Blogging Zoom – The Blogger’s Coup Against The Mainstream Media Monsters

Bloggers Unite 2007If you have all the traffic you need, this post isn’t for you. If you have no interest in banding together for the greater good of everyone, please close the window now because this post is 100% about making a truly united effort to make blogging better for every person involved in it.

Before we get too far into this, I first want to give you all an idea of what this service was designed to do:

  1. Give bloggers the opportunity to submit every post written to a place where they can benefit from professional SEO expertise. For those of you that struggle to get search traffic, this alone can help you to grow exponentially. This entire system will be based on the fact that we will promote your individual posts. Before you start worrying that we will be charging for this, stop right there – this service will be 100% free.
  2. Provide a social hub where bloggers can share ideas, learn to better themselves, and receive deserved, huge bursts of traffic to their quality content – without the competition from the big sites that currently have 8,000,000 different advantages on us. This organized, group attack will help every single one of you to get a bigger and well-deserved audience.

In order to achieve both of those goals, we have created Blogging Zoom – a tool built by bloggers as a coup against mainstream mammoths and site networks that stand in the way of our getting what we deserve:

Blogging Zoom

Explaining what Blogging Zoom can do isn’t going to be that easy. It has some similarities to other services and more importantly has some key differences that tip the scales in the bloggers’ favor.

Upon first glance, you will notice that the front page of Blogging Zoom looks and acts similarly to Digg. We felt this was necessary to give bloggers the opportunity to get huge bursts of traffic to their content. That doesn’t mean that BZ is Digg 2, because it isn’t.

Key Factors That Make BZ The Mainstream Assassin

  • Bloggers are not penalized for submitting their own content, in fact they are encouraged to submit all of their content. BZ allows you to add as much of your content as you want to a site that will get incredible amounts of traffic. Users will still vote for, or zoom, content and with enough zooms your content will be published front page to maximize traffic to your blog.
  • If you’re not a blog, you’re out. There will be no competition between bloggers and huge news sites that already dominate search engine results and are indexed 100 times per day by Google. What happens if CNN submits an article to Blogging Zoom? Buried hahahahaha.
  • We will use our SEO expertise to expose your content to search engines. This is the key factor that takes BZ 10 levels higher than anything else out there. The only thing even close to BZ in this aspect is Squidoo, but Squidoo doesn’t give you the potential to receive massive traffic bursts that can generate hundreds of links and thousands of visitors.
  • Blog search engines like Google Blog Search and Technorati index spam like it’s premium content. Hopefully everyone is as tired as I am of competing with spam, because it’s a freaking joke. Since BZ is driven by bloggers, spammers will be reported, their work deleted, and their accounts banned.

Bloggers Coup Against The Mainstream

Lately I’ve realized that bloggers haven’t been working together. Google slaps us and ranks huge sites, networks, and even spam sites in front of us. Digg penalizes us for submitting too much of our content. Technorati ranks us but indexes spam in front of us.

The way I see it, if more of us are going to beat the odds that are stacked by the ton on top of us, it’s time to band together. Blogging Zoom was created by bloggers as the tool that can take a major chunk out of the search market, and deliver quality traffic to bloggers everywhere. I can tell you this, I will be promoting BZ like nobody’s business because it’s time for bloggers to be heard.

Together We Can Be Heard

We can create a massive resource that gets your content and mine ranked highly in Google for almost every competitive term. Together, we can take over positions that in the past were held by only the biggest internet gorillas. We can send thousands of visitors to quality content and ban spam that gets in our way in other mediums.

The more bloggers we can let know about BZ, the better it will be for every single one of us. What are we going to do? We’re going to get every blogger from here to China to Malaysia to Antarctica to everywhere else to help turn this tool into the coup that makes the mainstream media shake at the foundation. With enough help from bloggers everywhere, we can put this this thing into outer space.

If you want to help raise bloggers from the dust, it’s time to take action. Register at BZ, start submitting your content and zooming. More importantly, copy this post and put it up on your blog. We need to use every resource we can to get the word out to bloggers everywhere. That means Digg, Stumble, Sphinn, and every other site we can.

