RealRankâ„¢ Doesn’t Solve Anything For Bloggers

PayPerPost RealRank DecisionsEveryone in the land has been talking about IZEA RealRankâ„¢ lately, hoping that it’s a replacement for PageRank. For those that aren’t familiar with it, IZEA is the parent company of PayPerPost and RealRankâ„¢ is a new system that they have come up with to rank blogs. They say it will make it so they don’t have to use PageRank to rank sites. PayPerPost almost has RealRankâ„¢ ready, in fact the PPP blog says they’re going to turn it on tonight.

I’ve seen some posts lately that proclaim RealRankâ„¢ to be the white knight for bloggers. I’ll give them this, it will be the best ranking system out there because it will track real stats. Bloggers have some decisions to make, and I can see some real problems with this.

The Issue Isn’t PageRank, It’s Paid Links

Taking one ranking system away to implement another when the issue is paid links is only going to delay the inevitable. The issue isn’t the ranking system here. Does anyone think that from one day to the next Google is going to be happy just because PayPerPost (or Text-Link-Ads for that matter) changes how they rate the sites that participate in their program?

Google Isn’t Going To Like It

The core problem here is that Google thinks that paid links cause inaccuracies in their ranking system (which they do). Don’t get me wrong, Google should be trying to figure out better ways to find and discount the value of paid links. I have believed this since the beginning and my stance hasn’t changed on this issue. Google has wronged a lot of people during this process but the facts are facts. Google will continue to fight against paid links.

If you have a site whose PageRank was slapped -1, -2, or eliminated altogether, you’re already on the radar. What’s going to happen if you continue to sell links under the guise of a new ranking system? I would hate to see this happen, but believe that it’s possible that Google will remove you from their index altogether. Google has an index of over 10 billion web pages and I dare say that they would remove a few hundred thousand pages to protect their lifeblood, which is their search relevancy.

Google is already on the war path, and I can tell you that so far they aren’t getting the results they’re looking for. People are still selling text links and writing paid reviews that pass link juice. It seems likely that Google will continue to slash and hash until they get the result they want, which is for people to place nofollows on all paid links. I’m not that happy about the fact that I had to do it, but my plans for this site will be accelerated with the help of Google, so I changed my advertising models.

What RealRankâ„¢ Is Going To Do

Google Cartoon

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It’s going to make it 100 times easier for Google to identify you as a sponsored reviewer. You will have to install a piece of javascript in your footer, and Google will easily be able to identify and track that code. If you install the code, you’re running the risk of Google slapping your PageRank or doing something worse if they feel the need.

Many people don’t think that Google will take it this far. Why wouldn’t they? I keep reading that Google needs us more than we need them and this isn’t true. Google has billions of pages to rank and the number of blogs that use PayPerPost and other similar services is very small. It’s likely that Google sees these as weaker sites – banning them isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

I’ll tell you right here, right now how Google is going to see this. Keep in mind that this isn’t how I see it, it’s how Google will see it:

  • They have been issuing warnings for the last few years. (no effect)
  • They increased the validity of the warnings with the first slaps. (very little effect)
  • They slapped harder to increase the validity of the warnings. (very little effect)
  • They eliminated the PageRank on many sites that sell sponsored posts and reviews. (very little effect except for the fact the IZEA came out with RealRankâ„¢, which doesn’t solve anything for Google)

Google isn’t getting what they want – do you think they’re going to give up?

Can You Survive Without Google?

If you can, by all means continue to write paid reviews. If you can’t, you have a decision to make. I think you’re taking a huge risk by writing them. I wouldn’t put anything past Google and believe that they may start de-indexing people that sell links. This would start with the small sites because they don’t have as much relevant content.

The best option here is for you to start selling your own paid reviews with nofollows on them. If PayPerPost would change their policies to allow posties to stop selling PageRank, it would be a lot safer service for everyone. As is, they’re asking everyone to try to hide from Google. What are they going to do when people start getting banned? The responsible thing to do is to create a model that’s safe for the posties. Right now it looks like that’s not going to happen.

Who is RealRankâ„¢ going to help? The .01% of bloggers that don’t care about Google traffic.

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  1. I think you’re spot on.

    RealRank doesn’t give Google waht they want, so they’re just going to keep on coming, and the logical end game is to start de-indexing sites…


    I’ve just been speaking to my coder to get him to put nofollows on the links in the plugins I use for ads.

    1. Ok…

      Maybe I missed something, but “RealRank” doesn´t take into account “PageRank” so its not “selling” PageRank.

      RealRank is suppose to “sell” visitors and pageviews, that is what they use as ranking factores, not PageRank.

      I think you completely missed the point.

