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TNX LogoWhen I was approached by to do a review, I was at first a little hesitant. It’s hard to review a company that you don’t really know about yet. I’ve been reading up on them like crazy for a few days just to make sure that they are running a legitimate operation. I haven’t found anything negative yet, and I have found a lot of positive stuff to read. I personally would feel comfortable using their service at this point. Here are some of the other reviews I was able to find during this last week:

I know that it’s very unconventional to link to other reviews. Since I haven’t heard of this company, I’m going to assume that you haven’t. That tells me that it will help you to get more than one point of view. Reading multiple, positive reviews has made TNX easier to trust for me. TNX generously offered to allow me to use an affiliate link in this review. I didn’t because I want sponsored reviews on this site to remain unbiased.


TNX is pronounced ‘thanks’. is branding themselves as a hybrid between a text link broker (like Text-Link-Ads) and a contextual ad company (like Intellitxt or Kontera). Basically, they broker text link ads, but do it in a quite revolutionary fashion. The nice thing about their service is that you’re able to buy links that are embedded within the content. This can help you to generate more direct traffic from them, and makes them hard to identify as paid links.

Right now, I would say that TNX’s model is better for the user than Text-Link-Ads. runs a risky model because it’s really easy to identify sites that are using them to sell links. TNX seems to be a lot better at that since their links appear within the site’s content. TNX is also charging only 12.5% from the parties involved.

When TNX ordered this review, they pointed me toward a forum post that explained some good link building concepts. I would recommend having a look. Signing up for TNX was a snap. All you have to do is click the ’sign up’ link, and fill out a super basic form:

TNX Sign Up

How It Works

You basically set up an account, and are awarded some free points. This is pretty nice, because you can get started for free. Instead of buying links for money, you will use points to buy them. You can, of course buy more point at any time. You will spend points to buy links, and earn points for publishing links of other members. You can trade your points for cash if you want to publish to make money.

What I Liked About Their Service

I think it’s definitely worth trying out. I’m not ready to anoint them as the TLA killer, but it seems like they have a great idea and a valuable service. Their site is easy enough to use – they’ve done a really good job explaining how the system works and where everything is. This service seems to be a lot safer than Text-Link-Ads and that’s good for everyone. Buying links through TLA is getting more and more risky, and this provides a much safer alternative.

This is also a great alternative to TLA because they aren’t as stringent about who can use the service. I personally never got into TLA, and realized that I could make more profit if I handled it myself.  Almost anyone can use this service, and 12.5% isn’t much of your profit.

What I Didn’t Love About TNX

I personally would get rid of the points system. I would make it a straight-up cash deal, it makes it a lot easier to track, and a lot less confusing. The piece of code they want you to install on your pages is also quite large. They should have most of that code in an external file to keep the code on people’s pages to a minimum.

Even though I didn’t like those two factors, I’m going to give it a thumbs up.

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  3. I would not trust this TNX thingy for a minute.

    No means of contact on their site. No phone #, no email.

    Why they are hiding?

    If there is a doubt… than there is no duobt (just real trouble – Robert DeNiro/Ronin)

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  6. court,

    once again, I stumble accross your blog 🙂

    these guys are russian based, therefore the pricing and the lack of contact info. I hate point systems too.

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  8. is an excellent program. Another similar program worth considering is Etology. I’ve been using this service for a few months now and so far I’m quite happy with the results. I haven’t had a chance to advertise with this system yet, but as a publisher I love the freedom to sell ad space based on my own prices. Check out this review that I wrote a few weeks ago and let me know what you think.

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