When I started Court’s Internet Marketing School back in Feb. 2007, I planned on making money primarily with Adsense. I had already learned how to do it well, in fact I had already created my own portfolio of profitable sites that made great money with Adsense. I thought that creating a site about internet marketing would be another way to get Adsense clicks.

The main reason that this didn’t work is that you guys don’t click on ads. Yes, I’m probably talking to you since I know for a fact that less than 0.5% of you clicked on an ad during the last week I had Adsense on this site. Thanks for the support! (jk [sort of]) :)

If you want to get absolutely worthless Adsense clicks, all you have to do is create a blog about blogging. It works like a charm and helps your entire Adsense account to generate worthless clicks.

Enter Adsense Smart-Pricing

When a site continues to get a terrible click-through rate (usually anything below 2%) Google will start to pay less commissions to the account that is producing the terrible CTR. Vic has written about this concept before, you can find that lesson here: Adsense and Noobs Bad Combination. As far as I know, Google hasn’t officially stated how much the commissions lessen, but I can tell you from experience that you will only get about 10% of what the clicks were worth if you get smart priced.

This means that a click that used to be worth $0.50 will be worth only $0.05 to you if you have been smart priced by Google. From one day to the next, my Adsense account started producing terrible numbers, in fact many of my great paying sites were all of the sudden generating clicks that were only worth two or three cents. Yes, if you are smart-priced it will affect every site in your account.

If you are running Adsense on a blog about blogging or making money online, chances are your account is already smart-priced. This means that any site you start will get terrible payouts for Adsense clicks. This may have led you to believe that Adsense is worthless, even though it’s still one of the best money makers out there.

How To Prevent Smart-Pricing

The easiest way to prevent smart-pricing is to remove Adsense from any of your sites that can’t produce at least a 3% CTR on ads. If you’re under 3% you’re in the danger zone and if you are getting a CTR of below 2% you have a red dot right between the eyes. Those of you that have blogs about blogging will definitely be in this category. Those of you that have sites that do well with social media may also be in this category. These sites aren’t going to be that great for Adsense and will probably hurt your entire Adsense account.

You want to use Adsense on sites that get most of their traffic from search engines. Niche SEO is all about getting traffic from search engines because this is the traffic that will turn into the most Adsense clicks.

How To Reverse Smart-Pricing

Google uses smart-pricing to protect their advertisers from getting a bad CTR on the ads they pay for. It makes sense that they have to do this – it makes it so people will bid more on Adwords, which will increase your payouts on Adsense. Google is pretty fair with accounts that have been smart-priced, in fact it only takes about one week to undo the damage. What do you have to do to fix it? Remove Adsense from sites that don’t produce a 3% click-through rate.

When my account was smart-priced, I immediately removed the ads from CourtneyTuttle.com, and my full commissions were restored in about one week. I’ve had friends who have their full commissions restored even more quickly. You don’t have to ask Google or anything like that, this process happens automatically.

If you run a site that gets worthless Adsense clicks my advice to you would be to start a niche blog using SEO techniques. Stay away from anything that webmasters and bloggers would read.