Escaping The Search Engine Pipe Dream

Update: Since I wrote this post last fall I’ve seen this site go to the top of Google for hundreds of competitive keywords – then disappear from Google’s listings – then go right back to the top for those keywords. It’s been an interesting year. Along the way I’ve answered hundreds of questions from new internet marketers about how to really make money with search traffic from Google.

To clear the fog for them, and you, I’ve created an email mini-course called “5 Days to Success With Keywords” that explains how I my sites make money, and also exposes some of the dumbest mistakes I’ve made as an internet marketer.

If you’re serious about creating a relatively passive income online, I highly recommend this course. Just type your email address into the box below and I’ll send you the first installment of the course right away. I have no doubt you’ll gain insights that save you from the time-wasting mistakes suffered by most aspiring internet marketers out there. Enjoy it…and don’t worry – I’ll take good care of your inbox. No junk, no spam. Just value packed, practical content to help you make low maintenance money online.


Oh man this is a touchy subject… Before I get too far into this I want to explain that I still believe that search engine optimization is an effective tool that can be used to get a lot of traffic. I also believe 100% in my ability to get sites ranked in search engines. This article came to be because of the common misconception that SEO is the only internet marketing strategy websites need. If you want to take your site to the next level, read on.

The SEO Pipe Dream

Recently I was asked a very important question through email that I thought I would share with everyone. As part of a study, I was asked to disclose my biggest mistake as a blogger. This question brought to my attention yet again something that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. When I started this blog, I thought that my SEO knowledge was more than enough to make this blog an almost-instant smash hit.

Where I Was Very Very Wrong

I thought that finding great keywords, writing good posts, and getting ranked in really good locations would bring me enough traffic to turn my site into a money making machine. Eight months later, I have found some great keywords, written some good posts, and am ranked in some great locations in search engines. What’s my conclusion? The search engine traffic isn’t enough because this niche isn’t big enough.

In my mind, my site will be a success when I’m able to reach 500,000 page views per month. I’m currently sitting at about 1/12th of the traffic level I would like to reach. Right now I have written 313 posts over a period of 8 months. Those 313 posts are responsible for bringing most of my search engine traffic which results in around 40,000 page views per month. In order to reach my goal through search engine traffic alone, I’m going to need 3,700 more posts. At my current rate of 25-30 posts per month it’s going to take about 10 years to reach those traffic levels so believing that I can reach that goal soon on my current path means that I’m caught in a search engine pipe dream.

Traits Of Bloggers That Are Caught In A Search Engine Pipe Dream

  • They write 3-7 posts per week.
  • They have very few posts, when compared to top blogs in their niche.
  • They check stats and rankings constantly because they think that a surge or spike in their search engine rankings will solve all of their problems.
  • They have few definite plans of how they’re going to take their blog to the next level, other than getting better search engine rankings.

The day that I figured that I was caught in a search engine pipe dream was simply frightening. Hoping that traffic would magically increase by 1000% sometimes kept me going. Realizing that it was going to take a really long time to reach my goals using that method was hard for me on quite a few levels. Now that I have made that realization, I honestly don’t know what I was even thinking! Did I really think that adding 5 pages (posts) to my site each week would result in some catastrophic change in the amount of search engine traffic I was getting? Yes, I did. I think that many of you are probably living under the same misconception.

Now some of you may be happy with your current rate of growth, even though it’s quite small. If this is the case for you, by all means continue on your current path. In a few years you will reach your goals, as long as you keep working at it. I personally am more of a shaker and I’m not willing to wait two or three years to reach the traffic levels I’m aiming for. If you’re more like me, read on.

How To Wake From The Dream

There are basically two ways you can react to this realization:

  1. Start crying and delete your website immediately.
  2. Allow this realization to motivate you to discover alternate methods that will help you to speed up this process.

If you ever want to make money online, I would suggest choosing number two. Now that you have realized that you are not on the path that will take you to your goal, you are going to readjust and revamp your strategy. If you are ever going to put stock into something I’ve written, now it the time! Let me give you some areas to start thinking about to generate additional traffic.

Becoming A Power User Of A Social Media Site

Before I realized that my current path wouldn’t quickly take me to my goal, I didn’t see the need of getting involved in social media. Sure, I would submit my better articles to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and other social media sites but I never really got involved that much. Now I can see that it would be an enormous advantage to get involved on those sites and make some good friends on them.

