As It Turns Out, Content Is King

On August 12, I wrote a very controversial post called ‘Content Has Never Been The King’. This led to all out warfare in the comments, and also sparked some very heated conversation with some of my friends in the industry. I was on one side of the issue, and my friends were on the other.

I am remarkably stubborn sometimes…

In the end, a few things helped me to change my mind and as it turns out, I was very very wrong. I’m sorry for that and I hope sincerely that you all can accept my apology.

My theory that ‘Content Is NOT King’ had a huge fatal flaw and in order to set things right, I wanted to let everyone know exactly what that flaw was:

If your site doesn’t have quality content, a Google search engineer can crush it with a simple push of a button.

On the other hand, if your site’s content is of stellar quality, a Google engineer who came across it would love it. This doesn’t mean they will give you a manual boost – Google doesn’t work that way. It does mean that you are protected because of the quality of your site. Google isn’t going to smack the legitimate, solid sites.

Incidentally, if your site’s content is high caliber, it can survive without Google. Frankly this is the type of site Google loves to rank well anyway.

Once I admitted to myself that I was wrong on this issue, I came to some hefty (and boy do I ever mean hefty) realizations.

First of all, since content is the most important aspect of a site, calling keyword targeting by the name ‘keyword sniping‘ gives people the wrong idea. If we expect to get a ranking for a certain keyword, we should create a high caliber resource for that keyword and I’m afraid that the name ‘keyword sniping’ doesn’t give you guys that impression.

Even though I have invested crazy money and time into, I have had to face the fact that the concept is not properly focused on content and that the name/brand in general gives people the wrong idea. That said, the site is now closed and I will be creating a new line of products that will help you all to create legitimately solid content sites.

The funny thing is that I have always believed that you must provide solid information, even when creating a niche content site. The problem is that ‘keyword sniping’ as a concept implies something different and that’s why I’ve done a huge overhaul to my business. My keyword sniping posts and reports have been deleted and my site has updated to be inline with my new philosophy.

Guys I know this is a huge flip-flop and for that I apologize. When I realized how wrong (and dangerous) my belief was, I had to make a change. My conscience wouldn’t let me do otherwise.

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  1. I still agree with the original premise that content is not king. Decent content plus a lot of links is still going to beat amazing content. (Unless the amazing content also has tons of advertising which would bring in links/traffic.)

    There is a lot of leeway between amazing content and spam content that wouldn’t pass a manual review.

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    3. You are absolutely right. I have seen many sites that just carry duped content but have high page ranked links do well in the search engines. You need some good content but great links are key.

    4. Good content is what people are looking for in the search engines. I do agree though that plenty of quality high pr backlinks are the icing on the cake.

    5. I agree sometimes content is not a king. As mentioned in the post, we need to write a quality content to get good number of visitors to our blog. You might get popular by creating some backlinks even after not having good quality content. But this popularity for your blog is not permanent. So better give quality contents to your blog.

    1. I semi-agree with Steve here, even if you produce the best content out there you should still be backing it up with some great anchor-relevant links. Especially if the competition is high!

      The fact is that when facing competition online today you need great everything! Content, Links, On-site Optimisation and more!

    2. yeah…you are right..but I agree with you. anchor links are KING and so are “bolding your keywords too” within in the text. it has been founded that linking to high page rank blogs can also increase your traffic and also, writing longer post can also get you a little edge. Google is so fickle, it might change tommorrow.

  2. Even if it’s not called keyword sniping, the concept is still valid. Those of us that have followed your writings on the subject since the beginning (Nov/Dec 2007 for me) get the fact that content — real content is still a vital part of the equation.

    You didn’t get to be #1 on Google for “colorado lasik surgery” by copy-pasting the phrase 200 times, you got it by writing new content from scratch and linking to it intelligently. I don’t find anything about that misleading, either for us or for Google, which is why I find the concept so fascinating.

    I’m unsure where you’re heading with the premise, but I’ll be watching closely.

  3. Court,

    It takes a big person to admit they are/were wrong. Thank you for the clarification of what you have found and being big enough to not lead others down the path of incorrect information.

    One question. Does this mean that sites like your lasik site and others that you create like that one are in jeopardy according to your new views? Would you recommend people that have built keyword focused “sniper” sites go back and tweak content?

    Just curious!

    1. Post

      Well Elliot I have always tried to create valid content for all of my sites so fortunately that means they are not in jeopardy. The problem is that other people are taking the concepts to mean they don’t have to create good content.

      Even when I said content wasn’t the king, I still thought it a very necessary part of the process and if other people are posting garbage, they will probably eventually get smacked.

      1. Court,

        I apologize if it sounded like you wrote crap content. After I wrote the question I thought it might sound like I was suggestion that. I wasn’t by any means.

        I guess I am confused and worried that Google might be seeing “sniper” type sites as the new spam site.

        I agree that people that are using spinners and non-quality content will get smacked. It seems like the line of “good quality” and “Google acceptable” is shifting more and more these days.

  4. Court is this move a reaction to your Internet Marketing ranking disappearing? or do you think that the dip is just temporary from maybe getting too many links too fast with that anchor text?

    1. Post

      I’m still working on that one Steve. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a dip and while fluctuations are natural, I’m a little unsure to be 100% honest. I will, of course, be doing a re-inclusion request because those ideas were unsound and Google would have good reason to not like them.

      1. Court,

        I’m a big fan of your website. As Lorna pointed out, getting rid of your keyword sniping posts takes a lot of guts. I’m curious about one thing, though. You said in one of the comments that you’ll be doing a re-inclusion request. What I don’t get is that, from my understanding, you’d have to do that if your site was de-indexed. It isn’t: you’re on page 5 for internet marketing from my google data center (position #45 to be exact). I’d think you’ve been “slapped”, not de-indexed.

        I realize I’m probably telling you stuff that you already know, but I couldn’t help noticing!

  5. That’s a bit weird turn of events, if you don’t mind me saying that. So what are you suggesting now? That people shouldn’t create Adsense niche sites anymore even if they have original content?

    1. I would like to add to this because it came off in the wrong way as was brought to my attention. The fact is that Google surely governs what they deem good for their search engine or not, and that many of us still have different views on what content really is. In order to play by Googles rules especially when you are much respected, it can be a tough thing. Going in the right direction for the long lasting built site is definitely the ultimate goal when it comes to proper internet marketing. And yet with so many forms there are so many methods. I am sorry if I came off rude with the original comment. I still just think that everyone will have their own views, and then google will be the final say on an individual basis.

  6. I’m glad you told us about this issue. I would have wondered for ages if you suddenly changed you mind.

    Content is always king because *people* read content. If you don’t have content know one will visit. You could have a billion links to your site, but if know one wants to read it = FAIL.

    I can’t wait to see your new content related posts. It always seems more morally right doing better content, since you will win in the long run.

    1. Yeah, content really isnt king. Its good, but not king. I know becuase I personally have many sites with little to no content that get me plenty of “people” everyday that convert into sales, which tells me they found what they were looking for, which is googles main objective. If you are making niche sites to target adsense, like justin said below, good content will help keep you on top. And like court just said, you should always write decent content. But if you doing nothing but content, you will never get “people” to your site to read your stupendus content that you spent hours working on, when you should have spent those hours on link building, which is king for ranking in the serp’s. The proof is in the pudding. 😀

  7. I keep my stance that, with SEO, links are “king” in terms of ranking. But content does play a role in internet marketing. It also depend on how gray you want to get.

    Many people read into content isn’t king as “content doesn’t matter”. It totally matters, as long as people get that content alone will not rank you. You can rank with bad content, but good content will keep you ranked.

    I think many people want to grab just one item that is THE way to go. They all interact, so you cannot separate them. I still consider page title and links as the MOST important ranking factors.

    It also is important to note that not all sites are equal. As a “blog” and not a niche site, content is important since you’re dealing with social traffic, feed readers, and comments

  8. I’d really like to know Vic’s and Grizz’ opinion about this. This really turns around everything I have been reading for the last couple of months. I’m lost 🙂

    To be fair, you neverd advocated writing crap content, but it’s not as like the web sites that we were supposed to build contained top killer content.

    I understand your point of view though, a few days ago I was putting the name of your site in Google and couldn’t find it. So I knew something was going on.

    Said that, I wonder if on site optimization will become more and more important. The Cuil search engine got off a bad start, but this SE is more focused on on-site relevant content. You’re number 1 for “internet marketing school” by the way 🙂

    Google is king +1

  9. Yes content is VERY important. Without it your site is basically worthless.

    However, links are just as important (if not more important) because even a site with not so great content can do very well if they have enough inbound links. And there are tons of sites with amazing content that never get anywhere because they don’t spend enough time building inbound links.

    Content and links really do go hand in hand. A site can do well with just one or the other, but the sites that tend do the best usually have both.

  10. Good Comeback Courtney however….

    I’m still NOT buying it! (No Offense) Here’s why.

    Google (a Web 2.0 Monopoly) is gonna do whatever it pleases unless the Federal Government intervenes. (Ex: Microsoft)

    Just because they say that “Content is King”, doesn’t mean their correct.

    In fact I personally know of too many sites with Google Page Ranks of 7, 8 & 9s with basically nothing but RSS Feeders and Adsense Marketing.

    While its true some of those sites do receive major traffic, none of them post “Quality Content”.

    In addition those same sites are STILL being indexed in Google’s Search Engine!

    Excuse me but isn’t that a contradiction of Google’s own “Content is King” Philosophy?

    Please understand that I’m not knocking GREAT sites like yours which publish Excellent articles, but until Google ceases indexing sites like the ones I described above and lowers their Page Ranks, I’m NOT buying it.

    Keep it coming Court!

  11. Court, thanks for having the courage of going back and change your previous position. It is interested to understand that Internet Marketing is not a fix theory, in fact it seems we are all learning each day .

  12. I don’t say this with any malice Court but I fail to see what’s new. Surely you already knew Google can de-index you / someone can report you for questionable content?

  13. Court,

    Thanks for having the courage an insight to admit when an error in judgment has been made. You concept on keyword focused niche sites is a sound one, and I am using it with some success.

    Thanks again, you advice is still very valuable.

  14. This is an interesting turn of events with the about face on content versus links. I agree that are both are inextricably linked. If you develop outstanding content and no one finds, you don’t have much. If you develop MFA sites with tons of backlinks you risk getting the boot from Google and losing out on all that organic traffic. Ideally you do both, develop outstanding content and back links and then you’ll be in good standing with everyone. But for me and if the chips were down – I take a good link over content, but maybe that’s because I feel like I can create strong content whenever, but getting a good link is damn hard…

  15. Getting rid of your keyword sniping posts sure takes a lot of guts! I’ve followed your keyword techniques on one of my niche sites with success, but I’ve always believed in writing good content too. I think you shouldn’t disregard the fact about keyword sniping as one of the best ways to gain search engine, it’s just that it has to go hand-in-hand with quality content.

    Looking forward to more of your insights.

  16. Court,

    I’m impressed by your honesty with us here in the school house. It takes a big person to admit their mistakes to themselves, and an even bigger one to tell their followers the same.