Let’s start the revolution.

Update 1 – People are signing up! We’ve also picked up some reviews on other sites already:

Let me know if and when you create a review or post about Blogging Zoom, because I would love to create a list of all of the reviews here. Here’s your chance to get a link from!
So far we’ve been getting lots of submissions and that’s awesome! One thing we’ve already noticed that can really be improved is that the descriptions so far have been very very short. We’ll be able to help your content to rank a lot better if there is a larger description.

We have a page already that has a page one ranking right now in Google for ‘Ashley Papelbon’. Here is the description that was used on that submission:

Ashley Papelbon has to be just stoked. Ashley Papelbon is the wife of big leageur Jonathan Robert Papelbon born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who is the closer for the Boston Red Sox. Ashley Papelbon has suddenly become one of the most notable names in…

You’ll notice that this description is more like a paragraph and less like a sentence. I would consider adding twice that much in the description because that will help the page to rank better. You’ll also notice that ‘Ashley Papelbon’ is in the description more than once, and that will help the page to get a better ranking. Remember that Blogging Zoom is here to get you both social traffic and indirect search traffic. We can get you ranked if we have enough material to work with.

Make sure to type up a new description because copying and pasting from the original page will make it harder for us to get the page ranked. It will take an extra 20 seconds or so but will drastically improve your odds of getting a good ranking that will lead to residual traffic.

Update 2 – So far today we have had 1,485 unique visitors and 7,563 page views on Blogging Zoom and a lot of that is already search traffic that is pushing through to the sites that submitted content. I can’t even imagine what traffic levels BZ will get to in the next few weeks.
We have had some submissions that have super short descriptions. We know that we can’t get those pages ranked, so we added a minimum length for descriptions. The descriptions now need to be 350 characters. The submission process will take a little bit longer for people but will increase search traffic to content by about a million times.Guys the first day of Blogging Zoom so far has been awesome. Sorry we’ve been so quiet, it’s been a really busy day for me and Vic.

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    1. Post

      That’s a very good comment to start the discussion off on Turk Hit Box. We will be teaching the blog owners to create a unique description of the post when they submit to Blogging Zoom. You’re 100% right in saying that submitting the entire post wouldn’t be a good thing.

      The idea here is to submit the title of the post, and then create a short description of say 2 paragraphs that explains what the post is about.

      That way both the original post, and the post on Blogging Zoom can both get ranked without being duplicate content at all.

  1. In order for me to properly get your post indexed and ranked I need content your submission can not be a small sentenced.

    This is good example of a minimum:

    If you can add a second paragraph way better it gives me more room to get your submission to rank high and get you traffic.

    Please do not use one sentence submissions I will not be able to get your submission ranked on first page of google.

  2. Interesting to see where this will go. I registered, but I have a couple of questions.

    What do you mean by the “SEO expertise” thing? – What do you plan to do differently from say Digg? Also, how do you plan to fight spam, while at the same time encouraging promotion of our own blogs?

    I don’t want to sound skeptical, I’d just like to know a bit more.

    1. Post

      Very good questions Sutoco. Digg does absolutely nothing to get your content to rank in Google and other search engines.

      Although we are going to have to keep our promotion methods secret to make it so they work, I can tell you that we will be helping to build links internally and externally to your material.

      To fight spam, we are going to need help from all of the users. We will be heavily moderating the content, and we want to create an atmosphere where users want to trash spam. I would ask that if you see any to please report it.

      Spam blogs and sites are fairly easy to identify and if we work together on that we can control it.

    2. We will be using the same techniques that got one million pageviews in 90 days and yesterday 15k unique hits 😉

  3. I think it’s a really great idea and I’ve already signed up for it. But, won’t it end up becoming much like Digg where only the “power users” really get their articles noticed? I agree that it’s better because we can submit our own articles without fear, but it still seems like most of us will just get lost in the mix.