Some people will probably skip this section because they have already read that social media can bring traffic. They probably already tried it and didn’t get a ton of results. Did you know that power users of those services are able to drive more traffic with their positive votes? Not only do their votes carry more weight, those user have relationships with other users that will result in additional positive votes. Submitting one of your articles each week isn’t going to do anything for you but building relationships with power users will change everything for you.

Get To Know The Top Bloggers In Your Niche

No matter what topic you cover on your blog, you desperately need to get to know the top bloggers that cover that topic. Top blogs that have a boat load of traffic are a very valuable resource, however most of us never try to get to know those guys.

I am by no means an A-list blogger, but I already get a lot of emails promoting posts. I don’t even read many of the posts mentioned in the emails because I don’t know the person that sent the email, and the title of the post isn’t interesting. When I know the person that sends that email, it’s about 1000 times more likely that I’ll read the post. If the person that sends the email is a friend, I will read the post every time and I’ll often link to it.

Most of the time when people send me an email, they don’t introduce themselves and aren’t at all friendly. Usually the tone is pretty demanding, and when those emails come they’re usually deleted. Use your people skills people!

Paid Advertising

Most people are really hesitant to pay money for traffic. I haven’t done a ton of it, but have seen a lot of blogs grow very quickly because of it. Because of this, I have plans to start doing more and have come up with some ideas that I’ll be sharing soon. If you have a good site, paying to get more people to it will result in more residual traffic. If you have problems keeping people on your site, you will probably want to work on that before you pay for any traffic.

Writing Content That No One Else Writes

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that there are more than 100,000,000 blogs out there that almost no one knows about? It doesn’t surprise me at all. Almost all of them are anything but extraordinary. If your blog is like all the others it’s time to search for some personal creativity. Stop being a reporter and establish yourself as an expert. Ditch the follower mentality and replace it with leadership.

When I was younger I remember telling people countless times that I wasn’t very creative. Now I realize how stupid that was. Being creative is a skill that can be learned and developed with time. If you think that you’re not creative the honest truth is that you are probably suffering from a lack of confidence. There is creativity within you if you seek it.

To break that false belief I started telling myself that I was a creative person, even though it isn’t what I believed back then. Pretty soon I started believing it and the ideas started flowing. Now to tell you the truth I have more ideas than I have time to use.

Instead of trying to think of ideas that are 100% original, I would try to start with adaptive creativity. This involves taking a solid idea and adapting it to some degree. This is much easier than complete originality, and can help you to get the ball rolling.

As soon as you start increasing your creative ability, you will become more and more able to write material that no one else writes. Leveraging social media instantly becomes a thousand times easier and people start talking about your work. Stick with a reporter mentality, writing about everything that everyone else writes, and that will probably never happen.

Increasing Your Site’s Authority And Page Count

Interestingly, after you build relationships with the top bloggers, you will be able to increase your site’s authority. Getting links from the big players in your niche will help you to rank better for the pages you already have. After I increase my site’s authority I won’t need so many pages to reach my goal because each of my existing pages will bring more traffic than they currently do.

If you want to rely more on search engine optimization for traffic, you will probably need to increase your page count by a lot. If you continue on your current path, whatever it is, you will probably get the same results. Posting more often will increase your page count and result in more search engine hits. If I put together a few hundred posts in the next few weeks, I would of course be getting a lot more traffic.

The problem with that is that I’m operating in a niche that isn’t that large. If you have a ‘make money online’ site, this isn’t the best option for you because you don’t have that much material to cover. Creating a blog or website with more available material will yield a lot more searches. A few weeks ago I told you about a general interest blog that is getting insane amounts of search traffic. Many of you would really have to expand your topic to be able to duplicate those results through SEO.

The Main Point Of This Article

Be aware of how much you’re progressing through your current strategy. Quit dreaming that you will wake up one morning to find tens of thousands of search engine hits with no additional effort. SEO will probably not get you there by itself unless you’re willing to do more of what you’re doing. Change your path and you will change your future.

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  1. This is one of the best blog posts that I’ve read anywhere in a very long time. Very insightful.