      1. Post
        1. I don’t think they forgot to read anything.

          Google has dropped bloggers page ranks, many are at zero. So how are they passing rank through there links, if there pr is zero or not indexed?

        2. Post

          Hi Holly,

          Google hasn’t actually dropped anyone’s PageRank. They have dropped the perceived PageRank that appears in the Google toolbar.

          If they had dropped true PageRank it would be drastically influencing search engine rankings – it isn’t.

          None of these changes have affected anyone’s rankings. No one has been de-indexed yet but that will happen if people keep pushing the issue.

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  3. Court, you’re absolutely right. The code is only going to make it easier for Google to detect the people they want to ban…and I do believe it will probably come to that. They haven’t shown any inclination to back down and they really don’t have a reason to. Even the biggest of the big boys of blogging (say that five times fast) aren’t big enough to scare Google. We’re either going to have to live with the rules they give us or figure out how to live without them.

  4. Court, I agree with your comments here. But the real issue is whether Google Page rank is really worth anything in the grand scheme of things. Its valuable for the people who do sell links only because the purchasers of those links perceive some value. Personally I stopped worry about how to please Google a long time ago. I can get traffic without them and if they decide to send me some then thanks to Google, but its not something I worry about much. I write for my readers not for Google or any other bot which may pass my site.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your comments Bruce. I don’t believe that PageRank is the issue – page ranking is the issue.

      I don’t know of a single elite level blogger that didn’t benefit enormously from Google during their rise.

      If you think that you can do it without Google traffic, more power to you. I just want to let you and people like you know that you could be choosing to get yourself banned.

      Again, the ultimate issue is traffic from Google, not PageRank. PageRank isn’t worth anything, but rankings are worth everything.

  5. realrank is a joke. wopptiedoo, somebody can track how many visitors a site can get and rank them accordingly. this would have been valuable/news in like 1996.

  6. I totally agree with you.
    I used to work for PPP.
    I didn’t like what was happening with page rank and other things within the company, and quit working for them about 3 months ago now.
    I removed all their tracking codes, buttons, and deleted about 180 posts I had done for them.
    Wiped them clean off my blog.
    I still took a hit from google for my past postings, I know I was wrong doing what I did, too little, too late.

    But yes, I totally agree that while realrank my help posties keep making money, eventually google is going to de-index them all.
    I have more to say, but won’t take up your comment space.
    PPP has screwed a lot of bloggers over, me being one of them.

    1. Kat did you contact G and let them know what you did? Remember they tell the algorithm to take this and that into consideration and it might just be they took an old foot print from your site.

      1. Vic,
        Yes I did, I have no idea if google is looking into it or not.
        What’s done is done though ya know?
        I did wrong, I can take it. Hopefully next page rank update, I’ll get my PR 5 back. But I honestly believe my blog has been tainted forever because PPP refuses to delete my account and all the links to my blog they have on their site.
        So frustrated with that, you don’t even know!

        1. Let me ask you a question. Do you want a PageRank 5 blog that makes $100 a month, or a PageRank 0 blog that makes $2000?

          Unless you get some kind of a medal at the end of the year from Google for having a high PR and don´t think it will get you anywhere

  7. If one is blogging for money I can’t imagine not being concerned if their blog is indexed at Google or not. Which is why this RealRank thing confuses me. If a bunch of posties have been slapped with 0 page rank, the next step is to no longer index them.

    Would advertisers want links/review posts on blogs that won’t show up in Google? The RealRank thing just seems like shooting yourself in the foot.

    1. Post

      You asked, “Would advertisers want links/review posts on blogs that won’t show up in Google?”

      No, they won’t. Yeah, it is shooting yourself in the foot. 🙂

      1. I’m not so sure. I think there’s a market for reviews simply for traffic. Those who buy a review from John Chow probably don’t do it for the Google juice, do they?

        If you can get enough traffic without Google, why not?

        1. Post

          I think there is too! That’s why I said this:

          If PayPerPost would change their policies to allow posties to stop selling PageRank, it would be a lot safer service for everyone. As is, they’re asking everyone to try to hide from Google. What are they going to do when people start getting banned? The responsible thing to do is to create a model that’s safe for the posties. Right now it looks like that’s not going to happen.”

          There is a market for it, but there is no marketplace.

        2. If I’ve understood correctly, ReviewMe does not have the same restriction of no nofollow. So that’s an option.

          If that’s not enough, I guess someone will have to create one…

  8. The only part of the post I cannot agree is this:

    Who is RealRank™ going to help? The .01% of bloggers that don’t care about Google traffic.