    I just started “keyword targeting” last month. I have researched my KW’s, purchased my URL’s and have started generating content for the sites. I followed Mark’s recommendations and have several sites up, running and aging while I step through each in a prioritized manner building content site by site.

    While your opinion may have changed about content, I don’t think that negates the general idea you were advocating with your keyword targeting series. It just emphasizes the importance of spending some effort on the content portion of the process. I chose KW targeting as a way to experiment with building some passive income potential and to learn some Internet marketing strategies before I start a flagship blog on a serious content area that I still have on the drawing board.

    I would encourage you to consider restoring the KW targeting series (including the WP themes) on your website. The series has great information and reader interest. I think you could refine the series a bit, placing more emphasis on the content aspect of the process and still be able to live with your conscience.

    On a personal note, I think the “S” word is very appropriate, even if you place more emphasis on site content. When I think of the “S” word, a vision of Army and Marine Corps snipers comes to mind. I am quite confident that it takes a great amount of skill, study, practice and individual effort to graduate military sniper school. I think your (and our) work to do the same on the Internet requires similar levels of effort to be as successful. If focusing some effort on content is required to graduate and succeed, then so be it. But I don’t think it invalidates this method as a way of generating traffic, serving advertising and selling products.

    Keep up the great work.
    I’m Minding My Own Business, are you minding yours?

  17. Wow…this is all kind of weird. Was there a specific event that occurred between your last post and this one that triggered this change? In my opinion, your keyword sniping series was your finest, most useful work. It has changed the way I approach internet marketing, and has made me real money. I’ve always done my best to create useful content, so I don’t think you were leading anyone down the wrong path.

    The oddest part is closing down the membership site suddenly…after all that time and investment, why close down a private site? It seems you could just share your message of links+quality content to your members, ensuring that everyone (users, site owners, Google) gets what they want.

    I just have this weird feeling something else is happening behind the scenes we don’t know about. Thats OK, I suppose, I’ll just keep doing what you taught me. I’m very grateful for what you’ve done in the past, and I’m sorry to see the content go. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    1. Apparently and unfortunately, Court has been slapped completely. If I search for “Courtney Tuttle” on Google, this blog is only on page 7. An unfortunate turn of events. This is the price some webmasters pay for pissing Google off.

      1. Maybe….seems a little petty of them, this site is undeniably full of awesome content. I wonder if it’s an algorithm thing rather than a manual review thing.

  18. Have you considered that the “Keyword Sniper” thing isn’t the reason behind the slap? The concept is quite valid and the quality of the content of a ‘sniper’ site generally has to be decent to retain its ranking.

    I’m more inclined to think that it’s due to you having so many “Internet Marketing” backlinks from your themes, Blogging Zoom, article marketing and other sources. When they run across a site that has 100K+ backlinks for a single high profile term they get suspicious. Given also that probably a lot of those sites are on a single class C, Host Gator, probably adds fuel to the fire. It makes it look like you were using unsavory methods to boost your ranking for the term.

    1. Very astute analysis Frank. As I absorbed the info there was that curious sense of having something shown to me that was always right in front of my eyes… And you make me LOL at hostgator – everyone’s high commission paying favorite.

    2. I meant to also say that you may have been onto something there – it’s curious how the hosting and the repetitive copyright/theme footer links, etc all start to add up, and how an internet “movement” like this does have a very social aspect to it which causes many of these factors to form possible patterns in G’s eyes.

  19. I’ve been following the keyword sniping series and have sites gradually climbing in SERPS. I never interpreted them to read – ‘content doesn’t matter – throw anything on’. I am well aware that Google can de-index thin affiliate sites and have made an effort to add quality content to my sites. Unless there’s some other reason, why not leave the keyword sniping posts there for others to read but add a bit more emphasis on adding content?

  20. I subscribe to your site even though I completely disagree with keyword sniping. To me it is a means to an end (getting good content ranked), not an end in itself (getting any old garbage ranked).

    Search results are full of ad-laden crap. Keyword sniping promotes that. If Google had the courage to remove all that junk (it’s a major conflict of interest, I know), we wouldn’t need keyword sniping and related concepts (because it wouldn’t pay off).

    That said, turn your power to good!

    1. I think you are overreacting. Keyword sniping in the way that Court presented it never promoted junk content. As a matter of fact, the website he used to experiment has good and useful content on it. Why are those mini niche sites so evil, especially if they have decent content on them? They are just a medium for advertising. Since they redirect highly qualified traffic to appropriate advertisers, I don’t see what the problem is. Not everyone has resources for building the next or great portals loaded with information.

  21. Court – when did you change the title tag – before or after the dip? Could this just be a re-ordering as your main keyword has changed? Just pondering…

    Also the shear volume of “Theme Designed By” links that you have amassed could have set off a flag but I think this would constitute a recalculation on G’s part rather than a slap. The curious thing is that your name was bounced back a few pages which is strange and reminiscent of Chow – this more than anything makes me think a manual ranking has been performed rather than the algorithm. Of course this is all conjecture and unless G wants to tell you what’s up we may never know. In any event if I can help in any way please ask.

    1. Post

      Griz I actually changed my title tag long before this happened – I want to say it’s been about a month and a half. Google most definitely decided to manually do something so the only way we’ll ever know is if they re-include based on changes I make and my re-inclusion request.

      The term ‘keyword sniping’ DOES give some people the wrong idea and considering the timing of everything I believe that my new membership site (which is now closed forever) is the most likely cause. Google wouldn’t have followed me close enough to know that I have always promoted healthy content and it would be easy to take a strong view based on my recent posting and release of

      1. I am more inclined to think it has to do with the post “Content has never been the king”. In fact, I am 95% sure it has everything to do with it. The phrase “content is king” is almost like one of Google’s guidelines regarding how a person should build a website. They always tell you that you need to build quality content, Matt Cutts never misses a chance to repeat it. So, in this case, your fame was your doom. The good rankings of this website and the exposure one of your posts gets (especially a controversial one) makes it impossible for you to fly under the radar with such assertions like “Content has never been the king”. So what you basically did is piss off Google for dismissing one of their most important guidelines (if not THE most important). By the way, I don’t think this has anything to do with the links or any filter. This is clearly a manual edit.

      2. By the way, one more thing to add. If it had anything to do with the keyword sniping, your example site would have surely gone down as well, which didn’t happen. So it was the “Content has never been king” post without a doubt.

        1. It’s possible, but thats rather evil, if true. Despite the fact that the post disagreed with Google’s published philosophy, it was, in itself, quality content. If disagreement with Google is enough to get you slapped, thats pretty sad.

          1. Of course disagreement with Google can get you slapped. It happened to many before (John Chow, I think Aaron Wall also but I’m not exactly sure).

          2. Chow got slapped for his review linkback Google bombing scheme, which cost him his SERPS position, and link selling, which cost him his PR, not for anything he wrote although he would like for you to believe that.

          3. They were just examples (maybe Chow was a wrong one). I don’t know exactly what happened to John Chow, I don’t read his blog. My point was that there are people who got slapped for saying the wrong things, I know this for sure.

  22. I never understood this phrase. In my opinion nothing in KING, all elements work together, the right keywords are king, the content is king, the monetization method is king, on page factors are king, inlinks are king…and so on and so forth.

    I’d also like to know how much these manual reviewers get paid per hour. I mean there’s only so long you can be so vigilant before you start letting things slip through the net. My content always ends up taking up some middle ground, not bad enough to get flagged, but not word perfect stellar content that takes hours to research and produce.

  23. Oh what a shame you’ve closed down your site Court, I just blogged about it last week! Anyway, I think the keyword sniping series is great and I’m building some new sites around the concept. I wish you all the best with your new direction.

  24. Court,
    As you know I’m usually a critic when commenting here but I’ve got to give you props for this post. I actually think you probably could stick with the Keyword Sniping name and concept but just weave in the idea of creating valid useful content etc.

    In any case, as I said, I respect the choice you’ve made. A lot of people wouldn’t have the guts or the conviction to do so.

  25. Another reason the idea of “content is king” is a solid one is that, in a sense, your content is a product. Sure, people don’t ever see your product of you don’t market it, i.e. link building. However, when people get to your site, you have other issues: Do they like what you have to offer? Do they stay? Do they trust you? Do they tell their friends? Do they come back?

    A legitimate business would consider their customer in the equation, not just blasting advertisement to the ends of the earth.

    Content is king because, as is often said, “The Customer Comes First.”

    1. True enough, if your intent is to make your niche site your product and visitors to it your customers, which is fine, especially if your goal is to have a hobby website and not to make much money.

      However, there are niche sites that are more like ‘business opportunity’ or ‘product annual’ magazines where the publisher’s real customer is the advertiser, not the visitor/reader. For them, the goal is securing sales from the advertising, not providing any real lasting or repeat value to the reader. This doesn’t mean that the content isn’t entirely without value, only that it doesn’t distract from the job of making the sale.

      1. Exactly as I see it. What is the point of an affiliate page apart from getting lead from A (the keyword serp page) to B (the vendor, who can’t or won’t optimize/bid on that keyword). Everything else is there just to please google and its shareholders.

    1. What a worthless comment…if you’re going to link to your site in the comments of the blog, at least say something that provides some input on the topic.

      1. What is really funny is that they probably did it because this was once a do-follow blog but it ain’t no more. Court must have changed something or a plugin is now malfunctioning.

      1. @ Steward, Tony and At Home Jobs

        My comment is NOT spam. I am an avid long time reader of this blog, I know it’s a no-follow and I always comment here and that was my genuine response to this whole situation with Court, as I respect him, have spoken to him many times via email and have been a long time reader and I was bit shocked at this trouble he is going through.

        So before you open your mouths with attacks, maybe you should consider how worthless your comments to me are. NOT everything is SPAM!!

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  27. I think keyword sniping is a fine way to describe a philosophy. Would you tell a sniper in the US Marine Corps that he is not a well-rounded and solid soldier? Or would you realize that he is EVERYTHING that most marines are, AND MORE because he has specialized skills above and beyond, ie: sniping!!!!

    You and Vic are starting to scare me! LOL

  28. Allow me to start by saying that I have been reading you for a while now and felt that I should write in at this point. It takes a lot of guts to not only be open to the idea that you might be incorrect, but to also admit it. In my opinion that earns respect.

    As far as content goes, the issue to me seems like it is not as binaric as “is king’ vs “is not king” but a wide spectrum of characteristics in order to dictate success. Solid sites are a living breathing thing that needs to have some sort of harmony depending on the subject matter. Not only is content an integral part for a blog (or any other dynamically structured site) but that aspect of “conversation” is also vital to success as well. People want to feel connected, whether for personal reasons or for information: they want to know that there is someone on the other side of that screen. And given the number of comments you get, its working.

  29. Court, your keyword sniping posts were some of the best and now they are down? That’s quality content you took down. What a shame! That content was interesting, unique, helpful, informative and well received all around. What else could quality content be if it’s not that?