    Getting to know the top bloggers and writing content that nobody else writes are definitely two underestimated techniques. After all, it’s not what you know but WHO you know.

    1. Post

      Thanks CashQuests, that really means a lot coming from you! You know better than anyone that the traffic potential is huge if you get links from high profile sites.

  2. It’s true that more content will bring more traffic from Google. I wrote a similar thing in my post today.

    I noticed that from 1 Cool File. The more files,blogs are added every day, the more visit I get from Google. It’s the same with my own blog because I made a few changes in August.

    I’m testing the water with a new social network. I will try to be in the top there.

    1. Post
      1. Is it Friendswin? Because their model will let you make money with paid and free members. So, it’s not a full MLM and it’s not fully launch yet(Nov.). They did not do public advertisers push.

        I will have to start to spend time there more often. 😉

  3. You are right about everything in this post. It seems that many of the top blogs have 3-7 posts a day (not a week).
    If I am not able to do that kind of posting, I will have to find a different way to generate traffic.
    Funny how people skills often what many successful online people say that is needed. Many people think they will not need to work with people and build a business online.

    1. Post

      You hit the nail on the head James. Each person has to evaluate how much time they have to post. For some, it may be 20 times per day. They will obviously have an easier time getting traffic with SEO.

      For people that don’t have that kind of time, something different will be required to reach the same levels of traffic.

    2. You’re right James – I’ve spoken to a lot of people who wish to come online for business and they place so little regard on building that network. Whatever works offline can be even more powerful online.

  4. It’s damn hard to be creative on multiple posts per day much less one post per day.

    You contradict John Cow who says his biggest mistake was posting TOO MUCH!

    I know when I have a good post I want people to have time to find it and see it and not have it quickly buried under more posts that day.

    1. Post

      Hey DayJobNuker!

      Let me clarify my thought process here. This article takes on the issue of whether or not a blog can make it on search engine traffic alone, while doing the regular amount of work.

      Let’s assume that John Cow’s only traffic generation method was SEO. This means that we would have to take away all of the traffic from and all the other sites that talk about the cow. We would have to take away all of the traffic he got from the lawsuit buzz, traffic he purchased through paid advertising, word of mouth traffic, and other sources of traffic.

      If you take away all of the other sources of traffic and leave it to the cow’s SEO, do you think he’s ranked in the top 15,000 in Alexa? Not a chance. In all honesty he wouldn’t even be on the map. There’s no way you would even know about him.

      He came up with something creative that was marketable through many other avenues. That’s what made him popular.

      Let me also clarify the point about posting frequency vs. creativity. Those are two separate ideas that can both be used to increase traffic, but I didn’t mean that you should use them together.

      Writing creative posts will increase your traffic. Writing sheer posts will also increase your traffic. This doesn’t mean that I recommend using them simultaneously, especially in the beginning. With practice, being creative is much easier that people think. Each person will have to decide what will work the best for them.

      There are sites that write massive amounts of content that do well. There are also popular sites that write little but produce exceptionally creative and innovative material. Both methods are viable and are quite different than the approach of most people that have websites and blogs.

  5. I find this quite encouraging really because I just don’t do SEO very well at all. I usually forget to even tag my posts 🙂

    In my first full month my blog got less than 2% of it’s traffic from search engines though which is good because it means that I’m leveraging the other methods well.

    1. Post

      Search engine traffic will come Claire… I mean Caroline. 😉 Well done leveraging other methods for traffic. When your site is so new s.e. traffic is harder to come by. Keep working at it and the s.e. traffic will be there as well.

  6. Court, this is an interesting article. I certainly agree that using social media sites, getting to know top bloggers in your niche and advertising will help a lot.

    I am a little confused by some of your assumptions, though.

    Why do you feel you need 500,000 page views per month? Maybe you could monetize better and do well with less page views.

    Also, why are you calculating that you will need 12 times the number of posts to get 12 times the traffic? Won’t your site’s authority increase with time and get you much more traffic per post? You will be accumulating more links as time goes by, as well as just having an older site, both of which will help your site’s authority.

    I would disagree that the “make money online” niche is not large. It seems like everyone wants to know about making money online.

    Anyway, these are just my opinions. You have given us a lot of food for thought.

    1. Post

      Hi Pat!

