This week I decided that I wanted to spend some time catching up with some of the ‘make money online’ and ‘internet marketing‘ blogs that I’ve been neglecting for a while. I got caught up on some of the posts I’ve missed, and I’m always amazed when I do this at how much real talent there is out there.

Is This A Bad Dream?

The thing that I simply can’t believe right now is that I found a few very large sites that are still promoting Text-Link-Ads and similar types of services. Are you guys serious? Were 27 rounds of Google slaps not enough to convince people that this is a bad idea?

If any of you out there want to use Text-Link-Ads and other forms of link selling to make money, go ahead and do it. Educate yourself first, but if you’re well aware that Google could and will penalize you for it if they catch you, make your own choice.

If you have an influential blog, I sincerely hope that you realize that people will do things just because you say so. Do you think they are going to take the time to educate themselves about the subject as much as you have? Whether these A-List bloggers like it or not, they are hurting people by recommending this service.

Nice work though A-Listers, you made a couple extra bucks this month.

Being Responsible

The responsible thing to do in this case is top stop promoting the service altogether. That’s right – stop altogether.

To be fair, a small percentage of these individuals has written disclaimers and warning about selling text links. Problogger is one of these, and has written a warning that can be found here: A Word About Selling Text Links. You can find a link to that page directly below his affiliate link for Text-Link-Ads. In my mind this is much better than simply promoting blatantly.

I personally would make the language stronger if I was going to do this (by the way, I wouldn’t do this). I would use something like ‘A Warning About Selling Text Links‘. It seems to me that a lot of people are going to click through without reading the ‘word’. To be fair to Darren, I don’t think that he wants it to appear the way I think it appears. To me, it says, “I recommend using this service even though I have further thoughts on the issue.” I think that’s what people are going to think, simply because it’s in the ‘Recommended Money Makers’ section and the language of the warning link isn’t that strong.

Seeing how Darren interacts with his readers, I would imagine that he knows that some people are going to use the service anyway and he’s saying, “If you’re going to use it, here are the dangers.” Does that mean that people are getting that message? With all due respect to Darren, I don’t think so.

I would like to see these guys step up and throw this program out altogether. Most of them make plenty of money already and could probably take one hour of their time to figure out how to replace that income. This statement doesn’t apply to every one of these guys, (I don’t think it applies to Darren) but most of them honestly don’t care about what happens to people.