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The Blog Builders Podcast™

In this episode of The Blog Builders Podcast™, I interviewed Beckie Farrant, CEO of an incredible blogging business that includes three super high traffic blogs: Infarrantly Creative, Roadkill Rescue, and Knock Off Decor.

Combined, these sites did over 2,000,000 (yes, I got the number of zeros right) pageviews last month alone.

I couldn’t be more stoked about this interview. I learned a ton. Some of the highlights for me:

  • How Beckie used unique positioning and a coordinated launch to get Knock Off Decor to 300,000 pageviews within three months (!!!)
  • How she got other people to create most of the content for two of her sites
  • How she was able to figure out ad layering to improve her own revenue and basically double the revenue of many consulting clients (amazing)
  • How she learned how to make the jump into hiring help so that she could focus on what matters the most
Beckie Farrant

I’ve found that most bloggers, up until this point, have been unable to think about their blogs as a business. Beckie has an incredible story that proves that blogging can be an amazing business if you’re willing to treat it like one.

I hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

P.S. – If you’re a blogger who gets traffic but doesn’t have the revenue numbers that you would like to have, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Beckie. By using ad layering, you can probably make huge gains in the amount of revenue you can produce from your traffic.