    1. Jason we are all on an equal play ground what will make one submission moresucessful than other whenit comes to me beign able to get it ranked good will be the size of the blurb as for burst traffic will be determined by of course how many zooms.

      In Digg there is a click and the will bury your submits and they will ban you.

      I submitted for six days 1 post a day from to Digg.

      Go and try to digg one post from my site, I was banned and have emailed them over 20 times not one answer.

      We will never ban you from submitting your whole site as long as it is quality content not spam and it is a blog.

    1. Post
  4. Very cool. I will be promoting the site. I hope this takes off. I am sure there will be little kinks here and there along. I think positive criticism and ways to improve this site will be for the best.

    Thanks Court, and Vic for thinking about making something valuable for the little blogger people in the online world.

    1. Thanks Justin and you are totally right there has to be kinks please if you find a bug let me know so I can fix it.

      The success of Blogging Zoom will be tied to your success if we all work together we all win.

    2. Post

      Hey Justin!

      Without question there will be some kinks here and there, in fact we would love to hear feedback if anyone runs into trouble. That’s bound to happen somewhat, so we would ask for everyone’s help.

  5. Court, this looks good but I’m not seeing how this will drive lots of traffic over and above any other social media site. This is like Sphinn for bloggers right? Right now BloggingZoom has no pagerank and very little traffic of its own so how will it drive lots of traffic to the stories that are submitted?

    It’s not a criticism, just some genuine questions.

    1. Caroline, I think the point that Vic and Court are making is that traffic will come as long as everyone bands together and promotes this. I mean just take a look at the articles that have been submitted thus far. I think its just in its beginning stages so links and rank will come rather quickly. We all have to promote this to make it work. Vic and Court could promote all day long, but if the people they made this for don’t support it then it will not work. It’s a joint effort.

    2. Post

      Hey Caroline!

      Always happy to hear from you. 😉 This site is somewhat like Sphinn, except it will be open to every topic so the traffic potential is thousands of times greater than Sphinn. Sphinn is never going to gain an audience of people that aren’t internet marketers. Blogging Zoom can get people from all walks of life that want to hear what individuals have to say.

      Yes, we are starting right here, right now Caroline. During beta testing this last week though I think you would be surprised how much traffic we were able to pull to a brand new site. 😉

      I don’t think you will have to worry about the traffic being there.

    3. Caroline you did not read my answer to one of your comments.

      Sites get rank the day they get indexed the PR you see in your tool bar gets updated every three months but PR gets updated daily.

      Please read Courts review on my site again so you understand.

      People get no traffic to there sites because they are clueless to how to promote the site.

      In Sphinn you submit your post and it will not be promoted individually.

      In Blogging Zoom there are things running in the background you do not see, when you make a submission and it is promoted to the front page by Zooms, a special code I wrote takes over and promotes your individual submission.

      The biggest difference that Bloging Zoom and Sphinn has is Sphinn does not have Court or me to do the SEO.

      Caroline got one million page views in 3 months and this was just me submitting content what do you think I can do with Bloggng Zoom with all you folks submitting content?

  6. Ok I’ve signed up and had a quick look around. I’ll have a better look later. I think you need an ‘Internet Marketing’ and perhaps Social Media category, I couldn’t really think of a suitable category for my StumbleUpon post that I submitted.

    1. Post
    2. Caroline use Blogging at the end of the day all this things are also Blog related.

      Remember we have to keep the categories as open as possible 96% of blogs have nothing to do with monetization , seo or even about blogging.

  7. Hey Court and Vic, have you guys thought of putting a limit on per day submissions, so one blog wouldn’t just keep submitting non stop? Especially if they were writing lots of posts everyday, or is that kosher as long as they are a small to medium sized blog right now?

    1. Post

      That’s a good question Justin. We’re going to remain flexible to changes, because without question we’ll have to make some. Hopefully that won’t be an issue, but if it becomes one, we’ll address it. For now it will be a good thing for everyone to get more content on BZ.

