Blog Traffic Explosion

A few months ago I ran a poll on and asked what kind of material you needed to learn about the most. By an overwhelming majority you guys said that you need to learn how to get more traffic. That and a lot of other factors helped me to realize how enormous our need for traffic is. Traffic is without question the life blood of every site on the internet.

Now there are a lot of different ways to build traffic. Search engine optimization, networking, and pay per click marketing come to mind. What’s the problem with each of those methods? The odds are stacked against the little guy. Since most of my readers happen to run small to medium sized blogs, the odds are stacked against you. I run a medium sized blog, and you know what? The odds are still stacked against me.

How The Internet Works Against Small And Medium Sized Blogs

Search engine optimization happens to be my specialty and I can tell you that it can be pretty effective once it starts working. The problem with SEO for most of you is that your content won’t rank unless you already have established yourself as an authority. What does this mean for brand new and/or small blogs? Good luck.

Social media is another medium that can be used to generate traffic to your blog. What’s the problem with social media as we know it? The odds are stacked in favor of authorities, and you have to compete with mainstream media. What does this mean for new members and smaller sites? It means that it’s really hard.

It’s About To Get Easier For Blogs

These realizations really helped me to recognize the need for something new. Bloggers need a service that pulls traffic from the masses, without the fierce competition and odds that are currently stacked against them. The desire to create such a service soon turned to an obsession as I tried to expand my mind to create something that would change blogging as we know it.

The law of attraction was in full force because I can tell you that the stars have aligned to create
a service that will likely be the most beneficial tool for bloggers ever.

How The Idea Came To Be

I must have really been focusing hard on this concept because the universe delivered a retired php programmer, the idea of all ideas, and an SEO master blaster – all in one package. Somehow Victor Franqui found and we started communicating on comments here, as well as by email. Now at first I had no idea who ‘Vic’ was, but soon discovered that he was a php programmer, who is famous for creating a revolutionary software (osc2nuke) that combines a content management system with a shopping cart. For those of you that follow the open source movement, Vic’s handle is NeoSys.

Vic and I started exchanging ideas, and he soon told me that he had an idea that was very outside the norm, and asked if I would be interested in working with him on the project. It only took one paragraph of Vic’s explanation email to convince me that this idea would change blogging as we know it, and that’s how the universe brought us together to create a new service that will make getting traffic easier for every blogger.

November 1, 2007

Vic and I have been working day and night on this project, and I can now announce with pride that the service will be launched on Thursday – November 1, 2007. I’m not going to tell everyone what it is until Thursday, but I will tell you that this service was created by bloggers for blogger world domination. 😉

P.S. – This service will always be 100% free.