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Free Traffic ImageUpdate: I have chosen a winner and am working on the review!

Tomorrow morning I will be highlighting one of your sites with a free 500 word review! If anyone has been looking for a free traffic boost, here’s your shot. 😉 All you have to do to have a chance to win is comment on this post, and tell me about your site.

I will be choosing one lucky person whose site I think is important. I might choose a site that will help the people that read my site, or I might choose a site that I just think the world should know about. I might pick a site that I think has the potential to make a lot of money, or I might pick a site that has a good message.

The guidelines at this point are very loose so that everyone can have a chance to win. I’ll pick the site that I think is the most important to me. It might be a site that only has one post if that post is good enough, or it might be a site that’s been around for a while.

Hint: You’ll probably be able to get some traffic from your comment even if you don’t win.

Tips For Leaving Your Comment

  • Tell me who you are – nicknames are ok.
  • Leave your URL in the URL box.
  • Tell me about your site. Don’t be shy, I want to know what your site is about!
  • Leave 1-2 links to your better posts or pages. Don’t worry if your comments don’t show up immediately, I’ll add them.
  • Don’t waste your time if your site is morally questionable.

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  1. Great contest! Well, sort of. Is it really a contest?

    I write on just about anything, but try to keep it to technology, blogging, seo, and making money online. I’m not a mogul like John Chow and I’m learning as I go, so I try to share my lessons with my readers.

    A great example of that is my most recent post:
    How to Create and Use A Favicon Icon

  2. I’m Adam Dempsey, my blog doesn’t have a real subject tbh, just somewhere for me to put stuff I want people to see, like funny stuff I find and updates on any of my projects.

    Those are a few posts which have been popular 🙂

  3. Thanks Court for this opportunity…

    I run two blogs, a sports site and a personal blog. My favorite of course is my personal blog, but I don’t know how relevant either are to your readers 🙂 is my life blog, where I write about things that interest me or my friends. It’s also where I’m trying to post some of my writing as one of my main goals is to write a book someday. I’m in the middle of a short story called “Running” and am hoping people like it:

    I also did a series on moving to a Web 2.0 lifestyle, which influenced a few of my friends to switch to Google Mail, Google Reader, etc:

    The sports blog is It started out as a forum basically 8 years ago and gets over 1.2 million pageviews a month. Just in the last year I’ve tried to convert the frontpage into a blog format and it’s coming along. We have a lot of great and passionate fans, all of whom do the blogging for free.

    None of these two blogs have advertising, but I know the sports one could make me some money if I chose to do that. But the owner of the site hasn’t been too thrilled about it as he pays for it out of his own pocket and does it for fun.

    I hope that’s what you needed. I really don’t know if these will work out for your contest, but I wanted to give it a shot!

    I appreciate your blog and read it everyday!

  4. Nice idea Court, I’m definitely in!
    You already know me, but just in case. My name is Casey, and I’m a 15 year old web entrepreneur. My blog News Notion is dedicated to teaching people how to make money online in various ways and also provides some blogging tips.

    My best posts? Well I got a lot of good feedback from this post about how to get rid of writers block:

    I really liked writing this post about how to create a suitable environment for your readers:

    And this in depth review of uvme created controversy which was fun:

  5. My site is getting a markup job (as I have time) so it’s links & navigation aren’t in the best places.

    I run this small site with the hope of helping a few folks with my reviews while earning a little extra cash from paid listings and whatnots. I’m still working out an attainable posting schedule since I work full time & have a busy family too (I’ve got about 40 posts in draft mode right now).

    I’d like to end this comment with a little humor and good advice: Pick me! Pick me!

  6. Hello,
    As you can see my name is michael sherlock. I’ve been blogging for two or three years now, most of my earlier projects are no longer online though. Anyway, my new site lifestylehack is focused on helping the reader hack or improve their lifestyles. What I mean by that is help to save money or become organized. I bet you never knew that taking a nap during a study break improves your chances of retain what you are trying to memorize.
    Currently, I read your site every day to find out how to improve my chances of getting noticed. Your SEO tips have helped me hugely and am using the all in one seo plugin since day one. I never knew how badly my other sites were in terms of SEO. I write every day so getting some extra visitors to enjoy my content would be awesome so please choose me!
    Thanks again for the contest and the great content!

