On August 12, I wrote a very controversial post called ‘Content Has Never Been The King’. This led to all out warfare in the comments, and also sparked some very heated conversation with some of my friends in the industry. I was on one side of the issue, and my friends were on the other.

I am remarkably stubborn sometimes…

In the end, a few things helped me to change my mind and as it turns out, I was very very wrong. I’m sorry for that and I hope sincerely that you all can accept my apology.

My theory that ‘Content Is NOT King’ had a huge fatal flaw and in order to set things right, I wanted to let everyone know exactly what that flaw was:

If your site doesn’t have quality content, a Google search engineer can crush it with a simple push of a button.

On the other hand, if your site’s content is of stellar quality, a Google engineer who came across it would love it. This doesn’t mean they will give you a manual boost – Google doesn’t work that way. It does mean that you are protected because of the quality of your site. Google isn’t going to smack the legitimate, solid sites.

Incidentally, if your site’s content is high caliber, it can survive without Google. Frankly this is the type of site Google loves to rank well anyway.

Once I admitted to myself that I was wrong on this issue, I came to some hefty (and boy do I ever mean hefty) realizations.

First of all, since content is the most important aspect of a site, calling keyword targeting by the name ‘keyword sniping‘ gives people the wrong idea. If we expect to get a ranking for a certain keyword, we should create a high caliber resource for that keyword and I’m afraid that the name ‘keyword sniping’ doesn’t give you guys that impression.

Even though I have invested crazy money and time into TheKeywordSniper.com, I have had to face the fact that the concept is not properly focused on content and that the name/brand in general gives people the wrong idea. That said, the site is now closed and I will be creating a new line of products that will help you all to create legitimately solid content sites.

The funny thing is that I have always believed that you must provide solid information, even when creating a niche content site. The problem is that ‘keyword sniping’ as a concept implies something different and that’s why I’ve done a huge overhaul to my business. My keyword sniping posts and reports have been deleted and my site has updated to be inline with my new philosophy.

Guys I know this is a huge flip-flop and for that I apologize. When I realized how wrong (and dangerous) my belief was, I had to make a change. My conscience wouldn’t let me do otherwise.