    Censorship, ah, that’s another story altogether! Some feel that perhaps the message behind your Quality Content was at odds with the geeks who own Google. No freedom of speech I guess on the internet. The Goog Father will slap you around if you speak out of line. Man, it makes me think of the old soviet union.

    Here’s a ballsy statement and I’ll probably be wrong to boot but : I don’t think you had a change of heart or mind. I believe that you are just over reacting in a slight panic over your site here. This has resulted in you taking down that MOST EXCELLENT content and replacing it with this ‘google propaganda’ stuff to cover your ass. I guess if you need the money that bad what else can you do?
    But from a principled, albeit not pragmatic standpoint, I think allowing your thoughts to be censored is giving away WAY too much of your personal freedom, but then again I’m a true blue American type and the idea of thought control gets my goat!

    Court I don’t comment here much but I have always LOVED your site!! However, in my crappy old opinion, you have just taken the REAL content off of your site and replaced it with ‘google-ass kissing-propaganda’ garbage.

    Bring the Real Court back. I’ll always like your site though:)

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  31. Well that surprised me. I liked your site. Better yet I like that you are admitting you need to go in a different direction. I will keep watching where you are leading us.

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  33. I feel sorry for you, Court. I’m a fan of yours, and have always taken in your postings except the “Content is not the king”. It got me thinking, and I felt you were going overboard. Now I’m glad you have changed your stand and say content is king.

  34. Court,

    I still believe keyword sniping is both valuable and legit. IMO, your changing your stance will prove fruitless with G, but if I was in your shoes I would do the same.


  35. Just by writing a post that says “Content has never been the King” and then get slapped by Google is simply beyond comprehension. I’m with David who commented:

    “It’s possible, but thats rather evil, if true. Despite the fact that the post disagreed with Google’s published philosophy, it was, in itself, quality content. If disagreement with Google is enough to get you slapped, thats pretty sad.”

    Court has always posted quality content. Every blogger has a right to his or her own opinion in their writing. I would like to believe that Big G would not react to what can be considered as freedom of speech on the Net. But if they do, then it’s “pretty sad” as David puts it. Google must be evil.

    But no, in fact, I don’t believe it’s that post that got Court in trouble. It has to be something else that’s got Google’s goat. So many theories and answers from people. I’m in no position to put in my two cents but why not go and hear what Vic has to say on his Blogger Unleashed blog.

    1. Unless I missed something, Vic agreed that the sole reason Court got slapped was for that single post. I’m sorry, but, like you, I just don’t buy that the post or even the whole keyword sniper concept is the cause of the slap.

      1. I agree that it’s rather rash to assign guilt for the slap to a single post. Even a post that disagrees with a Google philosophy. I think this turn of events is more likely evidence that SEO is a soft, and still often mysterious science, even among highly respected SEO bloggers. I just think it would be nice if they admitted it once in a while.

  36. This is a manual slap from the GoogFather. They don’t like him giving away powerful information that capitalizes on the deficiencies of Google algorithm.

    It’s censorship, imperialism, thought control and is a sign that Goog is becoming for all intents and purposes a monopoly. My prediction is that soon, in the coming years, Goog will be the Microsoft treatment.

    Let’s not forget now who we are talking about. Google is a scraper site. A black hat site. A site that profits from your content. They are a FOR PROFIT site that will arbitrarily wipe your site off the face of the planet if they don’t like your message.

    Courts content was TOP FUCKING QUALITY CONTENT! Who disagrees with me? No one? Ok.

    Yet he still got slapped. It’s censorship guys and gals. It’s corporate bullying. Google has denied internet surfers everywhere the right to read and educate themselves with courts excellent content by making it impossible to find now.

    That does not benefit ‘the users experience on the web’ does it? In fact it makes it harder for the avg joe to find ‘quality content’ which of course defines precisely courts now deleted posts.

    But Google doesn’t care. Remember, they themselves really are the greatest black hat site of all and if courts thoughts are going to interfere with their bottom line then right or wrong, google is going to slap court down.

  37. I don’t want to sound brusque, but this whole flip-flopping, and everything else, is the result of your business being slapped by Google. It has nothing to do with philosophical arguments over content vs links. Why not mention this in the article? Just be honest.

  38. Just remember this if your business is based on adsense. If they get mad enough they not only can slap your site but kill your account.

    Not sure what to make of this but it is disturbing to say the least.

  39. Court, a comment question about content: I have a site ranked in the top 5 for every “big” search engine. Been ranked for about 3 or 4 months now. The keyword that I’m ranking for gets about 18,000 “hits” per month. I have damned good content, rich and unique. I get about 3 visitors a week! I figured I would get a lot more traffic than that. Can you explain or have you ever had a situation like this before?

    1. Post
      1. Wordtracker and the one on webconf’s site – tey both have about the same number.

        also, I too have 3 “keyword sniper” sites that were ranked top 10 for a good while and all of a sudden out of the top 100! All of them had unique content and regular updates to the posts. They fell out of the top 10 only in the past week.

        1. Post
  40. You can have keyword snipping AND quality content. I understand, Court the impression you think it will make, but I have used your KW snip techniques and still added lots of great content, one has nothing to do with the other.

    Also, I could see how Google may have tripped over the content has never been king post, but that is just one post out of tons of great content posts that you have provided here and it seems really unfair to be slapped so far back in SERPS, this just reinforces the fact that Google is King!

  41. Court – I am confident this site will again be on page one… as others have rightly pointed out, this domain is loaded with quality content…there’s no way to get around that.

    Also, there are at least two other domains that are ranking on page 1 for “internet marketing” that are TOTAL crap compared to this site….both in terms of quality and volume of information. One has about 1000 LOW QUALITY pages indexed (crap information), and the other is bordering on keyword stuffing…. (and only has 45 pages indexed and ~400 inbound links)…. Totally ridiculous if you ask me.

    – Dave

  42. Wow, Court – I am SO disappointed that your articles and tutorials on keyword sniping are gone. Why not simply edit them to state your belief that you need good content FIRST?

    Those posts of yours are some of the best information on the internet for those trying to understand deep linking, etc.

    I also want to mention that while it is possible that a post or large amount of same text back links could have caused this situation…. I am not really thinking so.

    Here’s why…

    For about the past month, I have referred others to these posts and tutorials of yours. I can’t tell you how many times I would get an email back saying they couldn’t get your site to load. When I would check, sure enough, it would just hang and then time out on me, too. I could give you an exact date of one of these instances if you’d like. I happen to have an ongoing exchange between a student of mine and that conversation reflects how he tried many times to read the pages I referred him to…and how neither of us could get it to load.

    Perhaps it is possible that a manual review DID take place… and took place when your site wouldn’t load?

    Just a thought.

    Best of luck with your new direction and plans for your business. I have always respected and enjoyed your content and look forward to more.


  43. I have always said that content is king. It just makes sense when the words you use needs to be found in the search engines if you want to be found but if you aren’t using words that others are looking for then that content is really king.

    I can be so stubborn at times it borders on a mental problem I am sure. You can talk until you are blue in the face and you most likely won’t convince me I am wrong until I have had time to sit alone and think about it again. 🙂

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  45. Court, you should have called your post Google is King And He Wants To Be Emperor

    If I had a dollar for every crappy site out there with a page rank of 3+ i would be rich. Content isn’t King and never was and never will be, personal experience.

    I don’t think Google gives a S#!T about content, there aren’t computers powerful enough to process the absolute enormous amount of information being created each and every day. More practical for them to focus on linkbacks as the main source of PR and have Mr.Pion Geek at the head office, penalizing sites that have caught on to Google’s charade. Their hope, i suspect, is to keep the Sheep in line by controlling the Dawg (Yes Court, you’re the Dawg).

    You clearly offended the Big G, and you don’t piss people like that off unless you’ve got under their skin. You have proved them wrong way too often, and they are getting back at you with the hope of keeping us in check.

    More now than ever, keyword sniping will be my main focus.

  46. Chris (above) has said most of what I was going to say about ‘G Power’. It sucks.

    But it could still be something other than the ‘keyword sniping’ and ‘content (isn’t) king’ posts which caused all this. I still think it’s a lot to do with your WordPress themes, even though some say not…

    Apart from that, I’m sorry to see you make such an obviously obsequious post purely for the benefit of big ‘G’, but I guess I can understand why.

    Luckily I (and I guess many others) have already downloaded the content of your keyword sniping posts for future reference 🙂

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  49. Content is important, sure, but it’s certainly not king. There are lots of “resources” type of websites that’s very popular. They compile content instead of creating content themselves… websites like Google itself!

  50. Wow! What a post! I’m looking forward to more of your articles on this topic. When I first read your keyword sniping material, I loved it (and still do). However, I applied the concepts not to a keyword sniping sites, but to my larger, social blog, and the results have been through the roof. My view is that Google wants to give web surfers the most relevant, quality content it can. Most (but not all) keyword sniping sites don’t represent quality content. So even if a keyword sniping site works for a while, eventually Google will catch up and hammer these sites in the search engines. So while I toyed with starting keyword sniper sites, I quickly abandoned that effort. That said, the concepts behind keyword targeting are excellent and can be applied to any website or blog.

    As to content vs. links, I think the answer as to which is king is clear–they are both king.

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  52. I have been reading your site and agreed with most things until I came to the content is not king page. I had to disagree and I am happy you have come back to this realisation.

    I have a few websites that I built many years ago and they still bring in traffic with no promotion. The content brought in visitors. Saying that content is not important is like suggesting that you only married your wife because she was a woman. I think we all tried to marry someone because of the content of their character.

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  54. I can definitely respect any person who knows and can come forth and say that they were wrong–For any reason. For that, thank you for coming out with this and also providing your readers and follows with valuable content that will HELP THEM, which is why this is called the Internet Marketing School! Thank you.

  55. I think at some point of our obsessed work to manipulate our google rankings we lost our ways through the internet. The internet was made to communicate and inform and the only way to do that is with good content the rest are just reminiscences of our trial to boost our site.

    Just write quality content and let the rest work for itself… at least it has worked for me

  56. It’s ok to change your mind; we all do. But why did you delete the old post and redirect it to this post? If anybody wants to read the old post, they can from Yahoo’s cache of the page.

  57. This was a mistake, Court. Your Keyword Sniper Idea was sound and helping folks. To tell them now that they have to go and make much better content, something that 99.9% of them can’t or won’t do, is going to hurt more folks than you can help with this change.

    The bottom line is that Google isn’t likely to penalize people who try to make good content and fall short. Even following your KS technique, “good content” is created… It’s the PLR junkies and ppl creating doorway pages who deserve to get slapped hard… Not people trying to provide good answers to popular questions.

    I own 385+ good (not great) quality websites and when yours got slapped, so did 90% of mine. The interesting thing is that the 10% that didn’t get slapped, were NOT my 10% with the best quality… Far from it! -They were the 10% with THE MOST LINKS.

    We have no real idea why Google slapped us. I’m more sure than ever that links are more important than content though.