  7. Hi Court,

    Good idea, looking forward to seeing who you pick. Obviously I hope it’s me, but if not, at least I’ll find a new site that I’ll probably like since you and I seem to share many similar interests as seen in our blogs. Anyway, onto telling you about my site…I thought I would provide an excerpt from my About page since it’s been thoroughly refined. 🙂

    “I created in January 2007 with the intention of writing about my efforts as an Internet entrepreneur. Looking through my blog, you’ll find some of my prior attempts with AdSense and affiliate marketing. I’ve since changed direction to focus my efforts on larger projects that I document as they progress.

    I believe in leading life as an open book and sharing my entrepreneurial efforts, expectations, and actual results. Since there are many others interested in working for themselves, I think being open with this info will help others to learn with me, while also encouraging networking between us.

    Between projects, I write articles that provide relevant information on business topics, such as making money blogging and networking for success.”

    Thanks for the opportunity, Court!

  8. Hi Court. I’m Alexandru and I got a blog about making money online (yes, yet another one), started promoting it around 2 weeks ago, and it has an Alexa rank of 53,000 for the last 7 days and 289,000 for the last 3 months (started writing on it on July 31 though).

    It’s about making money online, but also about doing what people keep reading about. Reading articles about how to succeed and not using those advices is really a waste of time, so that is what my blog is about, aggressive blogging and promotion, using every trick you read about, and sharing my own tips that I found in time.

    Some of my favorite articles:

    How To: Niche Link Building –

    See how other webmasters get their traffic –

    Shylock Adsense Plugin – helps bloggers earn more money online by showing different ads on old articles more likely to be seen by search engine visitors –

  9. Hi, I´m Genesis Davies and my blog is called At Home Mom. I blog about home businesses for work at home moms and try to offer an even mix of information for moms who want to start a business, as well as for those who are already there and just need help improving.

    At Home Mom offers business ideas, promotion tips and, since it is for wahms, lots of information on how to balance work and kids and how to be productive while looking after children (something I´m learning a lot about, since I have two under 2!)

    Here are two of my top posts:
    Minimize Distractions in the Home Office

    Using the Internet to Promote Your Offline Business

  10. I am a freelance writer and editor, so my blog focuses on books, writing, editing, and publishing. Writing advice is for both professional writers and anyone who writes/blogs in business or daily life. I also write about other things that interest me.

    My Self-Publishing Primer is a series of 14 posts on the pros, cons, and how-tos of self-publishing.

    Top Five Keys to Successful Persuasive Writing is one of my most popular posts as it is helpful to anyone who writes to convince.

    Currently I have a group writing project underway. It’s Funny NOW, But Then … is for posts on something that has happened to you that seemed awful at the time, but over has time has become funny. We all need a good laugh now and then, and we can also learn from these funny NOW experiences.

  11. I’m Jeff Schuman with Team-Schuman. I have had a blog for a couple of years now. I help people make money online and make money at home.

    My make money online blog is hundreds of pages now and I post almost everyday on something.

    I like your site and what you do to help people as well. Keep it up.

    Here are 2 of my popular posts..

    Online Forum Marketing

    How I Have Earned Money Online Today

    Good luck to everyone in building a successful internet business!

  12. Hey Court,
    My Blog is Blogging Figners and it is all about blogging ideas, tips, creativity and money making strategies for blogs.

    I’m sure you’ve visited it before as I’ve linked to a couple of your best articles.

    My Site is only 6 weeks old but it’s going strong. It’s my 3rd blog. My 1st was a blogger blog and I sold my 2nd for $1000.

    I lookforward to your review, who ever you pick. These are a couple of my top posts:

    Who knows why they are both ‘Top 7 lists’, its just weird!


  13. This site is not a blog, but absolutely loves free publicity :D.

    Information about the page:

    1) CSS based layout with semantic markup.
    2) All html validates strict.
    3) CSS validates with exception of overflow-y error.
    4) Custom include structure with fully dynamic back-end (PHP).
    5) Portions of the site are database driven.
    6) URL rewrites give appearance of static page structure (ie .html extensions and no query strings).
    7) All styling is SE friendly.
    8) Tested in IE 5,6,7; FF; Opera; Safari; FF Linux; Opera Linux.
    9) Designed for F-pattern readability.
    10) Vertical read pattern implemented for increased scanability.
    11) Captcha implementation with custom encryption (no js or sessions req’d).