      Thanks so much for your comments! You have made some really good points, let me clarify some of my assumptions for you. 😉

      You asked why I feel like I need 500,000 page views. I have approached this site as a business from day one and I plan on doing whatever it takes to make this business grow.

      I agree that sites with less traffic can still monetize very well. I’m sure you would agree that a person can monetize better and build more traffic, which will maximize the bottom line.

      You asked why I’m calculating that I need 12 times as many posts to get 12 times the traffic. Well, right now my site’s authority is what it is. Posts that are near my home page will obviously have a lot more authority than pages that get pushed deeper into the site. Creating 12 times as many posts would naturally create some extra authority, but it would probably only be enough to offset the decreased authority of posts that get pushed away from the home page.

      A campaign to increase the authority of the entire site will help exponentially in this arena.

      Your point about site age is 100% valid. With time, all of my pages will rank better naturally and there isn’t any work that needs to be done for that to happen. That fact might skew the numbers somewhat, you’re right about that. All of the numbers I used are pure estimations.

      The size of the make money online niche isn’t nearly as big as most people think. Don’t get me wrong, it’s big enough for tons of people to be successful at it, but when compared to other niches it’s microscopic.

      When I said that the niche is quite small, I was comparing it to other niches that are out there. Even though I think the niche is big enough for a lot of people, here are some numbers to show you why I think the niche is quite small: is perhaps the largest ‘make money online’ site, and it has been able to pick up about 34,000 subscribers. is a popular technology blog that has been able to get over 611,000 subscribers.

      ‘Make money online’ is searched for globally about 2,000 times per day between all search engines. (I’m using Wordze to find these numbers)

      ‘News’ is searched for over 40,000 times per day. ‘Computers’ is searched for over 20,000 times per day. ‘Food’ is searched for over 130,000 times per day. ‘Car’ is searched for over 25,000 times per day. You get the idea.

      If a person really wanted to hit massive amounts of traffic, there are a lot easier ways to do it than the ‘make money online’ approach.

      I chose this topic because of my interest and expertise in the area, but without question I will have other sites that are more successful than this one.

  7. Sorry to post another comment, but I just read your reply to DayJobNuker. Maybe we are using differing terminology. By SEO, do you just mean on-site SEO? What about off-site seo (link building, link baiting, etc.)? I always thought these things were part of SEO as well.

    1. Post

      That’s ok Pat!

      No, I actually meant all kinds of SEO. Like I said at the beginning of the post I do still think that SEO is a valid strategy.

      I also think that people are dreaming that they’re going to strike it rich through SEO and that makes them rely 100% on it. 99% of the bloggers out there never make enough to earn a living from blogging. I think that can change.

      At the end of the day Pat, I think it’s all a matter of point of view. If a person is going to be happy making $500 per month on a site, the path taken by most people may be enough. If a person wants to make a six figure income, I think they need to come up with something bigger.

      Also, if a person doesn’t mind waiting for a few years, they can get there through SEO alone. I personally want to make it happen more quickly and I wouldn’t be content with $500 per month.

  8. Court, thanks for clarifying. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. You have given me a lot to think about. I guess you are right about there being a lot of areas that are larger than “make money online”!

  9. Excellent post, and almost as much information from the comments and replies! I agree with you on many of the points.

    Like social media. I used SU and Digg for like two months before I understood how it works. It takes effort and a lot of promoting other peoples websites before you reap the rewards yourself. After that, though… There’s much to gain.

    Since your blog is less than a year old, and old blogs rank better, I think you could easily increase your search engine traffic five times or more just by doubling your post count in the next year. Some link building would be necessary, but I don’t think 12 times is impossible.

    Still, I think you’re right. There are better ways to get the 500,000 page views that a pure SEO approach. I’m waiting to hear your “paid advertising” ideas. 🙂

  10. Great article. It should be in your “Court’s Best Work” section ASAP.

    On adaptive creativity, this is something I’m using with OpTempo. There I’m taking Vic’s idea of large scale posting and putting my own spin on it.

    On the numbers game, this is something the black hatters have known for years. That’s why they build massive scrapped splogs with 1000’s of posts.

  11. This is why I wanted to write about choosing a topic for your blog, this is crucial it affects everything.

    Content is KING!!!!!! Period!!! If you understand Googles algorithm you would understand that.