    Actually, I believe very few bloggers care about Google traffic. It’s probably true that most who have heard about RealRank or PageRank do, but the rest don’t. Many bloggers blog for the sake of blogging, not search engine traffic.

    1. Post

      Hi Sutocu,

      Thanks for your comments. I have always respected your opinions and will continue to do so.

      I don’t believe that many bloggers would choose to stay with their low-traffic blogs if they could trade right now for high-traffic ones. Many blogs don’t get much Google traffic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it.

      If you don’t care about people seeing what you write, why put it online? If a person doesn’t care about getting traffic, I don’t know why they would be reading my site.

      1. “If you don’t care about people seeing what you write, why put it online?”

        That’s actually something I’ve been telling a few friends who insist on not having their blog listed in search engines. Actually some of them are password protected and only available to select friends…

        1. Post

          I’m fine with that Sutocu. My site is about internet marketing though. I’m not going to write for casual bloggers that don’t care about getting traffic. This discussion has absolutely nothing to do with them.

  9. The other day someone said they didn’t want to link to me because of my association with PPP and today I saw someone compare Google to al Qaeda. That’s it. I don’t give a monkey’s butt about PR really (I’m too new to see any effect one way or the other) but the craziness did me in. I’m officially reformed.

    I’d be interested in seeing what RealRank does, but I’m more interested in my reputation at this point.*sigh* Live and learn, I guess.

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  11. I’ve never used ppp, but I read TechCrunch and know enough about them. Plus I keep up with this industry. I don’t think their ranking system is meant to make google happy. They use pagerank to pass out opportunities and now that everyone had theirs yanked, they have to find a solution. Enter realrank.

    I don’t think realrank is valuable to anyone except ppp. They say they’ll release to non members, but what’s the point.

    Google should really consider meeting half way. Think of a tag that labels ads but also has some sort of benefit.

    Think of it like legalizing drugs. Sure, the law can continue to put people in jail, but others will continue to pop up and take over. If you legalize it and have some control, then both sides will get what they want.

    1. Post

      You’re right, it isn’t meant to keep Google happy. PPP either doesn’t foresee or doesn’t care that this could hurt bloggers.

      I agree that Google should act differently but it’s never going to happen. In this case, I think we have to look at it as it is, not as it should be.

    2. I don’t think realrank is valuable to anyone except ppp.

      That is the whole point! If they do not stop asking Bloggers for dofollow links they well keep getting Bloggers sent to oblivion on search rankings.

      This is not a problem of ranking a Blog. All you have to do is put a code and get all the stats this is all about DOFOLLOW!!!!!!!!

      “Google should really consider meeting half way.”

      What half way???? Do you understand that Google’s PR and algorithm is largely based on LINKS!!!!

      There is no half way in order for there algorithm to work properly only real dofollow links need to be counted.

  12. So, if I’m reading this correctly, we have very little say about how we present our content online?

    When governments crack down on their people’s internet activities, millions cry foul. When Google tells us to change the way we do something, we bend over and take it?

    About 60% of my traffic comes from Google, but the average Googler only stays on the site for under two minutes. Most of my real readers have come from other sources.

    John Chow was completely removed from Google a little while ago, but he continues to gain transient readers. It seems that he doesn’t really *need* G to survive and make several thousand dollars a month. Would he make more if he was still indexed? For sure. But it’s not an absolute necessity. There are still lots of other search engines out there that are used by millions.

    If Google does remove several million pages due to paid links, then eventually their search engine results will become stale. Many people are getting their product information from blogs. Removing the majority of quality blogs will let outdated commercial, splog and (worst of all) C|Net pages to rise to the top.

    Big-G will be around for many years to come, but if we start caving in to their demands, then we should also stop complaining about governments that censor or control the digital content of their people. I don’t see either as being very different 😕

    1. Post

      The truth Jason is that you can present your content however you want. You can do whatever you want with your site, and Google can do whatever they want with theirs.

      If they choose to remove you from their search results, they’re within their rights to do so.

      Jason, think about what you’re saying. Do you think that you can make Google change what they want to do? If you think you can survive without them by all means disregard this post. If you believe that you can do what John Chow did, do it!

      I left room in what I wrote for this. I seriously doubt that you or anyone else really believes they can do it though. If you believe it, I can tell you how to remove yourself from Google’s index. After that you can do whatever you want.

      I’m one of the few that’s facing the truth Jason. I see this how it is. I also see that it should be different. Does that mean it is different?

    2. Jason Google has made no demands it has always being known that you can not sell links and pass down PR. The difference now is for suck a long time it was not a big deal but now it has become a huge deal.

      Believe this or not Jason Google is looking after your site and after your PR. They are looking after your well being.