    -Luke Parker

    1. I don’t think anyone has the real answers! I have a site ranked #3 for 1 keyword. I have 14 good/solid backlinks to it and have had it for 4 years. The #5 position is a local competitor of mine with 49,584 backlinks, having way more than me with the same anchor text. My content is not great – just an “about us” with somewhere around less than 50 words total. So, my content sucks, backlinks suck, I’m a pr3 and have been #3 for a fairly strong keyword for about a year without doing anything! I think these people on here worry too much about how to dominate Google and less time really perfecting their sites for the end-user.

      just my two cents –

  58. I think quality content is important for readers to keep their interest and it is important to have for Google ranking , but you do need to link your site to get traffic as well. So, having both is beneficial. I mix quality content with links and social marketing and I am seeing some progress.

  59. the content on this site is fine but u dont even rank for your name meaning…

    google is king.

    good luck getting back on their good side, I personally think they didn’t like the fact u were selling memberships to what they thought was ways to beat google

    1. Post
  60. In my opinion, you are not wrong Courtney, it is just that there are some stupid folks that are lazy and thinks of doing keyword sniping without even 0.0001% care towards contents. But actually, whether you are wrong or not, 2 facts stays:

    1. That keyword sniping lesson is important, whether it is in the gray area or not. That lesson has helped me creating a better website that get indexed pretty fast.

    2. Google is the king:D.

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  62. Court,

    I commend you on your honesty and integrity. Once you discovered your mistake, not only did you correct it and apologize for it, you cut out a chunk of your income that came from it. That takes integrity and determination.

    I hope that everyone else here sees this as well.


  63. I just had much of one of my websites copied word for word by someone else on a new site. Good thing I have some links and continue to show up in the serps.

    It is obvious that content is NOT king and that links ARE king. It is too bad you have to put up this somewhat misleading post and act like you are sorry just for Google’s sake. Now people read your post and all the comments and come away thinking “well, it looks like content is king after all”.

    Content is NOT king as it can be stolen any time, any where, by anyone. Links are what get you to the top and keep you there, not your content!

    1. Here here! I couldn’t agree with you more.

      In fact, I have seen multiple case studies where a person stole content from someone else who doesn’t have many links to it, Posted it on his own site, and got more incoming links to his own that the original author did.

      Then he grabbed a chunk of that content, searched it in google a few days later, and guess which one came up 1st in Google??

      THE ONE WITH THE MORE LINKS… Google couldn’t care a flying fig for the one that was made first… Age has NOTHING to do with it!

      Links rule, content comes way down the list.

  64. Wow …. just discovered this site. There’s SO much good conversation here I am going to have to go back to the top and read it all over again.

    As of now I do believe that Content is King. It’s what people search for and what G want’s to deliver to them. Content is the driver. But hidden content is worth zilch so links are part of the King’s army. That doesn’t make Links King. Without content, links are worthless … links to nowhere.

    We need to qualify with Original Content, Unique Content, Fresh Content … etc.

    All for now … so, back to the top to read about the Court of the King.

    John Gordon
    The Infotainer

  65. I think content is by far the most important aspect of a blog. If your blog has nothing but crap for articles, no one would ever take the time to come back. Providing good posts can keep people coming back which always helps your traffic and overall stats get better.

  66. It seems like Google is constantly evolving with one goal: get the most relevant user content ranked highest. It seems that in addition to employing solid SEO techniques, having the highest quality content will do nothing but benefit you as search engines keep changing. Over time, we have to believe, a site will be rewarded more and more for great content.

  67. Content is always king whether someone agree on it or not. I start my SEO with content part of my websites, this is the only reason they are on number uno google page 🙂

  68. Well, I’ve created a reasonable site with fairly decent content about Warren Buffett aka the Oracle of Omaha, but so far it isn’t ranking at all, so clearly there is something that needs to happen for a site to get to page 1 – keywords and backlinks no doubt, but how do you get the backlinks? A post on how to get targetted backlinks would be good.

  69. Content is king because no matter how many links you have but if you do not have a specific content then no one will return to you back. So having good free content as in my website is quite usefull for users to return back every other day they are in need of somthing. So hats off content

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  71. I’m a little late to the party here – I just found this post and don’t have the luxury of knowing the entire history of the story 🙂

    But as far as whether or not content is king, I don’t believe it is. It’s one building block for a successful site, but as several other comments have pointed out, there are plenty of sites with crappy content sitting in the top 10 on Google. Most of them are there because of links.

    Content is important if your site ever comes up for a manual review, and if you’re building a site that you want to be successful in the long term you’re going to need to provide value.

    But you can still have a successful site with mediocre content and good links. Or even with mediocre content and some copywriting skill in your autoresponder series or advertising.

    I’d say these things all work in tandem:

    1. Content
    2. Value
    3. Links

    Plus, this is all assuming you rely on Google for your traffic, your monetization, or both. There are lots of other ways that you can drive traffic and earn money that have no bearing on whether or not Google “likes” your site.

    Another way to look at it is whether top-notch content trumps grey/black hat linking approaches. I’ve had sites with great content get killed because I tried things that were a bit grey on the linking side. That tells me that content isn’t more important than anything else.

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  73. Courtney – Glad to see you came around on this issue! Relevant, quality content is the best thing you can include on your site if you want to build a reputable site with people who actually return to see what you’ve written. If you’re doing this correctly, keywords should fall into place naturally. Kudos on the flip flop : )

  74. Court:

    Could you edit all your old posts containing the “s” word, replace the “s” word with “target”, “aim”, whatever, and then re-post them? Seems like what you said was valid. If not, I don’t know what to think.

    BTW, Go-ogle slapped ALL my sites, including the one linked here, around the beginning of October. Is Go-ogle the anti-Christ? Completely arbitrary, seems to me, just like our governments. For an interesting blog post, Go-ogle the search string (without the quotes) “google high school popularity” . Check out the first search result listing.

    Dave Bean

  75. As a videographer, writer and website developer I’m glad you’ve seen the light – Content IS King, or certainly should be.

    Only Content persuades surfers to linger, to buy, or to return; no amount of backlinks can replace it when absent.

  76. This is what I’ve been confused about while doing SEO for my site. How much content is needed… do I really have to write a unique review and summary of each product on every single page just to make sure it isn’t blacklisted on Google?

    I’ve really been trying to do my best to give my viewers something extra to read on every page while creating unique content for each and every page. This can be very difficult if your product is fairly self explanatory.


  77. I agree absolutely that content is king, but the problem for most of us who are managing several sites, is that keeping abreast with all that is coming your way by way of push technology, RSS feeds, etc. becomes overwhelming to say the least. So, the sites are updated, but not nearly as frequently as I would like.

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  79. I think most people read his blog to discover what they can about Google’s thoughts on search engine optimization. I specially thanks to the growing power that computer engineers and software coders wield over. MY special view is that Success making money with keyword sniping depends heavily on your keyword research skills and finding good qualified long tail keywords. do you agree with it..? I just want to give some quick props to Courtney Tuttle. Keyword Sniping works! It’s been about a month now since I set up a wordpress blog on a domain name Hiphop94’s Weblog with and you can get here. Thanks for all.

  80. It takes a lot of research to write quality content.However, there are some good (and free) tools you can use to find out what people are talking about and then write posts about the “hot” topics.

  81. Thank u for specification, bolding up that; content alone doesn’t conquer! Presentation and user friendly links are so important to handle the site to next step

  82. “I am remarkably stubborn sometimes…” Well…who isn’t, really. I have friends in various nationalities, and I can’t think of one friend who isn’t at some points. We, human is well know for being only that. But i have to say i was convinced by that “Content has never…” article, pretty much.

  83. “Content has never been the king”
    I think it is right, but a well as with the amalgamation of all the tools it works.
    I don’t know which point made you to apologize.

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  85. Court I’m really sad to see the end of the keyword sniping articles. They actually worked for me – I mean REALLY worked, and I have been able to build a number of sites by following your strategy that run very profitably.

  86. What difference does it make? Attempting to make money from Google ads is an exercise in futility. You can write brilliant articles, get a high ranking and subsequently get a crap load of traffic to your site, but at the end of the day while you make have a crap load of impressions, your ad clicks will be low for two reasons: 1. Google’s algorithms are seriously flawed when it comes to matching relevant ads with content (Their Competitive Ad Filter is a joke). 2. People have simply stopped clicking on ads or banners.

    Face it, the days of the average site owners making money from Adsense are over. The only one who is making any real money is Google and a modicum of business owners who have always used the internet to marketing their products or services. If any site owner or blogger tells you otherwise, ask them to show you a copy of their last tax return.

    1. Jim,

      People like you and me don’t click ads but others still do. So, it’s possible to make money with Adsense, just ask Grizz.;)

      Myself, I’m not in that gang since I’m not pushing that side fully yet. I only show my ads to search engines visitors(most are clickers). This will lower the number of impressions. I agree that most site owners don’t make much money with it but that’s because they don’t do it correctly. 😉

      1. Steve-

        I’m not familiar with Grizz, but if he/she claims to make any sizable amount of money from Adsense, again I’d like to see his last tax return. Until I see any tangible evidence, to me, it’s just talk.

        When you state that people do click on ads, I will presume that you mean those who click the ones at the far right-hand side of Google’s search engine pages rather than site ads. Obviously someone is clicking on them as Google’s Adsense model remains their biggest revenue maker.

        As for most site owners not making much money because they aren’t doing it correctly, no one can actually prove that there is a correct or incorrect way. There are a plethora of web site articles by people who claim to know the correct way, but I see no difference between their claims and that of a snake oil salesman who says he has an elixir that will cure the common cold.


        1. Jim,

          A site must be optimized for a particular keyword and draw search traffic for that keyword in order to do well with adsense. Your site has 5 completely different posts on the home page which means the Adsense bot can’t decide what your site is about and has provided you with irrelevant ads.

          Pick a single keyword and optimize your site for that keyword only. It should be used in your URL, the Blog Title, Post titles and in the content along with a variety of related keywords. Then concentrate on obtaining backlinks that use your keyword in the anchor text. The goal is to drive search traffic to your site who are looking for your keyword. Targeted traffic clicking on targeted ads is how you make adsense work.

          I have discussed adsense for several years, I use it, I make a lot of money from it, I don’t sell anything – snake oil or otherwise and the info is free – given your disillusionment I suggest you take a chance and read my work on the topic. Your own results will speak for itself if you follow my directions.

          There is nothing that will convince you that Adsense works except experiencing it yourself.

          1. Grizzly-

            I’m not disillusioned but rather skeptical. I only put those ads on my site to prove a point regarding Google’s flawed algorithms. I wrote Google’s support asking for advice regarding the mismatch of ads to my content only to receive a form response giving me a list of links leading to explanations that I found to be far to complex for the average person to comprehend. I find it absurd that people like yourself have to explain Google’s Adsense model as obviously their own explanations are convoluted and that their support team is inaccessible.

            Being that I am not a know-it-all, I will pursue your advice and if it works or doesn’t work, I will write an article about it down the road. Until that time, in all due respect, I remain somewhat dubious as to your claim that you make a lot of money from off your ads. Although I don’t doubt your sincerity, I think you are selling a pipe dream to bloggers.