    Some one said what Court says goes against John Chow, and this is what i think and it is something you should ask yourself.

    If John Chow teaches you everything he knows he would be teaching you how to beat him, right?

    Once you have success do you really need to go back to his site and and click on his links or buy the stuff he recommends?

    I come to this site because I have found resources to help me monetize and I once in awhile give my opinion, not counting that I really enjoy Court and think he truely is a nice guy.

    But at the end of the day, I will not tell you or show you how I got 15k unique hits yesterday and 48k pageviews, if I did this I would be shooting myself in the foot. I would be helping someone beat me in search engine placement and I live fully of that.

    Yesterday 82% of my traffic was search engines. 91% being Google.

    I have a really nice kid send me an email 2 weeks back asking me if what I wrote was real if I indeed I had the traffic I said here I had, and if it was real could I help him. My first reaction was hellllll NOOOOOOOOOOO I am not going to teach some one how to beat me at Google. But then I started thinking I would have loved to have someone teach me and help me along.

    In his email he explained how he had been trying this for months and months and how hereadthe John Chows and the other A-list bloggers and how it was just not working out, now keep this in mind this kid does what he is told he did everyhting comment posting linking name it he did it. In that time the best he ever did was $32 but on avg he would go from 0 to max $15.

    I responded and said I did not have time to teach, that I would end him an email of what to do and he would do it with out asking questions because I just did not have time to explain to make a very long story short he got his domain in the morning and by that evening he had 3200 unique hits and had made $140.00 in three days.

    People most of the stuff you read on this how to blogs is wrong, the reason I enjoy Court is just because of the reason of this post he tries things out and if they do not work he admits it and tells you why.

    In my article I mention to stay away from How to Blog and How to Monetize people there are specific reasons why it is almost impossible to make money from these niches if you are new, if you can live with a small amount of money for maybe three years than great keep at it it will take about that much time to place high enough, again it has to do with Googles algorithm and if you understand it you will know why I am right.

    Go here make sure you un check Use synonyms

    Now write monetization and you see the results.

    Now write blogging and you see the results.

    Now write plumbing and you see the results.

    See even though we talk blogging every single day 97% of people who search online have no interest on it what so ever.

    Now look at this.
    Results 1 – 10 of about 280,000 for
    Results 1 – 10 of about 9,720 for

    Who do you think will constantly dominate keywords like blogging, monetization, seo, search engine placement etc etc etc…

    There is one site that I will not mention but it has to do about a goal LOL, I am sure this is a nice kid but 90% of what this kids says is wrong and the sad part is i read this comments and all this kids are applauding how he in three months made $56 in one week the kid I showed made $140 in his first three days, but yet all this kids will replicate exactly what he tells them to do, by definition just like the young man I am teaching is destined to fail.

    And before people start saying if he is clueless why visit his site LOL because he has a mybloglog widget on his side bar and people tend to click on my avatar so I get Alexa toolbar readers and I really need the Alexa boost. Free Tip lol 😉

    Court I do agree that social sites are great but the problem is the older the content is in a social sites the less people come from it, hence you have to constantly keep writing new stuff, with Google is the opposite the more older content you have the more keyword combinations you site have.

    Example I am sure some people noticed that my site last week had serious issues with the server, the VPS could not handle the traffic anymore and I spend one whole day restarting apache and one day moving to a huge server so for two ays I got the Google cold shoulder treatment because for two day the bot kept coming to the site and it kept getting timeouts so my traffic dipped to the 4k-5k range for those two days the funny thing is after looking at the logs most of that traffic was coming in on key words from my deep post.

    People it is what it is if you want to make money and have constant upswing traffic you need Google!

    You can work the heck out of social sites and get 15k in one day from Digg I have no doubt but can you get that every day and keep climbing?

    The key to making money is what topic you chose, if you chose the right topic and do all the things that Court says here to do you will have success.

    1. Post

      Wow Vic those are absolutely amazing numbers! I really like that you started contributing here because I think it helps people to see what’s possible.

      You have done a great job choosing a very large niche that has huge search potential. You have no limits to what you can write about, so there is no limit to your site’s upside. I love it.

