.

        1. Robert I would say that Court provides a lot of solid content as you stated. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t implement what he already has written about. I have enjoyed his other writers and I think it is a smart example for all of us to delegate to others and I think they have brought different viewpoints. I think this is a good opportunity for everyone and Court included himself in this competition. So I am excited for what he is going to write here in next week.

      2. Plus, good information is awesome, but actual links from a solid website are very valuable too.

        Writing well is a solid foundation to internet marketing. If you have well written content and content people want, then you can blow up your website’s hit tracker through services like digg and stumbleupon, etc.

        Yah, there’s other important aspects to internet marketing, but if you have crap content, no one will stick around or click on your ads.

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      Hey Steve! Would it be possible for you to submit a different post? I have family that reads my blog and I’m not comfortable linking to a post of this nature.

      I think you’re a great guy and would never want to offend you, but this isn’t subject material that I’m comfortable with.

  2. Hey Court,

    I’m busy writing a post right now. I honestly try to do my best on all of my posts, but I think everyone can always try to push their limits 😉

    I’ll definitely be back w/ a link.

  3. Great idea Courtney. I have to add my latest article:

    Decoder Ring for WordPress

    You know, the one with the virtual download! Ha Ha!

  4. This is too good a chance to pass up. Here is a link to my post about Joao Gilberto and Tom Jobim, with a video of them, recently, performing “Girl From Ipanema.

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  6. Okay, it’s recent but I did like the other one better 😉
    Is is okay even if my post is almost a month?

    Are Bloggers Lazy Or Just Lacking SEO Vision?

    P.S. I also pondered if I wanted to post it or not. That’s why it was not a full feed and I added some warning.

    You can remove the comments related to it if you want. That’s why I created a new comment thread for you.(second try)

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  7. Hello, the blog is amazing and I love reading your articles. Even though I don’t agree with you at some aspects, that was interesting to learn a different POV, as well! Thanks a lot!

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