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This message is only being sent to my RSS subscribers. It won’t be going on the blog.

Lately I’ve received more and more comments and emails from readers with questions about the strategies I’m teaching on the blog. I’m realizing there are people out there who just plain need more personalized help.

I have something I’d like to share with a small group of my RSS subscribers, but I’m no spammer, so I won’t send an un-solicited offer to all of you. I’d like to ask permission to get in touch with you via email to let you know what I’m up to.

I hope it goes without saying that I will never do anything to violate your trust or privacy. My relationship with my readers is way too important to do anything stupid like that.

If you’re interested in hearing how I’d like to give some personal attention to a select group of readers, send an email to with the subject line “Count me in!” By having you do that I’ll know I’m only communicating with those of you that want me to!

For those of you that aren’t interested in hearing from me, no problem. Looking forward to interacting with all of you on the blog, and have a great day!

There are 1500 of you subscribing right now, and I’d like to keep this fairly small for now. I’ll only be sending the offer to the first 50 – 75 people that ask me to. Take it easy guys!

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