The #1 Word Of Successful Bloggers And Copywriters

To learn about the #1 word of successful bloggers and copywriters, please read the following paragraphs and consider which one would be the more effective.

  1. ‘Because’ is the most important word for bloggers and copywriters. Those who don’t use it don’t know what they’re doing.
  2. ‘Because’ is the most important word for bloggers and copywriters because those who use it successfully are able to convince. Those who properly use the word ‘because’ are able to persuade people to accept their points of view because people are able to better understand the points made. When you use the word ‘because’, you show people that you understand, and that you care whether they understand or not. In order to convince, you must present to your readers why you are right.

With 100,000,000+ blogs out there, you have to ask yourself what makes yours stand out. I submit that you can make it stand out with one simple word, because.

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  1. Great quickie post, Courtney.

    I would add a few two-word phrases to the mix:

    “for example”

    “this is why”

    “here’s how”

    It would be interesting to see a list of such words and phrases submitted by veteran bloggers.

    Why? Because.

    1. Post

      Those are great Ken! I considered talking about in this post because they are so good at giving examples, explaining details, and so on.

      ‘Here’s how’ is a really great one because that gets people really into it – and helps them to believe that it can be done. Thanks for your insights!

      Brilliant domain by the way. 😉

  2. Hi to everyone, this is my first ever blogging. No idea what to write except for my miserable life. Its full of struggle financially, i’m a university student right now and you all can imagine how stressfull it is. My most current problem is that i need some money to pay some fees but unfortunately i dont have enough on me. I am trying all my luck to borrow (i hate to borrow n lend), work, or get a grant from a kind person. Just pray for me people so that i get out of this difficult time.

    1. Saif, I hope what you are writing isn’t just a plea to get money in general. Asking for money in general on the internet probably isn’t the best marketing strategy. I understand you are stressed out, but It’s time to put on your thinking cap so you really can make some extra cash. On a recent post of mine where I displayed a video of a Apple Mac being blown up, It proves a point. A guy wanted a new computer. to get that new Mac He offered something in return to all who contributed. Doing something funny and crazy to a perfectly good Mac. Now you might say that was a total waste, but look what his Marketing strategy accomplished. Thats right, his final goal. So why don’t you brainstorm of what you could do to that might make you an extra income either providing something extremely useful, or by being entertaining. There are so many ways that a person can accomplish something but you must be determined and not just hope for the best but make something happen. This is just my two cents in reply to your comment.

  3. Hi Courtney,

    I’ve never thought of what the famous bloggers use after now.

    I’ve been reading a copyblogger tips and used a few that worked for me.

    btw, I’ve sent you a message through your contact page for the IM unite.


  4. The only way to make people come back to your blog and make it stand out is to inject your personality and, as you say Courtney, show your understanding of the topic. Everyone has a different opinion and perspective, thats the reason why people read blogs

  5. Said that sounds spammy. And another thing your blog background colour is way to dark. I can’t even read the writing. Do some more research on the ethical ways of directing traffic to your site.

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