I just finished an awesome hangout with some SERIOUSLY awesome bloggers (video below). We had a friend of mine – Jason Brooks – come on the show and we helped him with a list of questions:

1.  I want to start driving some real traffic to my site without having to rely on Google.  My feeling is that I need to get serious about Social Media Marketing.  Going after every social media site out there would be a full time job, so what are the best ones to work with and why?

2.  What’s the best way to build a following and establish contact with people in your niche?  Is it simply about searching facebook and liking pages for example?

3.  Once I’ve built a following, how can I best market my site to people using social media?

4.  I plan to put an E-store on my site in the not too distant future, how well do you think social media traffic converts?

5.  Should I monetize my site with something while I wait to set up my e-store and if I do should I continue to monetize after my e-store is setup?

If you’re interested in any of those questions, this video is for you. The people who were there are seriously awesome:

I’ll add the videos of our first two hangouts:



Here’s the creative that Beckie made for the event – thanks Beckie!:

Better Blogging with Beckie, Brooke, and Court