Personal Development

7 Bullet-Proof Ways To Waste Your Blogging Time

In the mood to waste your day away? Here are some bullet-proof techniques that will help you to throw away every productive second. Check your stats all day – This technique is especially effective if you have a small amount […]

10 Games And Lessons That Helped Me Lose My Worst-Typer-Ever Championship Status

You only need these if you have a blog, website, desk job, computer, or email access. The rest of you can take a pass on this post. Meteor Typing Blast Meteor Typing Blast is like asteroids on the old Atari, […]

Where Did All The Bleepin’ Bloggers Go?

Nothing like a week of Google slapping, PageRank drops, and PageRank updates to get you thinking about the future of your online business. This week while I was considering how I can use all of these changes to better my […]

6 Character Traits Of Internet Super Tycoons

Persistence – Internet marketing takes time to learn and the most successful internet marketers just plain don’t quit. Vision – This character trait is especially true for those who make a lot of money with websites. They can envision a […]

Paul Potts Achieves Greatness

How many of us are too afraid to go after our dream life? Before Paul Potts went on Britain’s Got Talent, he was selling mobile phones at Car Phone Warehouse, hiding a most incredible gift. He thought he was a […]