Arabian Sea ThemeThe Arabian Sea theme is now complete, and is the newest of my search engine optimized WordPress themes. That makes 16 total themes. #17 is underway and should be completed very soon.

TheAnand created this theme, and also uses it on his site. If you want to check it out, his site would be a good place to look at it. Download Arabian Sea. I didn’t find anything shady at all in this theme (no hidden links or text) – well done TheAnand!

Here’s what I changed in Arabian Sea:

  • header.php – I changed the ‘Blog Title’ so that it was wrapped in h1 tags. It was originally wrapped in h2s. I also changed the tagline so that it was wrapped in a div instead of h3s.
  • index.php – Perfect. (no changes)
  • single.php – Perfect.
  • sidebar.php – I changed all of the h2s in the sidebar to h3s. This gives more weight to the h2s that are used for post and page titles.
  • page.php – Perfect.
  • style.css – I added a ‘header h1’ section to make the title look the same even though it was modified. I also added a ‘tagline’ div id to make the tagline appear the same. I then added a ‘sidebar h3’ section to make the new sidebar h3 to appear the same as they did before I changed them.
  • footer.php – I added a link to my site for my time and effort.