Lately as we have talked about the Colorado Lasik case study, many of you have asked what I’m going to do to monetize that site.

Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize a site like that, except my situation hasn’t allowed me to use it. Every time I post about the case study, I get at least a few hundred of you looking at the site, which would be terrible for Adsense. My CTR would be horrible, and some people would probably click an ad just to help me out, and that would be even more terrible because the click wouldn’t convert well for the advertisers. Please don’t do that if you end up on the site because of a search.

I’ve been looking at ways to go about setting up ads that show to search traffic only. The first method I found was using OpenX, but I REALLY didn’t want to take the time to learn it. Anyway guys as it turns out, there is a very easy WordPress plugin that allows us to show ads to search traffic only. This is huge for those of you that have social blogs. Your social traffic will ruin your Adsense. Search traffic is amazing for Adsense.

The plugin I’m using to make this happen is called Who Sees Ads. It’s a very easy install and config.

Installing the Plugin

1. Download Who Sees Ads.

2. Extract the folder that you downloaded using your mouse. Right click your mouse on the folder and select ‘Extract All’. You will then probably have to click ‘Next’ a few times to get it extracted.

3. The extracted folder will be called ’ozh-who-sees-ads’ or something similar. Upload the folder to the wp-content/plugins folder of your website. Here’s a lesson on how to upload using FTP if you need it.

4. Login to your WordPress admin and go to ‘Plugins’.

5. Find the plugin called ‘Who Sees Ads?’ and click the ‘activate’ link that appears next to it.

Configuring the Plugin

1. Go to the configuration page, which will be in your WordPress admin in the ‘settings’ tab in WordPress 2.5+, or the ‘options’ tab in older versions. The page will be called ‘Who Sees Ads’.

2. In the box labeled ‘Name’, type a name – something like ‘Search Only’.

3. Locate the ‘Possible Rules’ section on the page.

4. Within that section, locate the rule that states ‘if visitor comes from a search engine, then display’.

5. Drag that rule into the section below that’s called ‘Active Rules’.

6. Get your Adsense code from your Adsense account

7. Paste Adsense code into box labeled ‘Ad Code’.

8. Click ‘Save Context’ button.

After that you will see a button in the code view of your ‘Write Post’ box:

9. Put your cursor where you want the ad to appear and click the button, the ad will be inserted.

Note: You can also use this plugin to insert Adsense directly into your theme files. The download page for the plugin explains this process very nicely.

Let me know if you have any questions guys!! Hopefully this answers some of your questions about monetizing a site like my lasik one. :)