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I just spent about 10 minutes planning out my weekly goals. Normally I struggle to write them all down, I usually find it hard to organize them. This was the easiest, fastest, and most productive goal planning session I’ve ever had.

When GoalEnforcer ordered this review, I had no idea that I would find a product that I would actually want to use. I downloaded the demo and started planning away. Using the GoalEnforcer software is really easy, when you open it up you will conveniently find a tutorial that quickly walks you through the entire process.

You start by entering the end-goal you would like to achieve. The software then helps you to break the goal down into subgoals. You can easily drag the subgoals so that they connect to the main goal. You can drag and drop so that they appear in the order you would like to achieve them.

Here is what my goals look like for the week:


I can double click any of the subgoals to find subgoals that I placed within each. As you can see, the tasks are conveniently numbered in the order I want to achieve them.

After I decided what exactly I wanted to accomplish this week, I started thinking about when I needed to get everything done. I created a lot of tasks for this little experiment, so I will obviously have to get started right away.

The GoalEnforcer tutorial conveniently walked me through the process of setting due dates for each of my subgoals and sub-subgoals. The process was really easy and now I have a list of quite a few things that I need to get done, the order I need to do them in, and the dates I need to do them by. I have needed something like this for a while.
One thing is for certain, GoalEnforcer got at least one loyal customer by ordering this review. 🙂

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  1. This is a hidden treasure!
    Thanks for the tip.
    I’ve been making plans for two hours and I can’t stop. It’s addictive.

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  2. This tool is pretty neat! Thanks for all the great advice on this site. I found your site because of the D-list and now I read it pretty regularly.

    P.S. the link with the anchor text “Visual Goal Planning Software” above is currently not working. You might want to check your code.

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