      Do you understand that if a spammer buys a domain and buys 4 PR7 links and buys 50 PR2 he will effectively be a PR7-8 and he can then scrape your whole site and the bot will look at his PR and look at yours and you will get the worst of the Duplicate content filter even though it was your original work. Do you understand this?

      All Google is doing is enforcing what has always being known.

      But yet people are bitching a whining. I ask you did PPP or Text Link Ads consult with Google before launching the business model. Do you understand that this companies business model is completely based on Googles PR think about that there whole reason for business is for the PR. All they have to do is remove the dofollow from there guidelines. But the fact is they really are not selling a link or a review they are selling the Google PR for that specific site.

    1. Steven Google will not care period! This idiot RealRank bull has nothing to do with them.

      Google will just keep killing peoples PR if they keep selling links period!

  13. RealRank was never meant for Google. It was meant to replace PR which isn’t very useful, but is for some reason still considered important.

    RealRank is being released early because of Google, but has been in development for a while now. It was already being tested before the recent PR smackdown.

    The paid posts from services like PPP are the least of Google’s problems. Even deindexing all blogs that write for PPP wouldn’t help with MFA sites that steal postie content. So MFAs will continue to steal from bloggers, including posties, and Google will still index those posts. Why? because MFAs are making them money. Posties are making someone else money.

    Oh and nofollow? Wasn’t that meant for comments? Now it’s supposed to be used for everything. I’ll start using nofollow the way they want when they start paying me to do their job.

    It’s not that hard to spot a PPP post, even the ones with no in post disclosure. They could devalue those posts or prevent link juice from going out of them. Why don’t they?

    With fewer ways to advertise on the web, adsense and adwords will make more money. Which will increase the number of MFAs. Which will line Google’s pockets. They’ll never do anything about MFAs.

    Why should they? They can use this as an excuse to put a competitor out of business and say that they’re protecting the search results. They’re not, they’re protecting adsense and adwords. It another case of Google using FUD and misdirection.

    I can’t believe you fell for it.

    1. Post

      You can’t believe I fell for what? You’re stating how it should be and I’m stating how it is. I don’t care why Google is doing it – I care that they’re doing it.

      Do you think that you, me, or anyone else is going to change what Google does? I show people how to get results, how to take advantage of current circumstances. I’m not preaching about why Google this and why Google that, I’ll leave that to you.

      Who said that RealRank is for Google? I certainly didn’t. Why don’t you calm down and actually read what I wrote. You can get as mad as you want but it doesn’t change the fact that Google can and probably will lay the smack down on sites that go with this.

        1. Post
    2. You are actually comparing apples and oranges. Google does not pass PR down Adsense. Text Links are totally based on that. Notice how Adbrite users have not being touched. Or Kontera users if this was according to you because of adsense would it not make sense to just start smacking every Kontera or Adbrite user? They are not because it has nothing to do with what you think it does this has to do with starting a market with another persons apples this is what this is about.

    3. LOL sorry I missed this part.

      “Oh and nofollow? Wasn’t that meant for comments? Now it’s supposed to be used for everything. I’ll start using nofollow the way they want when they start paying me to do their job.”

      I see you just do not know what this is about.

      Google does not want you to nofollow every link, if everybody did this there algorithm would not work how can you value inlinking if knowbody is linking to anybody.

      What they do not want is for you to sell a dofollow link.

      In other words they want to know that when you link to some one with the dofollow that you are linking to quality content. and not just some guy peddling Viagra pills with a paid link.

      1. custodio there competition is neither Text Links or PPP your assumption is laughable.

        There largest competition for advertising is Yahoo. Example the Yahoo Viacom advertising deal.

        “Today Viacom snubs Google again, choosing to work with Yahoo on search advertising. There are few details of the deal, but it doesn’t appear that Yahoo is making any revenue guarantees, which are becoming standard in large search advertising deals. Google gave Fox certain guarantees in a $900 million deal announced last year, and Microsoft almost certainly guaranteed revenue to Facebook in order to get access to their search traffic.”

        Yes as you see with the Google Fox deal we are talking about a billion dollars.

        We Bloggers really believe with our little adsense and ppp are the center of the world.

        No custodio Adsense is not the best money maker for Google I invite you to take the 2 or 3 hours to look at there financial statements so you can make better informed comments.

  14. The obvious thing to do is to work with the system. I think some people just don’t care and think they can pick a fight with Google. Its like walking up to a tank and saying “Im not moving”. Ok well the tank will either run you over or go around you.

    Some people are stupid. Following What John CHow has to say about bending over and taking it. Who cares. Hes already established. Im sure he gets traffic from search engines. What if they deleted all his indexing. Im sure he would care. This is all Court is saying. Its about indexing in google and getting traffic from it, not PR. Who cares about PR but directory owners and they got slammed.

