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RealRankâ„¢ Doesn’t Solve Anything For Bloggers

Everyone in the land has been talking about IZEA RealRankâ„¢ lately, hoping that it’s a replacement for PageRank. For those that aren’t familiar with it, IZEA is the parent company of PayPerPost and RealRankâ„¢ is a new system that they […]

John Chow Gets Google Slapped Again

If any of you have been to today, you may or may not have noticed that his PageRank dropped to a 5. When I first saw the 5 in the Google Toolbar, I thought it was probably just a […]

John Chow In Google’s Penalty Box

If you’ve done a Google search lately for ‘make money online’, you know that John Chow is no longer ranked #1. If you do a search for ‘John Chow’, doesn’t come up until page 7, at least on the […]’s Downward Spiral

Three weeks ago the blogosphere was buzzing about, the site that Matt Coddington sold to Adrian Cooke for $13,000. I followed the site religiously until Adrian took over, but to be honest it just isn’t the same site anymore. […]