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How To Register A Domain Name

In this video I will show you how to register a domain name on, which is the company I use to register my domains. Proud Domains is a very reliable registrar and is actually cheaper than most of the […]

Why Social Media Matters, and Why Kia Doesn’t Care

This post was submitted to YouBlog by Kathy Milette, who runs a marketing blog called The Wet Foot Journey, an exploration of marketing, brand, and customer experience. Kia doesn’t care about my family. And more specifically, Hatfield Kia, the dealer […]

Has Web 2.0 Become Web 2.Old?

This post was submitted to You Blog by Barry O.,  a full-time Internet Marketing consultant with 12 years experience in web graphics, HTML, CMS, Linux hosting and A/V production. You can read about website automation and monetization on his blog […]

This Worst Post In The Universe

This post showcases everything awesome that you can do to destroy your chances of getting social media votes, whether it be diggs, sphinns, zooms, or stumbles. If you’re like me, you want your site to be able to hide with […]

5 Reasons I Used To Suck At Social Media

Social media got you baffled? Feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle? I used to get mad at how much my site sucked at getting social media. Interestingly, it didn’t take that much change to be able to […]