        1. Jim, I was talking about “sites ads” and visitors that come to my blog from search engines. Only them will see my Adsense. I doubt Grizz would want to show you his Canadian tax return,

          As for the right and wrong way, no magic solution but trial and error depending on the kind of site you show them on. Of course, some sites will pay more than others.

          Frank, I thought Court wrote it for Google. And sorry, I forgot that we are a breed a part(IM). 😀

          1. Steve, only you can attest to how much money you make off your ads once people find your blog. I’m in no position to refute your success one way or the other.

            Who is Grizz?

            This trial and error methodology you speak of is the very carrot that is dangled in front of so many bloggers who naively buy into the same old recycled list of “20-ways to make money from your blog” that proliferates hundreds, if not thousands, of websites about how to utilize SEO, the importance of creating sincere and worthy content, always promptly responding back to people who leave comments, choosing effective keywords, and consistently leaving comments in lots of forums (just to name a few) all in the hope of enticing people to become devoted readers who will eventually click on their ads.

            Unless one is into internet marketing and selling a product or service, putting up a blog with ads and jumping through all of the hoops my make a person a little pocket change, but the only true way to make money is to do it the old fashion way… work for it.

          2. hey jim, did you even read what Grizz wrote, or just spout off? Why not spend about 30 minutes at his blog and get to know the philosophy before you react this way? You will not find one reco for some ebook or other crap like that on there.
            Using his advice (which was 100% free in US and Canadian dollars) I took my adsene from $10 per month to well over $600. and yes, with very little effort. (but of course, you don’t believe anecdotal evidence do you?)
            rolls eyes,

          3. also Jim,
            anyone with half-a-noob brain knows that regular readers don’t click ads. Only search driven buyers do.

          4. Boss-

            Until Grizzly left a comment, I did not know who he was. And yes, after I read his comment and got his link to his blog, I did take the time to read his information.

            Given your attitude and the fact that anecdotal evidence is nothing more than hearsay, then your statement that you make well over $600 a month gives rise to my doubting its veracity. Why not provide your URL and show some bona fide proof of your claim?

            As for inferring that I have half-a-noob brain, thanks for the insult.

          5. 2 things jim.

            1) it is not one site, it is a network of sites (about 10)
            2) due to the above, you should learn that you never share your money sites in public or you could lose them, even if they are 100% legit like mine are

            paranoid is the name of this game.

          6. good luck to you, someday you might come around to our way of thinking (those of us who follow Vic, Grizz and Vic)

          7. Thanks. I’d love to be wrong, but as they say, proof is in the pudding and all I’ve heard so far is shallow boasting.

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  88. I can see where Jim Green is coming from. I was sceptical too because of the amount of crap that is on the net about making money online but if Jim comes back to this thread, take it from someone who was also a non believer that you can earn from Adsense, it won’t make you a millionaire but it is good for $3/400 a month. As long as yu have the view that it is what I call top-up income then it is easy to get your head around it.

    1. I am in the process of implementing advice and suggestions given to me on Grizzly’s site by Griz and a few others.

      I am a skeptic… not a cynic. I have no unrealistic expectations concerning Adsense earnings. $1/200 a month (or anything) would be do me right proud.

  89. Court,

    I disagree with you on your point that your theory was wrong,

    As I recall in one of your keyword snipping posts (which were awesome by-the-way) you said thay you could probably get a better click through rate if you used content that was not so good, but that you preffered good content so the site would pass inspection.

    Now that is not word for word,

    But I never took your info to mean create bad content.

    Keep putting up solid info court you do very good job

    And I would never have found out about keyword snipping if I had’t read it on your blog.


  90. Content is very important, may be most important thing for any site. But it is not the only thing which is important. Inbound links are also important. Infact, according to me, the whole process of search engine optimization is very important. If your site is not properly structured then content is not going to help, because surfer could not find anything in easier manner. So, from my point of view ” Proper Search Engine Optimization with Good Content” is king.

  91. Haha, very good Griz.

    Back to the article in hand and although it is pretty nobel of you to come out and say that content is king I think the one thing that we should all remember is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. 🙂

  92. You are exactly right about this. That’s why new marketers can do SO well by putting their content on an article directory and then doing a backlink campaign to that. The article directories are so chock-full of content, they are not going to be buried anytime soon…especially those with High Page Rank.

    The new marketers can use the leverage of the article directory to drive people to their sites, with or without Google. And who cares if someone came to your site through an article first? What matters is that they came to your site.

    1. I’ve learnt a little from this comment

      You are exactly right about this. That’s why new marketers can do SO well by putting their content on an article directory and then doing a backlink campaign to that. The article directories are so chock-full of content, they are not going to be buried anytime soon…especially those with High Page Rank.

  93. What it all boils down to, is that online marketing – just like traditional marketing – requires regular effort on the part of the marketer. Many people would like to just create a niche site, and then sit back and watch the bucks roll in, which probably explains why your original keyword sniping article became one of the most commented-on articles I have ever seen. Getting a consistently good PR requires the implementation of a range of complementary strategies.

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  95. Very interesting! It seems like Google rules the world. Does this mean that one can’t post interesting, relevant, and thought-provoking content less they get Google slapped. I thought your “Content is NOT King” post and your keyword sniper material was great. I guess I think if Google’s going to manually slap you based on what you teach, they should take the time to really check it out. If they had, you would have never been slapped, because it was obvious from the start that you’ve always “secretly” believed content is king… or, at least, a very strong queen.

  96. Hi Court,

    I discovered Griz’s blog about two weeks ago which led me to your site. I’m gutted that you have taken all the content about keyword sniping off the net as I’d love to read it. Isn’t there a way you can still make it available to those of us wanting to make up our own minds? A nofollow link to a pdf file maybe or set it up in an autoresponder?


  97. This is a very interesting discussion. I think that we are dealing with two beasts in regards to content. Firstly, attracting visitors through search engines and other traffic driving activities and secondly, once we have the visitors, making certain that we give them the information they need to see value in what we are offering. Once we have visiitors, we need to make our site sticky, lead people through an online sales process and good content is the key to this.

    To achieve high rankings, we have to satisfy the search engines that the content is relevant, do the basics such as on page SEO as well as having a healthy number of themed links coming to our page. I also agree that the SEs are only a part of the solution to attracting qualified visitors and that content strategies such as articles, blogs etc are similarly important.

    The primary issue that I see is having a proposition for the visitor to do something, – buy, subscribe, contact me by phone or email. If you consider your website as being a 24*7 sales tool and that the content and sales funnel within the site mirrors your best sales person, then I think that the content you have increases in importance considerably.

    In many ways, this is where the traditional marketing processes mets the internet. We still need a Unique Value Proposition to outstrip our competitors and we need good, informative content to keep visitors coming back. From a sales perspective, research from companies such as Marketing Sherpa confirms the success strategies of the best sales people that for the majority of people/companies a constant contact program of up to 8 contacts is still needed before someone is willing to do business with you. The internet and your website is no different and so getting your content relevant assumes a high priority to getting people to return to your site before they are comfortable in taking some action.

    I agree that getting your rankings is very high on the priority list and should continue to be so, but if you are already up there, content if not King is pretty close to being the highest priority. In short, I think you need to pay due attention to both, one without the other just doesn’t work in the long term.

  98. Blogging is a learning process, even for those starting from a point of strong topical knowledge.I am impressed with your forthrightness in admitting your mistake and the additional steps you took on top of that. Abandoning a blog is always a hard thing. You did the right thing by taking it down instead of letting it languish in the blogosphere as so many are prone to do!

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  100. i totally agree with court – Good content rules ….SEO is the easy part.

    great content gets people linking to you. I have a site that gets over 1000 visitors a day in less than 9 months with only 105 backlinks. Of course I tried to use good anchor text on my backlinks but the main thing about my site is there is nothing like it on the internet.

  101. Imagine a site with no content, but lots of links out and in, pics with alt text keyword rich.

    Compare this to a site with fantastic content, keyword rich, but no links in or out and pics with no alt text at all.

    Which would fare better in Google serps? Remember that keyword density is part of content, not something separate.

  102. No matter what bells and whistles you add, without good content there’s nothing to pull readers in much less make them return.

  103. I have to agree wih Office Refurbishment. True, quality content is king, however link building is too. I used to be a ghostwriter for the internet. And boy, do I tell you, whenever I have to write, I have to include at the header the title, description and the keywords related to the article. The keywords must have a 6% density in the article meaning must be mentioned at leat 6-9 times at the body which really gave me the idea that keywords are really important too however you have to balance the content and the keywords itself.

  104. If content is king, then Links should be queen! A site with quality unique content people will want to link to. That way the links will increase naturally! But if you don’t get the words of the site out through links, people wont see the site ( the world to come to your door) and wont be able to read the unique content in it and therefore won’t attract the natural links.
    So both should be done effectively…

  105. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  106. 1 п. “Не имей сто друзей, а имей сто шекелей” тоже хорошо рифмуется 🙂
    8 п. Ты никогда не потеряешь работу. Когда закончатся фотографии можно размещать рисунки (да хоть бы и конкурс объявить на лучший рисунок Одри (-:), аппликации и фотографии поделок из пластилина…
    9 п. Сто пудов ! 🙂

  107. Вообще, честно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо прикольней самих сообщений. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  108. Так зачитался, что пропустил любимую передачу)

  109. Спасибо за статью оказалась очень полезной.

  110. Ну естественно, действительно так оно и есть. 🙂

  111. It is obvious that a combination of both content and links is needed to be successful. If you want to be on top of a competitive term then this is the only way to be successful for a long period of time.

  112. Content that is SEO targeted and well written is the only way to make it to the top of the rankings. Links yes, but content first. I have articels with not one link that get 20-50 hits daily. The long tail is king too!

  113. Hey court good post. Very tough argument I understand how someone could be convinced which is more important links or content though it seems that if someone has excellent content they only need to work a fraction on their marketing compared to those who try to force their site up in the SERPs through pure grind marketing building link by link rather than producing link bait. I am still up in the air with the subject and have not posted anything official on my marketing blog yet. Anyway I like the keyword academy very nice little project you got going I have been checking the serps very nice work.

  114. I really like your articles with this and I feel lucky to be able to read your article, I really like your articles with this article because you have to give this a thought for more advanced again, many thanks

  115. I havent read all the comments, there are so many!

    To addd to the comments, my understanding is content is KING and keyword is QUEEN, you need the keywords to be picked up by the search engines and you need the CONTENT to keep your readership interested.


  116. hi, the blog seems to me like to gain the attention of all seos and get the benefit of traffic.

    whatever, i also agree with the title “content is king” and no body need to prove this as you might get your ranking high after doing black hat or some cheat seo tricks but when search engines find this they penalize you heavily and sometime it cost to get your website in black listed.

  117. Content is king while links is queen!
    A web site with quality unique content people will want to link to. That way the links will increase naturally! But if you don’t get the words of the site out through links, people wont see the site ( the world to come to your door) and wont be able to read the unique content in it and therefore won’t attract the natural links.

