Do You Believe You Can Hit Your Goals?

If you are trying to make money with the internet, I hope that you have goals. I believe that many of you don’t, in fact there have been many times when I haven’t had goals. Are you just hoping that one day money will start coming in? Do you have a plan? Do you have written goals that you believe in?

This month I’ve been asking myself many times per day whether I believe in some of my goals. Less than one month ago I posted a public goal of cracking the Technorati 5000 before June 1. When I posted the goal, I had barely cracked 100,000 with my Technorati ranking. I’m sitting here three weeks later asking myself if that goal is still possible.

What Will Decide Whether I Make It Or Not?

I will only make the goal if I can continue to believe in myself. It’s going to be difficult – it is a really lofty goal. Since I still believe in it I can get there. The methods that will get me there will find me.

What Will Decide Whether You Achieve Your Goals Or Not?

You will only achieve your goals if you continue to believe that you can. Do you give up on goals before the day is done? When it looks unlikely that you will achieve are you finished? In that moment will you quit or summon deeper desire to achieve? When it looks impossible you have to will yourself to believe. If your deepest thoughts believe, you will achieve.

I would love to see an active discussion where people post their goals publicly. You can comment here or post on your sites. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with Technorati. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your site if you don’t want. Choose an area you want to improve.


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  1. “I will only make the goal if I can continue to believe in myself”

    That is so true, there are several studies that show if you stop believing you are deemed to fail, a bit like a self fur filling prophecy! If you keep believing it will eventually come true with in reason. I loose self belief sometimes then realise and give myself a kick up the arse!


  2. One of the best things about goals is understanding that it’s always okay to fail forward. You may or may not crack the top 5,000 on technorati when you want to (although you have some incredible momentum). The beauty is that you are getting so much further with that goal than you would have by setting one lower. Hopefully everyone recognizes that goals are meant to inspire a behavior. The behavior and the belief inevitably create success. Never get discouraged if you don’t hit your goal by the exact date you set originally! Let your momentum carry you to success. Great post Court.

  3. I have to say one of my biggest goals is to do all I can to make sure that I hit a page rank 5. I feel that it will help me as far as being able to build credibility and enable to me take on some more offers. I also believe that it is so important that I create multiple streams of links with different sites such as do-follows, directories, and blog carnivals. I also want to start really focusing on quality content that will bring people back. As you have said…I wish I was three people.

  4. I’ve been thinking about and writing about goals lately too. If you’re interested, a great website for goals is The guy, Leo, is incredible on the topic of goals. Worth checking out.

  5. Written and specific goals is one of the most important things on your way to success. Actually I recommend reading Brian Tracy’s book “Goals”. It has lots of good tips on how to set them and achieve them.

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