Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Creative Bloggers™ (available for download)

December 31, 2012

Click Here To Download I’m excited to announce that SEO for Creative Bloggers™ is now available for download. It will be available on Kindle shortly. Here are the main bullets from the book: Finding and Using Effective, Searched-For Phrases Without […]

Why Your Blog Doesn’t Get (and May Never Get) Search Traffic

In the last few months, I’ve met some amazingly successful bloggers. Yesterday I spent about 35 minutes talking to a super-cool blogger (Desi) who gets gobs of traffic. We were talking from about 4:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. and while […]

How To Start a Blog That Makes a Difference and Makes Money

So you want to start a blog from scratch, or maybe you already have a blog and want to make sure that you’re not missing anything. Either way, I think I can help you out but before I do that […]

Introduction To Keyword Authority

Getting ranked in search engines is largely a matter of keyword authority. If you’re not ranked, you probably don’t have enough keyword authority and it’s usually that simple. In other words, you either don’t have a solid piece of content […]

As It Turns Out, Content Is King

On August 12, I wrote a very controversial post called ‘Content Has Never Been The King’. This led to all out warfare in the comments, and also sparked some very heated conversation with some of my friends in the industry. […]