  118. Hi, the blog seems to me like to gain the attention of all seo’s and get the benefit of traffic.

    whatever, I also agree with the title “content is king” and no body need to prove this as you might get your ranking high after doing black hat or some cheat seo tricks but when search engines find this they penalize you heavily and sometime it cost to get your website in black listed.

  119. Court,

    I think that Content Is King – not only does it bring traffic from the search engines, it also develops a good relationship with your visitors that keeps them coming back for more….

  120. Trust above all else can be gained with excellent content. The content can actually separate you from your competitors. It’s up to your and your content to determine which direction the people will go. Great post.

  121. You’re either a genious or autistic. I think she’s brilliant and playing you all.
    The contraversy created over her controversial post, will likely be what sticks in your memory the longest.

    What I see: Create contraversy. wait. wait. wait. flip flopped and apease the crowd.

    And if that’s not what was intended, at least her poker hand was bigger and this round goes to the house. Luck? or Strategy?

    nice play on psychology dear.

  122. Great blog. I love the debate that this topic has brought up. We all have our opinions but content is and always will be king. That’s what the internet is all about finding quality content. You have to outrank your competitors for the organic search engine traffic. If you have more optimized content on your website than your competition you will usually outrank them for your chosen keywords your going after. All other things being the same. Content is and always will be king!

  123. Geting traffic to your blog or website is the beauty of online biz.
    To Make Money Or Sell Online All You Need Is Good Traffic.. 180 Thousand Traffic T Month Is Not That Too much…
    with you get the best result free reading good SEO articles from great writers. linking you to success is our atitude!

  124. Now… I have not visited for a tad…
    Grist for the Mill:
    Court always believed that content is king, and this blog in the original format, proved this point beyond a doubt. Court hammered all of the keywords, long and short — dominating Google as intended. So what happened? He suddenly deleted many of his bests articles and posts and radically restructured his (this) blog in order to force promote “The Keyword Academy.” Here, lack of “fresh” content and redirection… Add it all up and think about it; do I need to s-p-e-l-l it out? Google has not penalized Court. Court penalized himself. Is “snipping” bad? No. Now it is called “Keyword Targeting,” and it has become a for profit offering featured on the new blog.

  125. Content will always be king.. but then again.. you have to drive traffic to your site to make it valuable. Without it, your content is totally useless even if it’s considered as super content.

  126. I never read your post “content is not king” because it is the first time I am on here. However, I must say from my experience that “original quality Content” is the king. I noticed that when I compare some of my blogs that the same content is spread out on the web I don’t get as good result as when I have original quality content on my site alone.

  127. Original content – continuously provided- establishes long term credibility in your niche, generates return traffic and ultimately improves income.

    It just isn’t quick or easy.


  128. I realize I am a little late to the discussion here and my comment will probably not be read since it is so far down the page. I do agree (to a certain degree) that content is important.

    But, if content really were king over all else, then why would sites like Amazon, NexTag, Wally World, and other “dynamically created” page sites rank so highly (at the top 5) in the majority of the terms they go for in Google? They are not creating content of the millions of pages each one has- just short descriptions and blurbs.

    My position is that content is king for BOUNCE rate, which Google values highly as a metric to decide if a page/site is “worthy” of their ranking and what value it offers to the reader. The lower your bounce rate, the better Google views your site as being relevant to its users.

    Just my .0002 cents (adjusted for recession) 😉

    Bill G.

    1. Hi Bill G

      I don’t think that content is defined as “millions of pages”. It’s about delivering the content that people are searchiong for. This may be made up of a number of things ….. lengthy articles being just one way.

      People do not visit Amazon (for example) to reaed the books, just to find them, perhaps others by the same author, others readers of that also purchased etc etc and this is the content that Amazon offer.

      Of course the term King must be defined. King of what? Surely here we just mean ‘of major importance’. And as you say, it still is because it determines Bounce Rate. But even if a site’s content was just one sentence and a link …. and its sole purpose was to forward vsiitors elsewhere … that tiny content was King! It was the best, perhaps only way of achieving that …. the content ruled.

      But generally we talk about content being important as THE way to attract traffic, keep traffic longer, attract return traffic, get traffic to send other traffic and to convert all that traffic into ready to buy customers. And only content will do this. Why?

      Because it is King!

      John Gordon
      The Infotainer

      1. John,
        I think we are talking about the same thing from different view points. LOL. I was referring to site content vs. natural links as they affect search SERP.

        If I am understanding you correct, even just one one as anchor text is considered content. Well, I can’t argue with that. That is true at its basis.

        Point taken.
        Bill G

  129. Well, I am new to internet marketing, advertising and all this money making stuff. I am still in the process of learning many things, but I can say for sure that the content has huge value. You can have dozens of thousands of backlinks for a keyword phrase, and a hight PR, and that can beat the hell out the competition that has only a few hundreds or thousands, but if you don’t make that position numero uno in Google SERP justified with good, informative, not even great, it is sufficient that is delivers what the people want to see for that keyword phrase, you just wasted your time and/or money…

    That is why I make my own content for my ebooks blog, it maybe is slower than some other methods, but I prefer making it for the long term, not just some immediate success.

  130. There is so much mediocre content out there, to put it mildly. Links and content speak volumes. The old tried and true content based SEO will prevail for years to come. After all, what do we go on the internet for? To read! Videos are going viral but good conent still rules. Thanks for the great post and explanation.

  131. “Content is king.”

    It sounds good in principle. Produce a truly great piece of content, and you’ll get all the links you could ever hope for.
    Maybe it worked too, several years ago. The Web used to be a fairly quiet place compared to what it is now, and it was easier for people to notice great blog posts.
    But not anymore.
    Now great is no longer good enough. The Web is full of so much remarkable content that bloggers don’t have enough time to read it all, much less link to it.
    If you want links now, you need to be more than great. You need to be connected.

  132. I think people really should be making sites that have good, quality information. It is very frustrating to see a site up at the top and realize their content appears to be thrown together.

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  135. I am of the content is king camp and am trying to get the spiders to crawl all over my site by backlinking to quality sites then go back and add a little content. I hope I amm not spinning a useless web but I hear they {Google} indexes about every two months. Anyway good reading you position. Cris

  136. Today, been reading the blog here. I have been working on content, but what I need to know is more about how to get the elusive back links everyone is talking about. I am putting together my sites to hopefully earn some affiliate funds, as well as exposure. I am also working on a site , that promotes hydrogen fuel for your car. There is lots of good content there but its taking time to get it where I want to go with it. its name tells the story pretty well. We decided on the name one night while brainstorming what to call it. as it turned out we discovered the name by running it through a domain search registrar. I have found that content alone doesn’t amount to much, but posting on a blog or forum can work wonders in getting meaningfull traffic. Name dropping does help.
    signed: JT

  137. I think content matters and then some light SEO. One thing I am going to look into is paid ads – MySpace, Google AdWords etc. all seem to offer a lot of free money ($175, $75) in terms of credits for first time users.

    At least enough to experiment with.


  138. Trust above all else can be gained with excellent content. The content can actually separate you from your competitors. It’s up to your and your content to determine which direction the people will go. Great post.

  139. I just wrote a blog that was rich with keywords and two days later I was ranked on google! All because I was careful to use only relevant keywords!

  140. I think part of the reason that content is king is because so many internet marketers are too lazy to do what I think is the most labour intensive part of the process. And it’s too easy to offload to non-English-as-a-first-language writers when you can’t/don’t want to write yourself.

  141. Look folks, as an experienced IM there is no such thing as turnkey money. It takes work just like your regular jobs. The elements that make up success online are things like: keyword research, competition strength, traffic volume, great content and backlinking, of course…

    Just the truth baby

  142. There is no king, its a mixture of a few things, good content and good links although it’s fair to say that one will naturally follow the other. Great post all the same.

  143. Wow it does take some guts to come here and say that you’ve been wrong in some aspects. You know, I’ve been following you for a few years now, ever since your sniper method got out all around the place. When you took out that particular post from your blog, I actually found it through a cached page and I saved it as a word doc.
    No matter the mistakes, you’re a serious person and I respect you for that.

  144. I agree that content is very important and it may be most important thing for any website. off course that links are also important. i personally think that proper Search Engine Optimization with Good Content” is king.

    Diane Gale

  145. I’ll have to agree that content is the most important aspect. I think that SEO is just a piece of the puzzle – but without the content SEO doesn’t matter.

  146. Great info , the king of content steve pavlina believes the same. 700 articles all written by himself.. thats the sole reason why he gets linked so much.. he dosnt link build his articles do it for him . good stuff.

  147. I think their are many factors for high rankings,Content does play a big part in ranks as well as backlinks, which I think they are the 2 biggest factors for ranking… Thanks for your outlook!

  148. I don’t think that your original statement is necessarily incorrect. Clearly, as a one-liner, it was always going to be controversial.

    There was a similar discussion over at Warrior Forum.

    A strong argument by those saying it is not king is that there are:

    – hugely backlinked sites from forum profiles and the like (tantamount to spam) that Google still rewards
    – well written sites that take forever to get any traffic, and often less than other sites that are rabidly “promoted” with social bookmarking etc.
    – some sites that are pretty much 100% dupe content and yet get a ton of traffic from the big G.

    Hopefully, search engines will evolve so that quality over some minimum threshold is rewarded. Not necessarily great content, but “good enough”.

  149. Yes, I believe that you can do well and a relatively short e-book that leads you through the relevant steps in a methodical fashion is a great way to go.

    Keyword selection is crucial. They reckon that only 50% of searches on Google deliver the right content for the user first time. That leaves a lot of keywords to get right yet and a big opportunity for marketers.

    Backlinking to an article is also a great way of getting good rankings by piggybacking on the article directory’s authority.

    Kind regards,


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  151. Content is very important to keep people coming back. I agree with some of the other post here that keyword selection is crucial and if you are persistent with your back link building you will be found.

  152. It is always wise to write original content. Even though people get away with duped content, original is always better because you never have to worry about it once you have written it. People who just rehash old stuff always have to wonder if their site is going to get yanked from the search engines and that is not good.

  153. Very detailed. Another reason people should focus on good content is that its actually fun to do. Something about keyword research, niche research, people research, and article SEO is fascinating, but its so important. If quality/unique content isn’t being implemented then the whole process is pointless.

  154. Great !
    thank you
    good info
    ofcourse the content is the king
    without content there is no website 🙂

    thank you

  155. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. Good post!


  156. Content is king but do you know what good content is? Well the first trick to creating good content for your blog is to be sure that your content will appeal to your target audience.

  157. You are exactly right about this. That’s why new marketers can do SO well by putting their content on an article directory and then doing a backlink campaign to that. The article directories are so chock-full of content, they are not going to be buried anytime soon…especially those with High Page Rank.

    The new marketers can use the leverage of the article directory to drive people to their sites, with or without Google. And who cares if someone came to your site through an article first? What matters is that they came to your site.

