John Chow PR5If any of you have been to today, you may or may not have noticed that his PageRank dropped to a 5. When I first saw the 5 in the Google Toolbar, I thought it was probably just a fluke.

I ran a tool to check his PR in a bunch of different data centers to find out that he’s a five on all of them. This image shows some of them, in reality the test checked about 100 different data centers.

I personally read his blog because it gives me ideas about monetization. No matter what you think about John, you can’t deny that. He is a freaking genius at creating different streams of income. I would love to hear what John has to say about this decrease. It seems that Google really has it out for him. What’s sad is that it will probably hurt the amount he’s able to charge to advertising.

No Other Sites Are Updating Yet

As of this moment, I’m not able to find any other sites whose PageRank has been updated. I’ll continue to watch this and let you guys know if I see any changes.