New Search Engine Optimized WordPress Theme – Africa Theme 1

Africa Theme 1I spent some time today to optimize a very unique and beautiful WordPress theme. Africa theme 1 is a theme that can definitely make your site stand out. The addition of this theme makes the official number of search engine optimized WordPress themes that I’ve done 15.

This theme was done very well – I have to admit that the designers knew what they were doing. I didn’t find any hidden links in this theme, and overall it was in very good shape before I got my hands on it. I did make several changes that should make the theme rank better than it did before.

I hope you guys like it, it’s a very in your face theme that’s exceptionally unique.

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  1. From yesterday’s plug-in/theme dilemma, I redid everything according to your instructions and it all worked this time! Thank you so much for your time and help! You and your website are the greatest!

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  2. We’re trying to use this theme, but our name is too long to fit in the header oval. How do I go about using a smaller font for our name – so it fits?

  3. From yesterday’s plug-in/theme dilemma, I redid everything according to your instructions and it all worked this time! Thank you so much for your time and help! You and your website are the greatest!

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