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The Blog Builders Podcast™

In this episode of The Blog Builders Podcast™, I interviewed Jeff and Mandy Rose, an awesomely successful married couple who are building a blogging empire (seriously) together. Jeff runs Good Financial Cents (among other things), Mandy runs the House Of Rose Blog, and together they run Dollars and Roses, where they teach people how this whole blogging thing works.

I first found Jeff and Mandy by searching for bloggers who do income reports. Just to give you a heads up, they were able to produce $17,762.79 of revenue in January from their blogs. They have great momentum and are growing their business fast. I can’t wait to see how far they’re able to take it this year. CAN YOU SAY AWESOME?

I met Jeff and Mandy in person at the New Media Expo in January and honestly, they were the coolest people I met down there (no offense to anyone else haha). I was really impressed with how down to earth they were. I’m afraid they are stuck with being my friends for life!

Despite the fact that speaking really isn’t my thing, I think that you’ll enjoy the interview. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The story of how Jeff and Mandy got started, and what led them to what they’re doing online now.
  • How Mandy has been able to get ridiculous traffic from Pinterest
  • How Jeff started his blog to get clients as a financial planner, but how it evolved into much more, including the launch pad for his book and just a great online revenue stream in general.
  • How Jeff was able to get featured on tons of incredible sites like Fox Business, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, and Forbes.
  • How Jeff was able to get his site to recover from Google’s Panda update.
  • Why Jeff once turned down $150,000 cash for his site.
  • How Jeff has used movements to get exposure for his brands (this is incredible stuff).

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