    1. I would put money on the table John Chow got de-indexed he would be whining like a little girl.

      If he really meant all the crap he talks why not go to Google webmasters tools and request to get de-indexed.

      But yet people lat only read his crap they actually repeated.

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  16. Hi Court
    Great to see someone posting the facts about the google page rank drop.I am sick of all the whining post that have been tossed around the web these past few weeks.

    You are right when you say a person needs google not the other way around.

    I see the real rank to be quite useless myself.From what I have seen on it it has little to offer.


    1. Post
  17. My belief is that paid links is not the real problem that Google is trying to solve. The real problem for them is that Adsense isn’t profitable for small bloggers and they’re dropping it in favor of more lucrative options. To prevent this, Google is engaging in anti-competitive practices by using their overwhelming control of search to increase their control over online advertising.

    I believe, if things keep going the way they are, we will see a situation in a few years where Google penalizes sites that do any kind of advertising they don’t control.

    1. Post

      You’re entitled to your opinion on this Frank. Regardless of what either one of us thinks, it’s clear that Google can do what they want with their search results. You, I, and everyone else is going to have to decide whether they care about getting Google traffic or not.

      Maybe you could give your opinion on why Google isn’t penalizing sites that run Yahoo ads, Adbrite, and other ad programs that don’t pass PageRank. Sorry Frank but to me your theory doesn’t make sense.

      I would encourage you to look a little more into how Google’s search algorithm works before you make a decision on this. It makes perfect sense that paid links hurt their search relevancy.

    2. Frank you keep going back to “anti-competitive practices” please do not keep mentioning Anti Trust, this does not apply to Google. They own the search engine they own there PR system and they do with it what they want period.

      Yes Frank this has everything to do with Paid Links and nothing with adsense. Did you read all the comments?

      If you where right they would be hitting Kontera and Adbrite users and they are not so this alone proves your theory wrong.

      This has to do with DOFOLLOW and PAID LINKS.

      All PPP and Text Links have to do is change there guidelines to have nofollow. But they will not do this because they are the pricks. They are selling Googles PR period! There whole business model is based around Googles PR.

  18. Although it is true that Google is he master of the world today, but it is also tru that the Internet Marketing World is not too small to be just swept under the market.
    New things will definitely emerge and a moderated way will be found out in due course.
    One thing is for sure, Internet marketing is not going to die, although the shapes and forms may change.

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  21. As of todays close Google or GOOG is worth $202,900,000,000.00 Yeah thats $202.9 billion. They have 15,916 employees. its founders Brin and Page are each worth roughly $11 billion a piece. Eric Schmidt the CEO is worth roughly $4 billion.

    Anyone who thinks that Google gives a %$@& about a bunch of non -Google compliant blogs is on crack. They don’t lose sites like Techcrunch because they are compliant. Instead they lose a bunch of sites that get 20 hits a day and a few that get a couple thousand. No offense but whoopty freaking doo.

    Doing anything to offend Google is a short term idea. Yeah you might make a few bucks early on but guess what, you will never get past a few bucks. If you want your site to get big you have to be Google compliant. If you want a blog that long term is making good money I.E.5,000-1,000,000+ a month then you need them. But remember they do not need you or even us.

    Rant Off 🙂

    1. Post
  22. Thanks for the analysis, Court. I have always received very little traffic via Google and it comes in spurts.

    I write for PPP and I’m not making any changes to suit the Big G. I was on the Internet before they were. I play by my own rules and if they remove my blog from their index then so be it.

    1. Post

      There’s the down to earth comment I’m looking for! I wrote this post to help people to understand that getting removed from the index is a possibility. As long as they do, I’m happy. 😉

  23. they have already implemented realrank today and i think that you are really right when it comes to paid links – it make any difference PR or RR, Google can just de-index your site and that’s it, byebye for you!

  24. From what I read the entire PPP system is being changed to Social Spark – which is being released in Jan 08. It says here:

    “All required links in SocialSpark sponsored posts will carry the no-follow tag (or something more appropriate) because… well, I guess the most advanced search algorithms in the world need our help.”

    So they are Going Google friendly, apart from the fact they are trying to create a ranking that replaces Googles’.

    They are going to have some competitions pretty soon to worry about too 😉

    1. Matt no they are not replacing Googles Ranking. Google’s PR is an internal thing that they decided to show to us. Google will not incorporate anybodys Ranking system into there algorithm.

      So your assumption that there will be some type of competition here once again is just ridiculous. Googles competition is Yahoo period there is no competition after that.

