7 Bullet-Proof Ways To Waste Your Blogging Time

In the mood to waste your day away? Here are some bullet-proof techniques that will help you to throw away every productive second. Check your stats all day – This technique is especially effective if you have a small amount […]

The Three Personalities Of Exceptional Copywriters

Writing exceptional copy isn’t simple, but is probably the most important thing you can do if you’re involved with internet marketing, or marketing in general. If you can’t write effectively, you’re going to struggle to make money with the internet. […]

The Worst Post In The Universe (Impure Version)

This one is for all of you that gave up after two sentences while reading ‘This Worst Post In The Universe‘. This post still showcases everything awesome that you can do to destroy your chances of getting social media votes […]

44 Internet Marketing Articles That Everyone Should Read: Internet Marketers Group Writing Project

Last week I opened up an opportunity for everyone called The Internet Marketers United Group Writing Project. The project gave everyone a chance to gain some exposure and showcase their internet marketing knowledge. You all responded and created 43 45 […]

The #1 Word Of Successful Bloggers And Copywriters

October 11, 2007

To learn about the #1 word of successful bloggers and copywriters, please read the following paragraphs and consider which one would be the more effective. ‘Because’ is the most important word for bloggers and copywriters. Those who don’t use it […]