    1. Post
  8. I think it could be a good idea if done discreetly to submit articles for other people and then put in a comment on their blog that it has been submitted to blogging zoom. This will attract new people as well as the person that you zoomed the site for.

    1. Post

      That’s a great idea Justin! This whole thing is going to require the community to help promote. If we can get everyone behind this, we can turn it into a firestorm. 😉

  9. Hi Court,

    So this is your big project. Sounds like a cracking idea, I had a quick look. The UI looks clean and easy to navigate. I’m going to have a good play on it later and submit some stuff. Best of luck.

  10. Impressive. I’ve signed in and can tell that this is more engrossing than my feed reader.

    It might be better if there were a larger section devoted to stop stories though. Devote an entire page to high-ranking stories in various categories.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the feedback J.D.! There is actually a link in the top right that says, ‘Top Today’. In that section you will find all of today’s top stories and posts.

      You can also go to a category first, and the click ‘Top Today’. It will then show you the top posts in that category from today.

      Hopefully that helps you! Is that what you’re looking for? If not please let me know because we want to make this as good as possible. 😉

    1. Nomar I can buy a domain 8am in the morning and before it is 11pm that night I will have brought from Google 1000.

      I can get a site indexed in less than 20 minutes.

      Please son the traffic does not come you have to know how to get it.

  11. I registered and submitted my post that I just made. I was searching for “Electronics” or “Consumer Electronics”. It’s in “Technology and Science” now.

    Anyway, it looks very good so far and hope it does bring traffic from you experts to us small bloggers. 😉

    Question: How do you plan on making money from it? I was searching for an advertising section. At least put some Adsense to get some cpm for now and maybe a few clicks.

    I don’t want you to go broke for us 😉

    1. Post

      Don’t worry, we’ll figure out the monetization as needed. The hosting will get expensive quickly so you’ll see at least some Adsense soon. Right now we’re focusing on getting the word out as much as possible.

  12. Hey Court and Vic, wondered if it would be ok if I throw a little logo to promote the site. I put the logo on my blog if thats ok. Let me know what you think. If its ok I will make some really nice ones and feature them If I get the ok on them from you guys.

    1. Thank god I just re read all the comments I did not get it the first time. Justin please you can contact me at or Skype this would really help I suck at graphics and right now I have been so focused on making sure the code is working and promoting all your submissions that I just have not had time to deal with that.

      but if you contact me I will send you the psd file and the font.



      1. Hey Vic somehow I missed this the last time around looking at comments. I have emailed you. Sorry I don’t have skype, But you can Get in touch with me via any IM. AIM, MSN, or Yahoo.

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  14. I’ll be joining and posting later today.
    How are you financing this? I did not notice any ads when I quickly looked at it.
    I can see this getting expensive to keep up.

    1. Post

      Don’t worry James, we’ll run some ads as needed. You’ll see some Adsense before too long. Right now we’re just spreading the word. Thanks for your concern James!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  15. Court, you’re a genius! And I’m sure Vic is too, sorry I just haven’t been following his blog yet. 😉 Hey I wrote a post about your revolutionary new blogging tool, include me to your list. Thanks!

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Justin we have been knee deep in work and I apologize. It has been crazy and if we keep this moving forward we should all start seeing just crazy traffic.

      Up to right now we have had 1485 Unique hits and 7563 page views.

      We had had tons of bad submissions, I figure people still need to get the hang of it.

      I promise that by tomorrow I will have the wordpress plugin ready to be downloaded from the support blog.

      We need all to start placing the vote buttons in our sites and ask your readers to support you by Voting.

  16. Im getting an error while trying to submit my second article..

    ‘Incomplete title or text’

    I’ve did everything exactly the same way I did the first go around, and quadruple checked just to make sure…

    What’d I do wrong?

    1. Jeremy it sounds that it might be a Minimum Story Length problem.

      When we started this morning there where no minimums unfortunately I had to react quick and set a minimum, there where way to many one sentenced submissions.

      In order for me and Court to get Google traffic to your individual submission I need some content we just cannot do anything with one sentence.