      1. RealRank replaces PageRank as the main factor advertisers look at. Buying and selling pagerank is going to have to go underground. So Google have won, by destroying the link buying industry.

        Court – For the next month or so yes, using RealRank will make it even easier for bloggers to be identified, but then the new rules with Social Spark that enforce the use of “nofollow” then Google may or may not ‘unpenalize’ the bloggers. At least that’s my understanding.

    2. Post

      Matt, from what I understand Social Spark is going to be an entirely different service. That doesn’t change the fact that right here, right now PPP is brokering PageRank and search engine rankings.

      They need to change now because PayPerPost is already getting people hurt.

    3. You have the nofollow stuff wrong.
      Not all links will be forced to carry the nofollow attribute.
      The PPP adverts will be allowed to choose nofollow or follow, but the blogs themselves can NOT have nofollow in the meta tags.
      All PPP blogs MUST follow.
      Only certain opps will be nofollow as chosen by the advert.
      Adverts can choose to follow, and come on, you honestly think they are going to choose not to be followed?

      Also, it will be MANDATORY in post disclosure through the use of a disclosure button, so even if an advert chooses to use the nofollow tag, there will be a mandatory button that screams the blogger was paid for the post and links.

      There’s a lot that people outside of PPP do not know.
      Posties just want to make money, they don’t care how.
      There are a few smart posties who see the forced in post disclosure as what it is.
      A big flashing neon sign for google to see and de-index them.

      If the posties were smart, they’d start finding new ways to make money.
      De-indexing is gonna hurt them more than they realize.

  25. My blog was recently blessed with a PR 0 from 4, and the funniest of all is that I was using PPP since 3 weeks when it happened. I didn’t take it off the blog yet, but the answer to the question wether or not do I care about organic search traffic is YES, I care very much. That is the traffic which brings me the most targeted visitors, the people who make me money buy buying from my affiliate links, or by clicking on my contextual ads. I would certainly be sorry to lose it. However, I think I’m the exception, and not the rule with PPP: most posties don’t care of such things, as they keep their private-public online diaries which also accomodate the paid reviews. So for them, I can’t imagine too much of a pain if they get out of Google’s index, as long as they will earn enough from PPP, to keep their family properly fed. On the other hand, I won’t give up PPP for now, because I got curious to see what’s next, and because my blog is already full of a history of experiments, and most of all, because I can build a better one from the scratch whenever I will wish to do it, so the day it will get out of the index, I’ll start a new one on one of the old domains I already have.

    1. Simonne after reading your comment I can see that your point of view is what “most posties” repeat.

      This is either the hypocrisy or the ignorance of it all. Simonne how much do you think your Blog will be wroth to PPP once it got de-indexed? I will give you the answer from there website it will be worthless!


      The following Blog types are wholly excluded from Marketplace Opportunities:

      1. No Follow Blogs. Blogs with “nofollow” or “noindex” tags (example: ).

      If Google de-indexed your site it would be effectivily having a “noindex” because the Google bot will go to your site and not spider it. This will make your site not comply with PPP guidelines. Have you thought about that? I bet not.

      People are focusing on the wrong thing. Everybody that cheers this bull on is shooting themselves in the foot they just do not see it now.

      PPP will pay you your $25 for the Post and get there money in return the Advertising website will get your PR from your blog you lose your PR and PPP will move to the next sucker who will also sell his PR for $25 and then lose all Google’s traffic.

  26. You can do whatever you want but google is clear about everything .. don’t mess in their house and follow their rule otherwise get out .. I just feel it is the same thing if I invite someone in my house .. he can do almost anything until he folow my rules.

    If you watch the socialspark video presentation.

    you understand that they will start a war with google !!! but wait what google does? they stop them using their number (pagerank) to monetize their system and selling blog post with a paid link at the end …. The socialspark looks a great idea but as a blogger you have to know where you are going because without google , you better have a crazy marketing ressource to make things happen…
    Google is honnest and clear don’t play in their house ..
    if you don’t happy try to push yahoo search engine !!! but with 65% like Vic show .. you better work hard !!!!

  27. I think people are getting too emotional about the PR thing and not looking at things objectively. PR isn’t a bad thing, but it’s obvious we played into Google’s hands. When I think about it, I want to slap myself silly.

    Google had to know that PR would be used for advertising worth, why else would they use it themselves?

    Linking without passing PR is like wearing a condom. The effect is there but it doesn’t make a lasting impression, if you no what I mean. 🙂

  28. Hm, I was wondering what RealRank was when I saw it on PPP last night. Now I know.

    Court, thanks for writing this great and informative article. I love Google and I would never like to be on their bad side, even though I don’t get a ton of traffic from them. I think they’re stressing a lot of bloggers out, however.

