Leverage Your Traffic For More Traffic With BlogRush

Websites are nothing without traffic. Let’s face it, none of us have as much traffic as we would like to have, myself included.

An Awesome Way To Leverage Your Existing Traffic

I first heard about BlogRush yesterday, and was very skeptical at first because it looked like a traffic exchange site. You don’t want to do a traffic exchange if you’re running Adsense because that can get your site banned.

BlogRush WidgetBlogRush doesn’t carry this risk because it operates on a totally different system. When you install the BlogRush widget, BlogRush counts the amount of impressions it gets. Your site will be shown on a widget on another site for every credit earned. This means if your blog gets 100 hits per day, it will be shown 100 times per day on other sites.

By the way, BlogRush is 100% free.

Using Referral System To Increase Exposure

Using BlogRush’s referral system, you can gain extra credits when people you refer gain impressions with their widgets. Each time one of your referrals gets an impression, you earn a credit.

People become your referral when they click on your widget and sign up for BlogRush, or when they click on your affiliate link and sign up. In order to get more people to sign up, I would recommend posting about it on your site after you have installed the widget.

Reasons I Think BlogRush Will Work

  • It provides a great service. It uses RSS technology to show the most recent posts of blogs on other blogs.
  • It will increase traffic on blogs that participate.
  • It’s already getting the proper exposure. Some big time bloggers are already using it and that will ensure that it takes off.
  • It’s 100% free.
  • You’re not giving away traffic, in fact even if someone clicks on a link in your widget it will open in a new window.

This system just makes sense. I really think it’s going to work. Here’s a video that explains how BlogRush works:

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  1. I saw you put this up yesterday and read about it. I have setup it up on my site and I am assuming that this gives credit to you because if I remember correctly I clicked through to the site through your widget. So we shall see how it works out.

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      I think it’s going to work out really well Mike! Of course, it will work out the best for those that already get some hits. Of course, the referral thing makes it so almost anyone can make it work by referring some sites.

      1. Yep I think your right. The only thing I was concerned about is that if you have 100 page views on your website and you then get 100 views on the widget on other sites. Is it possible that all of those would be on sites that get no traffic?

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      2. I have been wondering whether I should do this or not for a couple of days now.. It just might be what my young blog needs. My spirits have been down a little bit lately due to lack of comments. Maybe some extra traffic will help. Thanks.

  2. I’m willing to try it out… I’m in their ‘target’ in the video of 100 hits per day, and I did make a dedicated post. Here’s hoping it works!

    1. Post

      That was wise to make a dedicated post, referrals should bring a ton of extra traffic if you can get the right people to sign up.

      I guess we’ll see how it works!

  3. Hey Courtney – I just came across your blog the other day and have become hooked. You have A LOT of useful information on here.

    As for the blogrush gadget, everyone and their mother is posting on this new project and it sounds like a fantastic way to draw extra traffic to your blog. I think I’m going to give it a shot on one of my blogs. Take care 🙂

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  4. I have also signed-up to try and gather some referrals, should this thing be around in a few months…

    but I will also be doing a post in a couple of days explaining exactly why this will not be a success.

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  5. Hi. I signed up yesterday thru you, and already have 10 referrals…

    You say I can filter blogs – I clicked a link on my site, and what came up was xxx. Not the kind of stuff I want to link to at all. Where do I go to filter blogs???

  6. What I’m hoping is that this will help not just money bloggers but any blogger. Blogs in the area of literature, art and philosophy should be able to benefit as well as anyone else. I’ve been watching the blogs listed in my widget and have seen hardly anything but business based blogs.

    I tell non-business bloggers that they should incorporate seo tactics in their blogs as the techniques work for anything. I have been fairly successful so far. I believe the the majority of blogs are not money blogs and that defines a huge untapped market encompassing many possibilities:)

    1. I’d assume it’d go presentation; theme editor, sidebar, paste just before the last div… But there are no in my sidebar.php..

      This is one of the themes you SEO’d Court… Did I choose a overly complicated theme?

      1. Okay, I figured out how to add a /div… But now my footer is off to the side, instead of centered. Anyone out there? 🙁 AIM = jmhx2001

  7. Alright, here goes. I ran across this blog from Tim Nash. I started reading it and it occured to me that he knows quite a bit about things. Check his blog out and tell me what you think about his skills in and understanding of seo.

    I asked him about the blog rush widget and within 5 minutes he e-mailed me a link to his other blog which has a more closely related niche for discussing matters like this. Some serious niche focus! Anyway, I read his opinion about the widget. Go read this and let me know what you think:

  8. I had in my to do list to open an account, but today I figured that I would thank you in a different way so I clicked on your widget so you should have me under your tree 😉 hope you get some traffic from my page views.



  9. Hey Court I wentto BlogRush today and look at this stats do you see any reflection of this in your dashboard?

    Credits Earned Today: 3,618
    Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 40,506

    1. Post

      Yeah, I’ve totally seen more credits in there since you signed up. 😉

      It will be nice when they start showing click-throughs in there again. I’ve seen quite a few hits from BlogRush lately but it will be easier to track when they have that working.

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