      Please verify that character amount.

      If this is not it let me know and we will walk it together.

    1. Hi Carlo,

      This I can guarantee yes this will be bigger than BlogRush and we will not be banning sites with out reason like they have done to a bunch of people.

      The really important thing is that everybody starts writing about this on there blogs and once I upload the wordpress plugin people start putting zooming buttons on all there post and ask people for the support by voting.

      If you want to see how the plugin will work you can go to my site.

  17. pligg?
    if it is, has the script gotten any better? It was so buggy when I tried it.

    There are many other sites that are offering basically the same thing in different niches but good luck to you Court!

    1. Hi Andy,

      Pligg is Open Source and this type of script is not for noobs, but if you are a real coder you can build upon the code base and make a strong platform.

      You mention there are many other sites that are offering basically the same thing in different niches.

      Just like there are one million blogs but how many of us can have 20k unique hits in one day 😉

      But thanks for the support.

  18. Ok Folks another update. This morning when we started we had 46 pages indexed as of the writing of this post we have indexed in Google 717 pages and we still have over 80 new post not indexed yet but we are working on it.

    Now let’s do the math if we avg 600 new indexed pages a day in 30 days we will have 18k pages of content.

    Do the skeptics get it now 😉

    If we keep this train moving we should have on avg 100k unique hits and 700k page views a day by the end of the month, and where do you think all this traffic will go?

    So keep submitting your post and we will keep getting people to see it.

  19. Hi Vic/Court,

    I’ve been trying to submit my article posts but it keeps on giving me a message Incomplete Title or Text in Step 3 of 3.

    I’ve checked everything and I don’t know what I’m doingwrong. Please help me!


    1. Hi Carlo,

      There is a minimum post length of 350 characters. We had to do this because we where getting way to many one sentence submissions and we can not get you traffic from Google with that.

      So I did the math to what would be a decent size teaser post for us to get you traffic.

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  21. Hi Court and Vic,

    I have been a regular reader on your blog since about two weeks and was excited to see your launch. I believe you guys can just about make it happen!

    I wrote a review about your service and if you like, feel free to include it in your post.

    As a fellow blogger I wish you much success with this and hopefully you will kick John Reese’s bum! 🙂

    Monika Mundell

    1. Post
  22. You are very much welcome Court and Vic,

    Since you seem to have put a ton of work and thought into this you really do deserve to be successful with Blogging Zoom.
    All the best. 🙂

    PS: Adding the plugin seems to be a bit of trouble as we need to switch off the rich editor and then input the code. I suppose you guys will work at this to get easier?

    1. Hi Monika,

      Yeah RTE creates havoc for a plugin I will try to make a better one once I have the full BloggingZoom platform working perefect.

  23. Come on Folks let’s get this party started there should at least be 100 trackbacks tomorrow to this post and to Blogging Zoom.

    Let’s get the word out.

    To all those that do a review of the site I will also copy the list from Court and make a post at so you will also get a PR4 link.

    But we need to get this going.

    There are only 5 Stumbles, heloooooo come on there should at least be 50 positive reviews by now.

    The quicker we get this out there the more traffic you get.


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  25. I have the plugin running now on wordpress. If you want me to come up with some more designs let me know. Boy I am going to be worthless in the morning when I get up for work in 3 hours.

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  28. Although I understand the need for the 350 character limit on articles it does pose a few unique problems for some of us bloggers, myself included.

    Since I often post news on film projects being developed I sometimes have shorter articles but they are still articles that provide information and links that many people would find interesting and useful.

    I also have a regular feature where I post the Trailers and Posters for upcoming films and those articles often would not have the 350 characters needed to meet the minimum.

    I know there are also video and photo blogs that are popular and that people would be interested in, but would not be able to meet the minimum either. It would be great if someone could figure out a way to prevent the one sentence, crap articles but allow those articles that do not fall into that category. I don’t have a suggestion for you as to how it could be done, unfortunately.