    I need to do like you did and start selling nofollow advertisement – however, I hope people will still purchase it.

  29. Seems like the issue of pagerank will be with us for awhile. In the long run Google might face a self-inflicted wound, but I am talking real-long-run. For now we worship at the Altar of Google and our prayers need to comform.

    But I can’t help that rebellious part of me that wants to rise up and tilt at windmills.


  30. Just came back from Izea blog and here’s what I picked up from PPP:

    “If you have a very high PR site, but no traffic, then that once again shows that PageRank is a very weak indicator of your blog’s traffic and popularity…In terms of the actual real rank, a lower number greater than 0 is best. 0 means we didn’t assign you a rank because you have no traffic to measure, etc etc. 1 would be the best blog in the network. 1,000,000 would be the worse, if we were measuring 1,000,000 blogs.”

    That sounds arrogant to me as if traffic and popularity outweighs everything else. I’m leaning on your side in the argument that RealRank will show up flaws if that’s how they use it as a measuring stick.

    Some PPP bloggers had questioned why they have 0 and they were told their blogs had no traffic! That’s RealRank for you. Go figure. How did they get into the PPP club in the first place long before the Big G slap if they had no traffic?
    They started by looking at your PageRank, Alexa traffic and Technorati. Looks like it’s a declaration of war and some poor bloggers will suffer in the end.

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  32. You know, the more I think about this whole issue, the more I realise just how much it covers, and how tricky it is to come to a conclusion.

    In the short term, people need Google a lot more than they’d like. This isn’t at all healthy for the internet as a whole – because whatever the core issues are (paid linking, rankings etc), the fact remains that you’re having to conform to one point of view, one way of doing things.

    And for that reason, things won’t remain that way, and whilst I can’t begin to imagine when a significant change will come about, it’s going to happen. The rise of both the popularity and the the importance of social media is an early indication of this.

    In fact, I read a thread over at webmaster world dated 2002 – and they were saying a lot of the same things people say now about the future of the internet. Namely that the general information repositries like Google are not the future. I think that still holds true.

    How does this all relate back to RealRank? Well, for things to move on, people eventually have to stop relying on Google so heavily – even if it hurts them sometimes in the short term. How can you progress if you hold on to the old way of doing things?

    I fully agree that RealRank itself is a pointless substitute, the good thing to come of this is that people are starting to QUESTION the need for Google. And questioning and debate is needed before things can move on.

    So, whilst I couldn’t care less about RR itself, it opens up some much more interesting questions, which have been largely swept under the carpet up to now, because everyone was too busy trying to please / game Google.

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  34. IMO i would follow the guideline of biz that has spent millions and millions in capital to make them stronger instead of a biz that was given a chance to prosper because of other people’s success. i don’t think paid links biz even spend more than a million to setup their biz. and now they want us to follow them. they don’t have the capital and any brilliant ideas to bring success to blogger and webmaster. so why should we follow them just because they thought google has become too strong.

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  36. I just wish that someone would speak up and say what all this means to the small time advertisers like myself. I have a new site that offers information about the holiday season. I was looking to spread some of word of mouth through bloggers, but I don’t want to risk any google penalties.
    My site will never make me a ton of money, but its not supposed to. Its supposed to be helpful, but how can it help anyone if I can’t advertise it with a modest budget? I can’t tell if my site would be hurt or helped if I advertised through Payperpost. I wish that someone along the way would think about advertisers like me and come up with something that is a viable solution.

    1. I want to add that I really sympathize with the bloggers that are trapped in this whole situation. I have been lurking on their boards and some people are hurting financially right now because of this situation. It is very sad to me that Payperpost is doing nothing to court most advertisers and still charges their high rates instead of offering incentives to spur advertising.
      But I suppose they need all the money to pay for the food that will be wasted at their next blogger convention.

    2. Post

      Hey HappyElf, I definitely sympathize with you and your situation. I think this all means that you need to find advertising options that don’t involve buying links that give you a ranking advantage with Google’s search engine.

      Here are some options that are safe for you:

      Google Adwords (ya, i know)
      Yahoo Search Marketing
      Microsoft Adcenter
      Facebook Flyers

      Hopefully this helps you out HappyElf. Let me know if you have any further questions!

