Making money online is all about leverage. Many of us have been trained to trade work for money, and to be honest this holds each of us back at times. Thinking that your time is only worth a certain amount of money makes it much harder to think outside the box.

When you write a post for your site, how much do you think it’s worth? Some of you probably think that it isn’t worth very much. You might think that it probably won’t bring much new traffic to your site.

Leveraging Your Work To Super-Charge The Results

Right now, each post that you write might bring a few visitors to your site. If you’re lucky, the post might get linked to a few times. I’m going to offer you a method to ensure that you’re new post will get linked to at least 100 times. This will ensure that the post gets ranked a lot better in search engines, which will result in continuous traffic for your site and will also boost your PageRank.

The method I use to make this happen is very simple. Once I publish an article or post, I immediately rewrite it. I create a different title – one that has the same meaning of course. I then go through each paragraph and change the wording. After about 15 minutes I have a brand new article that has never been used anywhere. I then take that article, and submit it to Article Marketer.

When I submit the article to Article Marketer, they allow me to fill out an ‘About The Author’ box at the bottom of the article. In that box, I’m allowed to make a couple links back to my site. Article Marketer will then submit my article to over 750 sites. Most of the time, almost all of the sites will accept my articles. I’ve never written a single one that didn’t get accepted by at least 100 sites. The sites publish my article and also publish the links back to my site.

How To Put Links In The Author Bio Box

The author bio box accepts HTML, so I simply write the code for a few links. Here is an example of what I would enter in the About The Author box:

Court shows people how to make money online free by writing articles about article marketing and other topics.

You can take that code and change the name to your name. You can change the URL to your URL, and the anchor text to the anchor text (def.) you want to use. Then you can just paste it into the ‘About The Author’ box when you submit the article.

Article Marketer Has A Free Version

When you go to Article Marketer, you will be able to choose between their free and paid versions. I use the paid version because if gives me the most leverage for my time. The free version gives you a partial distribution. The partial distribution will still help you significantly, so each one of you should at least use that.

I paid $200 which gives me unlimited use for a year. Right now Article Marketer is giving a second year for free. For a limited time $200 will get you two years instead of one. You’re going to have to decide whether it’s in your budget or not. For those of you that don’t have the budget, go with the free version until you have a bigger budget.

Rewriting And Submitting Is Easy And Fast

I’ve been doing this every day, and I can tell you that it works. It takes me about an hour to write most of my posts, and only 15 minutes to rewrite and submit them to Article Marketer.

Article Marketing Q & A

If you have any questions about article marketing or Article Marketer, feel free to ask!