    Information about the Company:

    Name: Vision Fronts
    Registered: State of Washington
    Formation: 2007
    Website: [click name link above]
    Specialty: Database/Include driven websites with PHP back-ends and custom site administration and office management tools built from scratch.

    Additional website content is on the way, as time permits. We’re hoping for a numerical boost on the next pr drop , but still seeing some remnants of new domain trust filters in Google.

    We could really use a shout from you Court, and love your articles. I’ve personally taken away a number of great ideas from your site.

    -VF Staff

  14. Hey Court. I’ve been having some trouble commenting lately on all WordPress blogs for some reason, but I’ll give it another go. 🙂

    My name is Tay and I’m a teenage blogger and the owner of Super Blogging. I absolutely love to blog. Not only is it something to always look forward to and work on, but it’s a learning and growing process. I like discovering new things and seeing myself and my writing improve over time.

    I blog about search engine optimization, traffic generation, internet marketing, making money online, and other general blogging tips. Sometimes there might be something just a little bit random along the way. 😉

    The favorite article I’ve written is 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic. The most popular was 5 Helpful Sites You Should Be Aware Of, which got thousands of hits from StumbleUpon.

    I love reading your blog, Court. It’s one of my favorites and has given me a lot of help along the way. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  15. Hi Court, think this is a great contest! I’ll enter my site as well for the fun of it!
    My website is Paid To Review. Like your website, it contains information about making money on the internet for free. The site is mainly based on paid surveys, cash back websites and paid review websites.
    At the moment it focuses on ways that anyone can make money online for free, but I’m thinking of branching off into ways of making money from your blog/webspace.

  16. Hi Court,

    I started a blog in January to share my experiences planning a trip around the world. I’m set to leave in late November, at which point I will be writing more about my experiences in new countries than my daydreams about such an adventure.

    My most popular post (thanks to StumbleUpon) is:
    Top 10 Travel Tips @

    My fourth most popular post is one I did on Text Link Ads @

  17. Hi Court! You’re such a generous giver…

    My blog is It’s not about making money online nor SEO, or blogging in general. It’s about laughs! When I decided to create the blog (two months ago) it was a decision made from these three things: I love to blog, I love to laugh, and I love dogs. Most of my posts come from reader submissions. I’ve been getting steady participation since the day I started the blog. I’ve found it very interesting that most of the readers are happy that there is a loldog site now, not just one for lolcats (ICHC).

    Here’s a few of my more popular loldogs:

    LOLdogs Admenz 🙂

  18. Hi Court,

    First of all thanks for this generous giveaway :). You already know me because I visit and comment on this blog pretty often. I know you have seen my blog too because you have left comments before. Basically it is a blog about blogging. That is the main topic and it is what most of my posts are about. I cover various topics in blogging from writing techniques to marketing to wordpress plugins. I also write about making money online, though that is not a major topic, so it only gets a post occasionally. From time to time I share new/interesting sites I find around the net too.

    Here are a few of my popular/important posts:

    They don’t have too many comments because they were published when my blog didn’t have many readers/visitors, but I think they are important. I feel that I should also mention my latest project, which is the top commentators list (which was inspired by your do follow list- so thanks for that). It is the same as the do follow list except that it is a list of blogs with the top commentators plugin installed. Here is the link:
    By the way, can I add you to the list?

    Well, thats all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions or anything please email me at the address I left with this comment and I will try my best to get back to you.

  19. It’s so funny that there are so many people that have posted their site in the hopes of getting a review.

    What’s funnier is that I read so many of those sites already! I guess this shows that Court’s blog really captures a creative, important audience.

    My poor little blog, People You’ll See In Hell, is a collection of stories about evil people that stood out to me in some way. I find out as much as I can about these evil folks, post pictures and name names. At the end of each article, I allow the readers to vote on whether or not they feel the subject of the article is deserving of Hell.

    How did I think of the site? Well, I’m a corrections officer and every single day I go to work, I’m surrounded by people that are a) going through a rough patch or b) evil. Most of the time it’s easy to tell which is which. I was reading “The Simple Dollar” while watching my housing unit and read a suggestion of his that anyone can blog and make a few bucks.

    Well, I’ve got two degrees, one in Journalism and Public Relations, so I figure, hey, I can write, right? Why not?

    I originally started People You’ll See In Hell on blogspot, but quickly saw the benefits of getting my own domain name. Fortunately for me, was available.

