How To Make A Dynamic Sending Page For Lavalinx

Lavalinx is an extremely effective link management system that I told you about earlier this week. If you missed the original post I would give it a look: 103rd Way To Make Your Site A Back-Link Superstar – Lavalinx. A lot of people have already signed up for it and you don’t want to get behind your competition!

What’s A Dynamic Sending Page

With Lavalinx, you trade links with other sites that are related to yours or have pages related to your site. When you login to your account, you are able to find these sites and can request to trade links with them. Once both sides have agreed to make a trade, they will each add a link to the other person’s site.

A dynamic sending page makes it so you don’t have to go to your site and add the link manually. After you install a script on your page, Lavalinx can add the link for you. It makes it a lot faster, and a lot less tedious.

Creating A Dynamic Sending Page

Once your account is approved, it’s actually fairly simple to create a dynamic sending page in Lavalinx. Note: Dynamic sending pages won’t work on all blogs, but do work very well with WordPress. You also don’t need to use dynamic sending pages to use Lavalinx, it just makes the process a little faster.

You will need a WordPress plugin called runPHP to make your sending page work. All you need to do to install it is:

  1. Download it.
  2. Extract it. Right click your mouse on it and select ‘Extract’ or ‘Extract All’.
  3. Upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder on your web server. I created a special lesson that shows you how to do this via FTP here: How To FTP Using FileZilla.
  4. Activate the plugin by going to your WordPress admin, and then going to ‘Plugins’. You will then find the plugin on the list and click the activate link next to it.
  5. That’s it! Now move on to the step by step for adding the sending page.

Here’s the step by step:

  • Login to your account.
  • You will then be able to see the site you want to add a sending page to, and you will click the ‘Manage’ link that’s next to it.
  • You will then find a page called ‘Page Administration’. You will need to then click ‘Sending Pages’.
  • You will then be shown all of the sending pages you have set up already. If you haven’t set any up, you won’t see any. Either way, directly above where the pages are or would be listed, you will see a small link that says, “Add.” Go ahead and click the link.
  • You will then see a form that you will need to fill out to add the page. Special Note: You don’t need to add a page of your site to do this. We’re going to take one of your existing posts or pages and turn it into a sending page.
  • Name the sending page. If the page or post you’re going to use is about computers, call it ‘computers’. If it’s about making money online, call it ‘make money online’. If it’s about something else, name it accordingly.
  • Put in the URL of the post or page you’re going to use.
  • Leave the ‘Status’ on ‘enabled’.
  • Select ‘Yes’ on the drop-down labeled ‘Create Links Dynamically’.
  • The next two boxes can be used if you want to change the way the links look by adding a CSS class. Most of you won’t need to do anything here, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you understand CSS. If you don’t change anything there, the links will look like the rest of the links on your site.
  • Click ‘Insert’.
  • You will now be taken to a page that will show you all the pages you have added. On that page, you need to find the page you added, and next to it you will click ‘Get Code’.
  • It will then give you the code, which you will need to copy with your mouse.
  • You will then login to your WordPress admin and edit the post or page you are using for the sending page. It will be best to open a new browser window at this time so that you can leave the Lavalinx window open where it is. Click into your code view and paste in the Lavalinx code.
  • You now need to check a special box labeled ‘run PHP code’. You will find the box on the right-hand side of your screen below where you choose your categories. It’s down a ways so keep scrolling down!
  • Once you have checked the ‘run PHP code’ box you will then save.

If This Is Your First Time Creating A Dynamic Sending Page, Follow These Additional Steps

There is a special Lavalinx file that needs to be uploaded to your web server in order for Lavalinx to create the dynamic links. If you click back over to the browser window that Lavalinx is in, you will notice a link down at the bottom that says ‘download this file’. You only have to do this once and this is how you do it:

  • Click the link.
  • Save the file.
  • Extract the file.
  • Upload it to the root directory of your blog. This means you should be able to see your wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes folders if you’re in the correct place. Here’s the lesson again that shows you how to upload: How To FTP Using FileZilla.

That’s it, you’re all done! If anyone runs into a problem somewhere, feel free to ask for help! Please be specific so I can tell exactly where you ran into the problem and I will do my best to help you out.

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  1. Wow Court, very detailed lesson! Did it take you a while to figure out how lavalinx works? I will say this will save me a lot of time learning it myself. Thanks!

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    1. Apparently it was just my browser! I refreshed a few times and it kept showing the full 8/10 rank. Maybe a Google glitch or an indication that PageRank is coming?

      It looked a little high but with your Alexa explosion recently, who knows!

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  2. Court, that’s an awesome first lesson. I use lavalinx and that’s a detailed step-by-step no-fail lesson! Great job. I think this will help those who signed up to set-up their sites/blogs a lot, because once you have these things set in place, it’s so easy doing link trading from then on.

  3. Court,

    I set up my Lavalinx account and I’m already trading links! Thanks for the tip about this company and the SEO benefits of using their services.

    I remember you saying somewhere that it’s better from an SEO standpoint to only accept links form relevant sites, so I turned down one request. Then, yesterday, I received an email from that company saying that it’s only the relevancy of the sending page that matters – not the site as a whole.

    Here’s their email (I’ve omitted the names):

    “I noticed you denied our link exchange request, due to ‘site not compatible with my industry.’ Based on my experience in link trading, I have learned that the only keyword-relevant content that needs to match the recipient’s homepage or receiving page is on the sending page it would be placed on. The actual site description does not need to match the trader’s site exactly. My boss has given me the insight that “Google rates pages, not websites.” So the two sites don’t need to be similar, as long as there is a content sending page that is relevant for the trading site’s industry.”

    1. Oops! I didn’t mean to bold all of that. Sorry! I was trying to add a question and make it bold.

      Is what they are saying about relevancy true, or do they misunderstand the issue?

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