      For those of you that don’t know about Vic’s site you should check it out. I wrote about it here:

  12. Court,

    This is by far one of your best posts! It’s very easy for newbies to see the big blogging boys making a truck load of cash and wanting to do the same. Thats one of the reasons so many blogs are started each day. It’s important for to realise what exactly you can achieve and in what time frame. Great article. P.S Cant believe I missed out on the guest writing post, I’ve been away for afew days so misssed out. Perhaps It wouldn’t be to late to cook up a post for you?


    1. Post
  13. Excellent info Court. Interesting you write this article as I think we both have established this in our minds recently. I realized that there is too much power with social networking. The problem is most people don’t use it so they shrug off the idea and have hopes and dreams like you are saying of hitting the right spots in the search engines. The fact is that not even a lot of the top bloggers are number one for lots of terms. They do however have a great hold on many in the social community and the word of mouth just increases the numbers by day. I recently decided to really give Digg a try. Over the last week I made some friends and chatted on Instant messenger with a great many of them. One of them sent a shout on my article and it went straight to front page of digg. I got over 4000 unique visitors that day and truly learned the power of social networking. Its the only way to go if you don’t have time to work on posting a million times to get the numbers you want. I wrote a little article about my Digg experience and how I made it work on my blog hope you will take a look when you get a chance.

  14. Nice work Court…

    What do you think of Conversation Domination by Howie? Do you think you can dominate the SE’s with this method and stay there for good?

    I would love to hear your views.


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  16. Oh my god! I had quite a start reading about me in your blog and you don’t even know me very well. I am refering to the Traits of Bloggers caught in a SEO Pipe Dream! I have all those traits! All your advise is excellent as usual, but now I have to start training my self not to logon to my cpanel ever hour to see how the traffic is doing!

  17. It is even harder for new sites, so many things to do plus be worrying about SEO but at the end of the day it is a must do, period.

    It seems that the to do list for new sites is never ending lol.

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  19. It’s killing me that Google hasn’t appeared to do an update… maybe they have done a few site, but they haven’t done mine and I can’t figure out why. I have TONS of posts, with a fair bit of content, but when you have a PR of 0 it doesn’t seem to really matter. Plus Yahoo is killing me too… I know they typically lag behind google, but I’ve gotten 18 refers from yahoo as opposed to 1072 from google and 200 from windows live this month. Very frustrating. For social networking I would suggest stumbleupon… I’ve been working hard at it the past week and have gotten 3631 refers from it which is astounding. I feel like I need to get to the place where I can hire a student to do a lot of the “leg work” for me, as in stumbleing, digging, ect all my posts… anyway great post

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  21. Excellent writeup, Court. I think my keeping an open mind and willing to try things out more than helps finding other ways to get traffic, instead of just relying on search engines. However, I do want to improve in that area, as I know of the potential that can bring in terms of targeted traffic. Funnily enough, as what Vic mentioned, it’s when I started reading less of how to blogs and experimenting with all sorts of stuff this month that I’ve had increasing results in terms of making money online. And all not from my main blog either (which I admittedly do not try hard enough at all to monetise).

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  25. Hi,

    It’s like surfing. The people who start on the crest of the wave of blogging, social media, video, you name it (ie at the beginning) are going to get going faster and maintain momentum better than those who are trying to catch the wave late.


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  27. Really excellent thoughtful and thought provoking post. I hate it when people say thanks for sharing but the cap fits here. And the “I am creative” story is inspiring – guess what I’m going to be telling myself from tomorrow?

  28. There are so many schemes on the internet when it comes to internet marketing. Good to see someone that actually knows what they are talking about.

  29. I needed this post! Like you, I was waiting for the time when I would magically start receiving tons of search engine traffic. Currently, I’m getting almost none. And although I expect that I will start getting more in the near future, I’m definitely not going to rely on this strategy. There are tons of other fitness sites out there I can post on and network with, and Muscle Post will benefit tremendously from these strategies.

  30. This is really a thought provoking post. I too have been just dreaming of the day when I would be getting thousands of visitors daily from Google. Now I realize there have to be other methods of traffic generation to reach that goal.