    Unfortunately for me, I’ve made a total of 90 bucks through the site, even though I’ve getting a good amount of traffic lately, sitting at around 600,000 Alexa rank (as of this morning) and MyBlogLog is telling me that I’ve had 4000 visits since August 1st and over 11,000 pageviews (as of 10 pm central time on August 21). I’m not even sure if that’s good, but it’s sure better than I expected when I started doing this.

    My most popular posts so far in August are the ones on Sharon Wright and Peter Seaton, which has more than 190 comments the last time I checked, and the post on Calvin Sharp that I just put up a few days ago.

  20. Hi Court,

    As you can see above, my name is Derek. On my blog, I try to cover many different aspects of internet marketing. This includes affiliate marketing, blogging, web development, pay-per-click, and more.

    Although I think most of my posts are pretty helpful, I would probably say that these two posts could be considered my best:

    I’d love to get a review from you, but even if you don’t decide to choose my blog, let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and it has quickly become one of my favorites. 🙂

  21. (Many apologies if you recieve this more than once, Ive installed CoComment, and having some trouble with that, Sorry!)

    Well, how can I resist that temptation?

    My blog provides bite-sized pieces of light entertainment with lovely photos.

    I use my pet birds, gardens and whatever comes to hand to give the reader a bit of respite from information overload.

    I will let the stats for top content pick two posts to point out, (although both are longer than the majority of posts on my blog, interesting isnt it?)
    First:My Review of The Cure in concert
    and Second: Reclaimed Timber – New Desk which tells the tale of one small victory for the environment.

    Ive been blogging for three years now, but have only been hard at it since moving from my own site to Blogger in April – I hope you will enjoy your visit (which is the whole point isnt it? :))
    Cheers, Lavender

  22. I am Adomas Kontautas, the guy behind Income Hero. You can find out more about my little journey of internet marketing in my archives – but for now, let me introduce myself and give you a glimpse at who Adomas Kontautas and Income Hero is really all about.

    Finally, after 22 years, I thought that it was time to start earning some money. I’m sure all people want to change their life, but somehow they just don’t do it. And I was one of them.

    I live with my parents, I have no job, I am $10.000 in debt (more on this later), I’m no more “struggling student”, because I’ve just finished university, and I am sick of the life that I live right now — there are so much things that I want to change and one of them is my financial situation.

    Recently, I made a search for books and programs on that could help me out with the problem that I have – money. It did return a result of 1.031.245 products that apparently could help me out. Well, I’m about to test it.

    Not that I’m going to buy all of them, I only have $10.000 that Mr. Bankman loaned me for 2 years, but I’m going to start studying wealth and money making — especially, making money online, because internet is my passion.

    So I will buy AND TEST every product that I can get my hands on and that you will recommend me. Talking about which, send me any product recommendations, that could help me learn more about earning money online and building internet empire, to – you can leave your affiliate links, it will be a reward for your trouble.

    For the first time visitor, to my site, the site is called Income Hero, because that’s what I will become — an Income Hero. And every step that I take nearer to this title will be documented on my blog.

  23. Hi,

    I missed a day but I hope it’s not too late.

    My blog is about money, technology, blogging…and reviewing traffic, money ideals. I also promote my other blogs, sites and freeware.

    I just moved to my new domain last week but was know has Steve’s Tech Blog(subdomain).

    Here is a few popular post:
    How Linux could be accepted by the mainstream. Is the Linux community ready?

    Friendswin: Is it the next MySpace/Facebook but with a twist?

    1 Cool File: Blog Directory category added

  24. Hi Court,

    Thanks, what a great idea ! I could certainly do with some advice for improving traffic.

    I’ve got quite a few blogs on different themes (finance, monetization, books, designer handbags, meditation etc… ) but the one that gets the most readers is my financial/stockmarket blog, so here are two links to recent posts there.

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  26. Do You Need A Loan For Your Business Start-up

    We offer the right solution to your financial needs. We stand apart from other lenders because we believe in customer service and we stay with you until you get the results you want. Contact

  27. It is an online songwriter’s community only about a week old, and there is not much traffic, moreso, not much respondents. And plus, it’s all a free-hosted site.

    I would really love to have that review so that I may know which part am I doing wrong. I am basically new in this web developing circles, and what just prompted me to build it was the cause of having an online community for songwriters.

    This is my site.

  28. Hi, ive been following your site since the time i started blogging, im stiil new to this digital world but so far I have learned a lot.

    Thanks for the great tips.

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