Arabian Sea – New Search Engine Optimized WordPress Theme

Arabian Sea ThemeThe Arabian Sea theme is now complete, and is the newest of my search engine optimized WordPress themes. That makes 16 total themes. #17 is underway and should be completed very soon.

TheAnand created this theme, and also uses it on his site. If you want to check it out, his site would be a good place to look at it. Download Arabian Sea. I didn’t find anything shady at all in this theme (no hidden links or text) – well done TheAnand!

Here’s what I changed in Arabian Sea:

  • header.php – I changed the ‘Blog Title’ so that it was wrapped in h1 tags. It was originally wrapped in h2s. I also changed the tagline so that it was wrapped in a div instead of h3s.
  • index.php – Perfect. (no changes)
  • single.php – Perfect.
  • sidebar.php – I changed all of the h2s in the sidebar to h3s. This gives more weight to the h2s that are used for post and page titles.
  • page.php – Perfect.
  • style.css – I added a ‘header h1’ section to make the title look the same even though it was modified. I also added a ‘tagline’ div id to make the tagline appear the same. I then added a ‘sidebar h3’ section to make the new sidebar h3 to appear the same as they did before I changed them.
  • footer.php – I added a link to my site for my time and effort.

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  1. Court, not sure if you covered this subject elsewhere, I’m wondering what your opinion is regarding three column wordpress themes or even 2 column themes with a left sidebar? It is really important to have the post on the left?


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