  31. Another great article/post, Court. I am lovin’ your site.

    However, one question. I have read the 15 Absolutely Necessary WordPress plug-ins post and I couldn’t keep noticing the ‘pingbacks by…’ and photos or avatars by some of your guests. I understand the concept of pinging and the some of the technical background but I don’t get ‘it’ in this context. Is this a trackback?

  32. I almost wish I hadn’t stumbled on Court’s site. Cuz now I’m dreading he’ll write a post: “146,347 Things You Should Have Been Doing Since The Dawn Of The Internet!” And here I am waking up to my own stupidity, staring at the GERBIL WHEEL of Blogging asking myself ‘Do I really want to jump in on THAT?!?’ What kind of life is this? Must we POUND our keyboards in rapid, raging staccato to get The Google to love us? I guess the answer is YES – because from what I can tell Yahoo doesn’t love _anybody_, and MSN is just a desperate whore.

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  34. Nothing beats hard work and this post most definitely illustrates that. To succeed as a blogger you need to pound the keyboard and then start networking so you can build thsoe backlinks you so desperately need. It’s a great life when you get to the top, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to bust it just to get there.

  35. Paying for traffic early on in your blogs life is a great way to give it a jump start. It’s important to write up a few high quality posts and then get people to read. Once they know you can put out talented articles they will keep coming back.

  36. Court, kudos on this article. I find myself almost in your exact situation. You’re right–new approaches are always needed.

    You mention social media…I think a lot of people do it, but they contribute their material and don’t really get involved. I’m starting to do more of this but it certainly takes a lot of time.

    PS: If anybody out there wants to enhance their presence in social media outlets as the article suggests, I am Richard C at mybloglog and my community there is called Live Your Way. I just noticed my picture appear at the bottom of this page under “recent readers”.

  37. I think that most people have unrealistic expectations about what they will be able to do online, and how long it will take them.

    I read somewhere once that the average person involved in multi-level-marketing makes about $0.65 per hour. My guess would be that this is what the average blogger makes as well. Since there are some people who do make reasonably good money, that means everyone else is probably stuck making way below average. Over the short-term the size of the pie is fixed, so that means that it’s a zero-sum game. And it’s a zero-sum game in which the “rich get richer.” The “best” bloggers already have the most links, etc, so that during a month when you add 1000 links, some guy at the top has added 25,000 links.

    Of course that doesn’t stop someone who is really talented from advancing on the pack, but the average joe is going to have a really tough go at it.

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  44. Hi Court, I am very new in this and do not really understand alot of what have been said, but I am impressed with how things you say make sense. The only thing that I wanted to ask is that I read in another of your writings that social traffic is not really woth it. Are you having diferent experiences with it or are you talking about a different thing you when you talk about engaging in a social media site?

    thanks and congratulations for you work. I have not come across this type of information so well explained as yours.



  45. I like what Ecommerce Help – Tyrone Shum says: stop procrastinating.
    It’s so very true – marketing a website doesn’t just happen, just get down and do it, the hard work (write as much as you can and post as much as you can to your own sites/blogs).

  46. I stumbled across this post 3 years after you have written it, in an effort to push my site up the rankings. I found myself nodding with a lot that you say. As a new blogger/ writer I am finding it relatively easy to get high ranking on search engines for some key words. I am finding that I need to spend more time on the conversion of my page with just a few key lines in the meta titles. That makes a difference, plus saying something spicy in the title where you know people have typed these words before. But what a lot of hard learning curve and a lesson for people like me who are self employed and like to have a go.

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  50. I think that “write a content that no one else writes” is the key. All that spectrum of socializing, blogging, commenting and everything else can be drawn under this one crucial skill – writing. And, yeah, knowing what you are writing about.

    The least thing I would ever wish for my website Delta Ashton kitchen faucet it low quality content. But that’s not anything of a real threat, I hope.

  51. I share your frustration, Court. Our Austin SEO firm has clients whose search engine rankings for their major keywords vacillate between Page One and Page Three on a weekly basis. And they’re not happy about the low grade Google Places results getting stuffed into Page One. Or the nonsensical listings from content farms or completely off-topic content spammers that push them down the rankings.

    The Farmer/Panda release fixed some of this, but there are still a lot of “unexpected results” in the SERPs. If Google (and Yahoo!, Bing and Ask) don’t fix this, people are going to stop using search engines and go to Facebook.

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