Before I get the review started, I just have to say WOW! I found some great stuff while reading through all of the sites that entered the contest. It wasn’t easy to choose a winner, in fact it took about 15 minutes to decide between the last two sites. 2nd place goes to Casey at She’s only 15!

The Winner

Super Blogging Tips

Tay entered, which is a site that helps people learn to make money blogging. Tay is still a teenager, but I believe she is well on her way to becoming a very popular blogger. Even before she entered, I had read some of her articles already. When I saw her name in the comments of the contest post, I knew that she would be hard to beat.

Truth be told, Tay made an impact on me well before this contest. She stands out in the crowd of ‘make money onlinerz’ and ‘make money bloggingerz (definitely not a word)’ because she knows who she is – a truly kind person.

Is Being Kind Enough To Make It Online?

Definitely not. Even though I would give Tay a five-star rating for being thoughtful, that alone isn’t enough to make it online. Luckily for her, she has a lot more going for her than just being thoughtful.

Write Pillar Posts To Stand Out

The #1 reason why beat the competition was because of a pillar post that was entered: 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic. In truth, there were a lot of really good posts that were linked to for the contest, but this was the only true, pillar post that was there.

75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic is a post that can help every blogger on the planet. Each of the methods outlined in the post works. The methods are also very easy to implement. This is the type of post that gets you noticed in an overly saturated market. I keep saying that I believe that the bar is set very low in most areas of blogging. I say that because there just aren’t that many truly good posts out there. This post is an exception – it’s worth bookmarking no matter who you are.

Frequent Posting Is A Blog Staple

If my calculations are correct, has a total of 104 posts that have been written over a period of about 5 months. 20 posts per month is a good goal for most of you who are just starting out. In the last few months, the site has been seeing more posts, closer to 30 per month.

In order to create a group of residual readers, you will have to post often. Tay has developed a good habit of posting regularly, and that is probably one of the reasons she’s doing well with Alexa and her RSS feed count. Not only does she post each day, her posts are all very good. This is the type of site whose RSS feed you should subscribe to.

Other Posts I Enjoyed

Why I Bought A Text Link From

This is the kind of site that will continue to grow. A text link only costs $5 per month right now for two reasons:

  1. The site hasn’t hit a PageRank update yet.
  2. The traffic is still growing.

A secret that most people don’t know is that SuperBloggingTips actually already has PageRank. In reality, Google updates PageRank almost daily. The thing we call a ‘PageRank update’ is actually the time when Google gives everyone a snap-shot of what the current PageRank is – not when they actually update it.

According to my calculations, is already a PageRank 3 site. Of course, there is no way to prove it. The site will pass PageRank, even though it doesn’t show any yet. $5 is a steal.

Tay good job and I hope you get plenty of extra traffic from this review, you deserve it!