New Sites To Check Out – This site did a review of yesterday and did a very nice job. Blograters will review your site for free, at least while they’re starting out. Jump on it now! – A blog about living the simple life. They just got started, and as promised I will do a mini review of any site that does one of mine! The first thing I noticed about the blog was the name, which I thought was quite funny! So far the blog has categories for ‘Accidental Touristing’, ‘Family History’, ‘Heaven and Earth’, ‘Odds and Ends’, and wisely, ‘Blog Reviews’. Keep doing reviews Egads, it will pay off.

The only things I would change on the site right now are:

  • I would add a contact page. People email me all the time on mine, and it adds credibility to your site.
  • I would remove all the WordPress people from the Blogroll (Alex, Matt, Ryan). When I see those I think newbie, which the site is, but you don’t want to seem like a newbie forever! I would, of course, leave me on there, that shows intelligence and class. 🙂

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