Finalizing Hosting and Installing WordPress

This video will show you how to finish up your Host Gator hosting set up and install WordPress on your site. I made this video as part of my ‘How To Start A Blog‘ series. Make sure that you subscribe through RSS if you don’t want to miss any of the 50+ videos that will show you how to start a blog for profit.

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  1. Great video Court. Will the next video cover installing wp plugins?

    Also, when setting up a new hosting acct on HostGator do we have to select a linux server or windows in order to host a wp blog?

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  2. I’m new to blogging and have a self hosted (host gator) wordpress. I have a hard time trying to do anything but post or I mess up something, due to not knowing code speak(php,css,html). Would it be easier if I had a wordpress installed using Fantastico? Newbie on the loose without a clue. Thanks,

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  3. Great video! I’ve written a book for newbies (and non-techies) about installing and customizing WordPress magazine-style themes.

    However, I don’t focus as much on installing WordPress itself. So, I’ll be telling people about this video and your other information.

    Very useful, thanks!

  4. Court,

    When installing wordpress via hostgator, will it install the latest version of wordpress or do you have to specify which version you want to install?

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  5. Nice videos, and just in time, as I am about to make decision about the blog for my domain.

    For my social networking site, I had to program reviewing and ranking routines that function similar as with WordPress blog. Now I wonder should I go for fresh WordPress installation in which case I am facing with problems of adjusting blog’s entries with the rest of my site (e.g. how should I integrate the existing ranking or search system or tags database with new WordPress’s one?) or it is wise to use my own code for making a blog ? Is it possible to find and use stand alone versions of WordPress plugins and utilize it in my site?

    Ok I will stop hear, but please let me know which way to go. At least I am sure there is a lot of fresh webmasters shering the same dilemma (that may find this post and your answer useful).

    Furthermore , I am sure this could be good subject for one of your next videos.


  6. Thanks Court,
    Darn, I was hoping there would be a easy way to manage this blog.
    I’ve been reading that the 2.6 upgrade is causing problems, has anyone else heard of this?

  7. Can you go over how to set up the email features with hosting.
    I’m unclear how to set up an email like, where do I set this up in hostgator?
    Also a big thankyou for doing all these tutorials. I think a lot of times it’s just assumed that if we’re online we know how to do basic website tasks. personally just a few months ago I didn’t even know what FTP was, so my learning curve is getting better with the help of people like you.
    Thanks man 🙂

  8. Court,

    What about setting up the MYSQL databse before you set up WORDPRESS?

    Will the mysql databse be setup automatically or do we have to set up the database first?

    1. Jim,
      when you choose auto-installation, it will automatically create MySql data base.
      If you manually install then you have to create Mysql data base.

  9. Court,

    Thanks for your helpful vids. Question: Can you please, please, please recommend a resource where I can learn how to set up mysql? Unfortunately I have a cheap webhost which doesn’t provide Fantastico or a cPanel and now I have to do it myself. I just didn’t know this type of stuff before I signed on and I prepaid a year.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. When you have a domain name it doesn’t let you use adsense. Can you use adsense when you use wordpress to design a site with your own hosting?

  11. When you have a domain name it doesn’t let you use adsense. Can you use adsense when you use wordpress with your own domain and hosting?

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  13. hey court, I’m a newbie and a member of the keyword crash course. I was following you on the videos and i did everything you said to do, however when I go to my website, the cc Planel login doesn’t show up. Nothing shows up, it’s just blank. What should I do?

  14. Alexia, I am experiencing the same thing. It has been almost 24 hours and my page just shows up blank. I set the name servers to host gator, where I purchased hosting. Maybe I just haven’t waited long enough yet? Seems like I read something about it taking 24-48 hours?? Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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