  158. Yes, content is king but it always depends. The best approach is to generate as many unique pages as possible and to find a way to make the golden mix: duplicated content + auto generated unique content + a little bit of handwritten content. Everybody knows you it is not possible to create thousands of pages with quality content by hand.. and it is not needed.

  159. I think content is by far the most important aspect of a blog. If your blog has nothing but crap for articles, no one would ever take the time to come back. Providing good posts can keep people coming back which always helps your traffic and overall stats get better. 🙂

  160. Yeah, content really isnt king. Its good, but not king. I know becuase I personally have many sites with little to no content that get me plenty of “people” everyday that convert into sales, which tells me they found what they were looking for, which is googles main objective. If you are making niche sites to target adsense, like justin said below, good content will help keep you on top. And like court just said, you should always write decent content.

  161. You are totaly right about that.Whether there are a lot of fulish writings on article directories for example there are a lot of informative postings,too.If there is a good content article readers will contiue to look for the related site. So,the important thing came true what matters is that they came to your site.

  162. I think content is by far the most important aspect of a blog. If your blog has nothing but crap for articles, no one would ever take the time to come back. Providing good posts can keep people coming back which always helps your traffic and overall stats get better

  163. I think there’s no contest on this to begin with. People who think they can prove it wrong, have had their sites removed from Google because they almost always don’t have proof. 😛

  164. I think it must take a combination of good content and a ton of back links.Of the two I am beginning to think that the harder of the two and probably the most important is the back links

  165. Yahhhh content is the most important,, google and many search engines are getting smarter and smarter.. They want to bring people to the most possible page related to what they are searching. Search engines don’t show up results of duplicate content, they only show up the original..

    Some people get happy because their pages are going out. but google will notice them some time and will remove the page on google’s index so suddenly the sites traffic will drop.

  166. I am a SEO developer; I will certainly read this book. And also I will tell my opinion, I search some SEO for flash content, I found something good on but I am still searching.

  167. You know you are exactly right here, though your old article has some truth to it also. The point that Google will smash you if your content is crap is completely correct. I think the problem is a lot of marketers and “SEO Experts” have said that if you write Good content your site will be at the top of the search engines. This is absolutley not true. I mean granted some people will link to good content. Obviously like BIG brands have good content website they pick up a lot of links, but relying on good content alone without some marketing strategy will make your site go nowhere. So really I think you are right in both aspects. You have to have a marketing strategy outside of building good content. I think of it as a restaurant or club. If you have a fantastic interior, but absolutley no marketing to get people coming in the door, you are going to close, hands down. But if you have a great strategy and great interior then evenutally people are going to know your club/restaurant by name and natually your business will grow. Keep up the good work.

  168. This unique seems to me dissimilar set of post…one who don’t grasp about present before may effectuate pertinent tidings from this post…well i wanna estimate that The wise how u tried to explain some posts at here seems to me different.

  169. You are certainly right, without content a website is useless. But if we just have content without backlinks our site means nothing. This is my opinion. So, Content is the king backlinks is the Queen.

  170. as my mom told me that, hey if you wanna build a trafic to your website try to please your visitor with unique article.

  171. Content is the king… sometime to create unique articles is hard, the point is, there is no fast way to get rich…

  172. I feel sorry for you, Court. I’m a fan of yours, and have always taken in your postings except the “Content is not the king”. It got me thinking, and I felt you were going overboard. Now I’m glad you have changed your stand and say content is king.

  173. without quality backlinks great content will be of no help. Of course, content is the king and title as well. But in the long run, you need to build some quality back links.

  174. yeah content is important, but there are so many other factors involved. Some of the best posts in the Blogosphere are unheard of because there is no seo behind them

  175. this is really great ebook. but my question is that does Google knows who posted content first on the web? So do they give good ads to real site? please reply I need to know thats why im subscribing to comment

  176. As someone has said before. It has nothing to do with the amount of content
    but everything with quality. This is what will keep you going. Happy visitors.

  177. And to add. If you want to be a happy customer:) maybe you needa domain name or webhosting. at great price. then click on my name. “michael”

  178. I am working as a webdesigner and SEO-specialist and my experiences are that on-page optimization (good content, good HTML) is the first step of good SEO. After that, off-page optimization (Backlinks) is extremely more effective… So you always need both of those techniques!

    Keep up the good work!

  179. Traffic is king.

    Look how many crap sites make money. Because they have traffic. Decent content will do… but traffic is what matters.

    Very occasionally will great content alone bring traffic. I’ve got sites with fantastic content and no traffic to speak of.

  180. What you have to really need is to have great contents with visibility to make your site popular and if its popular enough you wont bother making backlinks because it will be autogenerated by your possible fans and readers.

  181. This is something that I try all day and night just to express to my clients, but very few of them really understand.

    CONTENT is everything. The fact that your content is original and easy and fun to read will lead to click throughs as well as conversions. The only problem is people are lazy and are ALWAYS looking for a quick fix. This unfortunately never works.

  182. Actually, I think you were right in your first post: Content is not the King…. because the King is Google and they decide what comes first in the results.

    As an example, some results from Facebook or Twitter (which I don’t see as quality content sources) score better in Google than real content…

    Are backlinks the King? That is the question!

  183. I was wasting my time writing great articles about a topic I loved that drew lots of traffic, but very few click-throughs that paid 2 cents each. I was working hard, but didn’t know what I was doing. The I was introduced to the concept of niche websites, and used keyword sniper, then switched to dateless sniper. I wrote good articles that got lots of traffic, but only 8 – 10 cents per click. Now I’ve got the big picture, joined the Keyword Academy, and I’m working hard with PostRunner and the keyword tool. It’s made a tremendous difference in my earnings, and I feel very successful. My secret? I select topics that I can write about and take original pictures of, and that can be purchased on the internet. I write consistently on 9 websites. I am slowly building backlinks, and accepting new content from PostRunner. And now that I understand the formula for success, I am doing more research before launching a site. I have one that gets $5 per click and very low traffic, and one that gets 10 cents per click and over a thousand visitors a day, lots of clicks… Wish I could marry the two and get both high traffic and high clicks that pay well!
    Thanks Court and Mark!

  184. I strongly believe that content combined with a good backlink structure is king. What needs to be remembered is that google is able to check bouncerates, duration of stay, number of pages of visits and if you have little or not content or even junk content, your bounce rate will be high which is a sure sign for google that your site is not offering anything “special” for the visitor.

  185. Meaningful unique content is King…. not spinning or rewriting an existing article that doesn’t even solve the searchers problem, and just talks in general terms. I hate that… I do a search and I find a site with information I think will help me, and it’s all fluff and generalizations, it doesn’t really help me solve the issue I was searching for. So I go to another site where I think I will get that meaningful solution and I am pissed to find out that it’s the same article I just read on the other site… it’s just 60% “unique” the other 40% is verbatim. I really hate when I come across sites/blogs like that.

  186. Great content IS king – provided you know how to exploit it. If you do not exploit your keywords, and do not perform some link building until you have decent traffic coming in, your content is worthless. But once you get the ball rolling, building content is what provides the snowball effect. Forget about driving traffic to your site if your visitors will have only a glance at it and leave immediately….

  187. I agree with the guy that said the King is Google and they decide what comes first in the results.

    As an example, some results from Facebook or Twitter (which I don’t see as quality content sources) score better in Google than real content…

    Are backlinks the King? That is the question!

  188. Social Bookmarking is now a major building block for driving to traffic to your website. If done properly you can expect to use it as an easy and inexpensive method for natural search engine referred traffic to your site.
    I have used the same thing with my site youtring & i have achieved a lot from this

  189. However, this traffic is not targeted. They come fast and gone. Unless you really active in SB to maintain your traffic level. In term of qualify backlinks, yes, some of them are Do Follow sites and you can share some PR juice from them. The easiest way to determine whether or not the SB sites are Do Follow is to use the Google Seoquake plug in. It can help you to judge

  190. Social Bookmarking is now a major building block for driving to traffic to your website. If done properly you can expect to use it as an easy and inexpensive method for natural search engine referred traffic to your site.
    I have used the same thing with my site youtring & i have achieved

  191. Quality content is where it’s at. As you said, Google will destroy you for having worthless content. Not only will Google dislike it, but your visitors will dislike it. You need 2 main “people” to like your website. That would be Google and your visitors. Google helps people find you, so appease it. Visitors make you money, so bring them something worthwhile.

  192. As Google has always said. Content is King and always will be. Just think about what the internet is for… CONTENT!

    If there wasn’t good content on relevant sites then why would people want to look at the sites?

    But building backlinks certainly helps 😉

  193. I have been a believer of this passage eversince I started Internet Marketing. I’m not into duplicate content really.

  194. content might be the king, but that’s just yesterdays news. an interesting content is a sure hit but this doesn’t mean that once you have it, you’ll simply sky-rocket among search engines. I’ve tried writing a lot of articles already but didn’t get enough of such a low conversion – it just doesn’t pay it off! good content and a lack of seo results to a ghost website.

  195. Agree that content is king especially if you want more traffic… and I need to drag my lazy a@@ back to work and create more contents… 🙂

  196. Content is always king whether someone agree on it or not. Quality content is important for readers to keep their interest and creating anchor text to them is very crucial so as to get traffic to you site.

  197. It’s important to point out that different sites need different sorts of content. Yes, content is critical, but you can do very well on one with with iffy content and you’ll bomb out completely on another if you don’t have professional level materials.

    Content is a key element of marketing. Links can help you get into position, but content will keep you there. Of course, having a top ranked site will get traffic, but the true value of quality content comes through conversions. You can convert with crappy content – it’s the entire premise of an AdSense site, after all. But if you’re trying to establish credibility in the niche, you’ll need effective content and/or copywriting.

    King, queen or supreme commander of the universe. The bottom line is your ROI on a site and content can definitely make or break you there.

  198. Certainly no doubts about it that content plays a very important role in determining the importance of your website. If the content is unique and is relevant to the subject in question, the search engines will find it out and display it on the first pages.

  199. Content is important, but you obviously have to know how to handle the situation. Most people write great stuff related to their topic, but very few know how to use keywords.

  200. I agree that content is very important. However I feel in order to get anywhere, everything has to be good. Keywords, SEO, content and links for example. Content is just part of a wider picture, one that needs various elements all working together, in order for you to attain the success you desire.

  201. This is true no matter what, but asides from your properly keyworded content–it’s more important to make sure that the distribution is good. Too many times I see people waste content on article outlets that have little to no PR or authority. So it’s important to focus on that as well.

  202. It’s hard to say what’s the king. The best is when good quality, unique content is comibined with some anchor links with high pr juice.

  203. Get cheap backlinks from, the links are $1.99/month for 10 High PR (PR5+) sites!

  204. Content is not king. that is bullpoopy. If it is true then why did Google engineers develope the Blog This! app for Google Chrome? Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh? WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! you can rip off any content you want with that and google must shink it’s Okaaaaayyy! Diirriiririrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  205. Great post,

    I completely agree, you may get ranked and the odd first time visitor to your site but unless you have good content people are not going to come back. I think a lot of people forget that they are building sites for other people not just the bots to get ranked.

