To learn about the #1 word of successful bloggers and copywriters, please read the following paragraphs and consider which one would be the more effective.

  1. ‘Because’ is the most important word for bloggers and copywriters. Those who don’t use it don’t know what they’re doing.
  2. ‘Because’ is the most important word for bloggers and copywriters because those who use it successfully are able to convince. Those who properly use the word ‘because’ are able to persuade people to accept their points of view because people are able to better understand the points made. When you use the word ‘because’, you show people that you understand, and that you care whether they understand or not. In order to convince, you must present to your readers why you are right.

With 100,000,000+ blogs out there, you have to ask yourself what makes yours stand out. I submit that you can make it stand out with one simple word, because.