    I love the concept you have and I want to get involved, but it seems like Blogging Zoom might have a limited usefulness for some of us right now.

    1. Jason I understand your situation but this is one of those cases that we have to think of the community in front of the individual.

      There is a specific reason why I need 350 characters in order to make Blooging Zoom perform they we we have said that it will.

      If we start having one sentence submissions for all purposes we would become just another Digg or Plugg and this is not the model we chose to be.

      ———- 382 characters up to this line.

      Jason anybody can write 350 characters about anything. I am in total disagreement with you.

      But I am willing to take it a step further. Please show me one post you have you feel you can not get a 350 character teaser post and if I can not do it, I will change it.


      Jason please do not lose the opportunity to be part of the new blogging revolution start enjoying this from day one.

      Wait until we start getting the Google bot to come to the site 1500 times a day you will see the massive explosion of traffic, give yourself the opportunity to get a piece of that.

      To your success friend.

      We are here to help you succeed

      1. I think the concern I was trying to convey was that it can be difficult to do a teaser of 350 characters for a shorter article or an article that doesn’t include a lot of written information without pretty much saying everything in the teaser itself which kind of defeats the purpose.

        At first I didn’t think it was a big deal at all, but I’ve been trying to submit a few posts I’ve done yesterday and today and I’ve found it much more challenging than I thought it would be.

        Having said that, I understand if you guys feel there’s an absolute need for the rule. You have to do what’s best for the service as a whole. I just wanted to express my thoughts on the issue and maybe see where other people stand.

        But since you offered… Here’s one of my shorter movie articles that’s difficult to do a 350 character teaser for: “Point Break 2″ To Begin Filming In 2008

        1. Jason just get funky and keep submitting buddy you guys got me so slammed with submissions I have not beenable to even look at LOL.

          I Love it keep it coming 😉

      2. I do posts with embedded videos from some of my favorite bands from time to time and they’re usually short. I just added one to BloggingZoom as an example of how to get 350 characters in for these posts. See “Supersuckers – Rock N Roll Records”.

        1. Ah, but you kind of proved my point. You literally used all of the article (except the video, of course) and then some for the teaser. I\’m not sure that\’s a bad thing necessarily. I\’m just making a point.

    1. Post
  29. looking forward to the success of BloggingZoom. hope it works just as plan. will take close look at that site to increase my knowledge on seo. hope your expertise on seo would strengthen my seo ability to optimize my sites.

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  34. What a festival here, Court! Guess BZ has got a lot of folks all excited. You and Vic did a great job. Just to let you know I did a review of BZ launch at my site –

    Hope to see BZ gain momentum as more bloggers come into the picture. BTW, somebody was asking about whether it be all right to submit another blogger’s post, and I did see one of my posts (about BlogRush) on BZ. I was surprised at first but I just let it go. Is that all right?

    And yes, will there be a daily limit to the number of posts being submitted?

    1. Post

      Hey Markk!

      Yes, it’s ok to submit posts from other blogs. We would encourage bloggers to submit quality work wherever they find it (as long as they find it on blogs, of course).

    1. Post
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  37. Hey great blog!! I am glad I subscribed to this other person’s blog, because he mentioned this!
    (= I’ll get started right away.

    1. Post
  38. Hey Court or Vic, I just registered, and wondered if I understood correctly that it would be alright to copy the original post (in it’s entirety?) and post it on my blog to bring attention to this effort? The whole post?

    Can we submit any of our “archived” posts? I’m working on switching over to wordpress, so hopefully my blogger blog won’t matter. ???

    1. Post

      Hey Lin! Yes you understood correctly! You can take the whole post if you want.

      You can submit anything you like to BZ lin, your best stuff will do the best for you!

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  42. I guess I can’t use BZ anymore. Three different tries today and it totally froze my computer all three times. It took me almost 5 minutes to get back online the last time.

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  59. Thank you for this put up, I’ve been all the time looking for this handy articels in all places however could not discover full information supplied here. thank you. and I’ll just reference a few of you words .

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