    Very brave of you to admit your big mistake so publicly though so congrats on that.


  206. well, I’m not sure about this (since I’m not a good English writer), i saw lot of autoblogger even have higher rank then us (at least me). And you know what are on they blog, only copied contents from others blog/site. How can they managed to do that?

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  208. Yes, content is king, especially relevant content. It’s too bad it’s all become a game…spinning articles, spamming blogs with automation etc. to get ranked.

    And right now Google is what I refer to as “god of the internet” However, there was a time when Google wasn’t king and that may happen again. Facebook overcame and dominated Myspace. Things always evolve!

    But in never hurts our internet business to post excellent,relevent content that readers actually want to read.

  209. The internet is still plagued with the same problems.
    People need to focus on creating great content is King!

  210. Yes spot on, Google loves content and back links…both are time consuming which is why they love them so much.

    Its a shame because someone could work for days and days to put backlinks on a terrible site, where as someone could write an amazing resource which never gets found…

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  212. I think much has changed since you originally wrote this post.

    A couple of years ago I don’t believe content was king, but these days I most certainly do. As Mother Google gets smarter down go the crappy sites and hopefully the cream rises.

    Just my two cents worth,


  213. If you don’t have quality content then your vistors will give you a high bounce rate. When Google sees that 95% of your visitors are leaving your site after less than 5 seconds, you can bet that there will be negative consequences from big G.

  214. I totally disagree you can rank any site you want if your gen enough decent backlinks! Googlebot cant read, how does it no what good content is?

  215. To previous poster above- You can absolutely make money from adsense. I know several people from the Warrior Forum that has made money and a living off of adsense. Keyword research and backlinking is vital also.

  216. use will then automatically insert the proper HTML snippet into your blog post. This plugin was inspired by Flock’s TopBar, but takes it a little further by allowing you to search photos not only by usernam

  217. I do agree with you that content is king, the issue is how do we operationalize that term. Content can mean functionality, text, images, a lot of things. We currently just tried repackaging all of our content into a flash quiz, though we are not sure how that’s going to go.The idea is that the quiz is supposed to give you custom branding concepts for any industry. Can you take a look and give us some feedback?

  218. In the end, a few things helped me to change my mind and as it turns out, I was very very wrong. I’m sorry for that and I hope sincerely that you all can accept my

  219. It is very nice for you to admit your misjudgments. It will never be too late, this will always be the trend like we are always on trial and error. No one really were so sure except for Google about their algorithms so all we have to do is to try and see the results.

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  221. h quiz, though we are not sure how that’s going to go.The idea is that the quiz is supposed to give you custom branding concepts for any industry. Can you take a look and give us some

  222. Of course, content is very important part of every web-site, but many others aspects are very important too. For example, the popularity of content, is it very popular between people nowadays?, and in my opinion design of your site is very beneficial.

  223. The crux of the problem is the definition of ‘quality’. Human readers may disagree on the quality of a given piece, but search engines (and their web spiders) simply do not understand what they’re reading. They conduct superficial analyses and simplistic modeling of page quality (Hey, I would too if I had to grade 200 million websites), and have only a rudimentary sense of what the page is about.

    Overzealous SEOs have taken advantage of this weakness to artificially obtain higher search rankings (organic and paid). This began with invisible words, keyword stuffing, paid/bartered links; and has now evolved to multiple websites, cloaking, social marketing spam and content farms. It’s an arms race, and most of the time the search engines are losing.

    Of course, the fear of downgrades (or removal from the index) will keep most websites in line; but the black hat practitioners will always be one step ahead of the search engine cops. Most disconcerting is the announcement that some of the recent high profile enforcement actions were implemented manually — indicating that algorithmic solutions are technically problematic.

    Let’s hope the major search engines get smarter — or start using human feedback to augment their ranking algorithms.

  224. Content is very important, if your site have a good content ranking in google will follow. Your have more audience and it will come back all over again and trust your website because of quality content.

  225. ly focused on content and that the name/brand in general gives people the wrong idea. That said, the site is now closed and I will be creating a new line of products that will help you all to create legitimately solid content sites.

    1. Everyone should focus on content and link building to really gain the trust of Google as well as any other search engine.

  226. Wow now that takes a great person to make that kind of stand and then after seeing more information, change their mind. Yes it is possible to have a good site without good content, but will that site stay for the long haul? I doubt it so for the long successful and outstanding road good quality content must be at the fore front of any site. After all we live in the information society.

  227. The problem is that ‘keyword sniping’ as a concept implies something different and that’s why I’ve done a huge overhaul to my business. My keyword sniping posts and reports have been deleted and my site has updated to be inline with my new philosophy.

  228. It can or can’t survive without Google ..then this specific site must be good enough to do just that..thus experience can very well makes an internet marketer wise and there are those traditional ways(Content is still is a KING)

  229. Content is indeed the king as many websites which are popular is only due to the publicity and internet marketing but it is not always true. Content is the king but the marketing is also very important to make the content a king. You ahve given a very good info. Thanks for sharing!

  230. Content is indeed the king as many websites which are popular is only due to the publicity and internet marketing but it is not always true. Content is the king but the marketing is also very important to make the content a king. You have given a very good info. Thanks for sharing!

  231. Content is the king but the marketing is also very important to make the content a king. You have given a very good info. Thanks for sharing!

  232. Hi Court,

    I totally agreed with you that CONTENT is KING. With the recent Google Farmer update, it definitely is right to provide unique and high quality content in your webstie/blog.

    Moreover, if you gives the readers good content, they will tend to stay longer and improve your bounce rate, This will in turn increase your ranking in google search results.


  233. Hello Court, I agree that in today’s SEO content is important, what isn’t important is unfortunately content quality as more and more sites have high SERP but in the same time are barelly readeable, as article writing is more and more outsourced.

  234. Very useful information. I love this article. I have hunting it for a long time. So happy I

    got it today. I hope that our owners can share more good things with us.

  235. I thought being a load mouth Celebrity was King.
    Do I found out I was wrong LOL
    I should think about what others will think before opening my mouth
    Quality is what counts there is lots of crap other there.
    Have the most content does not make you king
    Quality first have the best content for your niche
    Thanks for the advise

  236. I thought being a load mouth Celebrity was King.
    but I found out I was wrong LOL
    I should think about what others will think before opening my mouth
    Quality is what counts there is lots of crap other there.
    Have the most content does not make you king
    Quality first have the best content for your niche
    Thanks for the advise

  237. I think that Gingrich for a moment allowed himself to be a classical conservative in the Burkean tradition and revealed the tension between this and a more libertarian stance. He was impolitic but quite reasonable.

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  239. I agree absolutely that content is king, but the problem for most of us who are managing several sites, is that keeping abreast with all that is coming your way by way of push technology, RSS feeds, etc. becomes overwhelming to say the least. So, the sites are updated, but not nearly as frequently as I would like.


  240. I think quality content is important for readers to keep their interest and it is important to have for Google ranking , but you do need to link your site to get traffic as well. So, having both is beneficial. I mix quality content with links and social marketing and I am seeing some progress

  241. Absolutely true. People should more focus on the content rather then just all that marketing stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  242. Right – Content. When there is no content, there is no site.

    I still find some spun pages rank high but it seems that the general trend is for them being pushed out and moved to the landfill of the virtual world. And thankfully so.

  243. I agree content is king. Is for that reason I’m writing some interesting blogs like this

    Great blog


  244. Thank you Courtney! I just read your blog post about building a pagerank 7 site… and although I am not going to follow your plan myself (simply because I don’t have the time/bandwidth to do so), I did find it to be educational.

    I decided to focus simply on generating content, I believe in the long run it will work out for me. Looks like this post says the same! thank you!

  245. Content is the king of kings, t Anchor links is the master of the universe!
    If people don’t know about your site they won’t visit you

  246. I find it very frustrating that I spend so long on orginal content to then be over taken by someone whose website is obviously spun out of all recognition, or there just being no thought put into it.

    I would like to think content is king, but I have my doubts

  247. I appreciate your frustration, Roger. There are a lot of high ranking web pages out there with nothing but gibberish for content. Google has gone after the most flagrant offenders (content farms and web spam sites), but they can’t catch ’em all.

    At our Austin online marketing company, we see a lot of web pages that are highly ranked because of backlinks, but also on-page SEO factors like keyword-infused URLs, title tags and description tags. That content really counts!

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  250. As stated a few times earlier, I get extremely upset when scrappers take content. Come’on Google, get to working on fixing that (somehow!)

    Content is ultimately king, while other factors can accumulate. No one factor itself is greater than content.

  251. Content is definitely king especially with the new google panda update.

    As long as you create good quality content you will never have to worry about google updates because people will start to naturally link to your site.

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  253. Quality article is good, but so much is written that if sites on the same topic a lot, it is very difficult to move forward. But there is an incentive …

  254. You happen to be exactly correct about it. Which’ersus the reason why new entrepreneurs is able to do SO effectively by means of putting their written content with an document list and then doing a link strategy to that. This great article lookup directories will be hence chock-full regarding articles, they are not going to be entombed each time rapidly…in particular those with good Pr.

    The new marketing experts will use a make use of want to know , list they are driving visitors to its sites, having or even without the need of Search engines. And who has feelings for you if people came to your web blog with an document initial? What exactly is important is because they came to your web blog.

  255. The thing about having great content is that it completely removes the stigma that SEO is about “gaming” the search system. If a site has quality content, there is no gaming, it’s just about getting traffic to a site that people will get genuine use out of, which is Google’s goal. Everybody wins.

  256. I still believe that quality content is what everyone online can very much appreciate. I can’t count the number of times that i’ve been looking for information on a particular topic and have come across surprising tidbits that make my search well worth it all.

  257. you are issues in this sense is obviously a very good site is full suits me very carefully, but with are more intensive follow-up will is have mixed commentss and are you teacher mothers ?

  258. As they say “Quality is King” when it comes to content and I have to say I totally agreed. To many times website owners just scrape content from others who have taken time to research and the write about a topic.

  259. I havent read all the comments, there are so many!

    To addd to the comments, my understanding is content is KING and keyword is QUEEN, you need the keywords to be picked up by the search engines and you need the CONTENT to keep your readership interested.


  260. Yes guys, I confirm that content is king. I’ve benn running different blogs for year, and when you write great articles you grab the attention of a lot of interested visitors, and they will link to you. So you don’t need to worry about backlinks

  261. This post is almost 4 years about content is king. Does this still make sense? Oh well every other months google algorithm is updating. They said if you will follow what google said nothing happens.But if you will listen to experienced people doing this staff even 5 years ago then you’re on the right track.

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  263. Content is huge you need a real form of value and you need to offer something that seperates you for people to take notice.

  264. Content is king – just not when it comes to Google search algorithm.

    I don’t have to be a genius to figure out that:

    1) Google search algorithm does not distinguish between amazing content and something a 10 year old put together.
    2) Google cannot review 200 Million sites.

    Matt Cutt’s flawed idea of “write great content and you’ll get bac