      1. Court, thank you so much for your help. Just to clarify, I never wanted to hire bloggers as a means to improve my page rank. I am not concerned about SEO or SERP, just word of mouth. I truly think that bloggers are the best way to spread a message on the internet. I decided that I would reach out to them directly and offer a few contests to them, in hopes they will respond in kind. I also plan on using some of the options you mentioned. I think facebook looks very intriguing and can’t wait to see if its a viable solution for my situation.
        I deeply appreciate your suggestions and ideas. I had been feeling rather bleak about drawing visitors to my site, but your information is very helpful. Thanks so much!
        Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

        1. @HappyElf: PPP was built to be a flexible marketplace providing tools for bloggers and sponsors efficiently transact according to their goals. Given your campaign goals and PPP’s freeform opp description field, you can always create opps in PPP that make links optional and/or require no-follow. I’d also note that contests are a good combo with sponsored post campaigns. Good luck!

  37. I too made some changes to appease Google but I just wanted to add that you can still sell paid links ethically, you just NEED to use the “nofollow” in the link.

    As you stated above passing “page rank juice” is not ethical as far as google is concerned. Now I am wondering if IZEA/ PPP moves away from using page rank as a gauge and if google slaps unethical posters down to 0 PR wont that stop the passing of page rank? Wouldn’t it have been easier for IZEA/ PPP to just allow bloggers to use “nofollow”?

    Seems like that’s what it all comes down to en the end…

  38. During the last page rank update I was lucky enough to get a 4. Then I started doing ppp, my blog got dropped to a 2, and a week later down to 0. I eliminated all paid posts, any posts or comments with PayPerPost, or PPP in them, and the Java script code.

    I did a request for reconsideration with Google and got my page rank back in a week. By the way, it did seem page rank had an affect on my traffic. Maybe it was just a loss of credibility. Who knows?

    I would like to monetize my blog but PPP is not for me. I like having a somewhat decent page rank.

    Court everything you said is absolutely correct. Emma

  39. I also stop using PPP, because I’m afraid that I will be kicked by google. How about blogsvertise and sponsored reviews? They don’t make us put special code in our blog, just usual link to advertiser page

  40. Interesting post, interesting comments. I am a PPP blogger who didn’t lose page rank on five blogs. But I think the reason is simply because I don’t have PPP badges slapped all over my sites and I do have niche blogs, I don’t talk about inane subjects that nobody cares about. Many PPP bloggers have those badges all over their blogs and they talk about clipping their toenails, basically, in between paid post. I think THAT is the reason Google dropped their page rank, because many PPP bloggers didn’t lose page rank, like me.

    I agree with the comment that said the future will see many changes and Google is going to be the loser. Anytime a corporation becomes that powerful they will eventually be brought down. I for one hope that Real Rank will help accomplish this. We’ll see.

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  45. The people who make money through PPP are the ones who are going to benefit, as well as advertisers.

    What nobody has mentioned is that even though Google took the PR away from many blogs they are still getting Google backlinks. Opps will still have the option of using do follow as well as no follow and the advertisers can actually see what kind of traffic a site is getting.

    Google didn’t just take PR away from Posties, it has been an internet wide problem. But what Google doesn’t realize is that they have shot themselves in the foot by doing this. PR officially now means much less and as more and more people figure out what’s going on it will become obsolete. Google created it, we accepted it, and WE can refuse to accept it. Google does not own the internet.

    1. After reading all the comments so far I’m.. Surprised to say I don’t really have much to add. At least I can look at you, Denise, and note: If google uses PR for determining (in part) where a website lands on the search results, that’s all they need it for. They don’t gain or lose benefit from… OK, they actually lose benefit from advertisers selling pagerank.

      I have a good way to back that up, too! OK, when was the last time you used yahoo? Was it a couple years ago? Do you remember something that looked like this?
      Search: TCG results 102937391 page 1 of 999999

      Mommas hot sex slave! (the site)
      TCG, SEX, SEX, PORN, HERO, BORED, INANE, ANNOYING, WHAT THE HELL, etc. (the body of the text).
      About thirty listings later…
      Welcome to Bob’s TCG emporium. (the site)
      Bob is a cool guy that is really into TCGs, CCGs, and other… (the body of the text.)

      So … You click on bobs, right? And lo and behold, after a hundred popups that you hit alt+f4 until your fingers fell off to battle against, you find you now have twelve new infections, and bob’s is… A link farm.

      I’m not going to say google is pure and innocent, or even that I fully believe paid links should be set no-follow. But I am going to say, if they’re working to keep those kinds of posts away from my keywords, I’m thankful for that.

      Oh.. And someone mentioned a half-way point earlier. That wouldn’t be too bad.. Maybe count paid links as a PR0 link instead of completely discounting it. It would completely level the playing field so that advertisers still get a little out of it, along with the incoming traffic from the site… And those who have trouble getting links otherwise, such as an online store have a chance against the big names.

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  50. realrank is a joke. wopptiedoo, somebody can track how many visitors a site can get and rank them accordingly. this would have been valuable/news in like 1996.

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