Hi there! My name is Court Tuttle. Most people call me Court. I am Founder and CEO of The Blog Builders™.

Where do I begin…

It’s been seven years now since I left my job as an internet marketing consultant. It’s gone by amazingly fast. Since then, I’ve had a lot of different projects and have been very fortunate in that most of them have worked out.

My biggest project so far (TheKeywordAcademy.com) started as a blog that taught people how to get keyword traffic from search engines. I eventually turned it into a membership site. – a um… (I really don’t like saying stuff like this)…exceptionally successful membership site. That site has had members from over 175 different countries!

In total, I have started three different blogs that have each individually ended up producing more than $5,000 per month in income (The Keyword Academy is many, many times higher). At different times I have had to scale back my energy on blogs, mostly to focus on my membership site but also to focus on the year-long retirement/learning period I took in 2011.

I’m now focused on coming back to blogging and on helping others to start and improve blogs – and to realize that their blogs can be their business.

How I Got My Start

I actually got lucky and got hired as a marketing consultant when I was still in college (and sucking at college – I’m a terrible student in the traditional sense). The marketing firm taught people how to do internet marketing. I became completely obsessed with learning how the internet worked.

I learned quickly and within about six months, I had taught myself HTML and had a live website that was making money. I pushed hard to make that site profitable and within about a year, it was making over $3,000 per month. Before too long, I decided to call it quits and pursue my dream of working from home. I’ve been doing that ever since!

Back then, I got really into search engine optimization and it became a burning passion of mine. I love learning about how things work and figured out that I have a knack for it. I think that Google is a really smart company and it’s been fun to learn how to align myself with and my business with what they want so that they will reward me with traffic. My biggest area of expertise is definitely SEO. I’m completely fascinated by it!

I spend a lot of time setting up tests and experimentations that teach me how Google and other search engines work – my idea of how to have fun at work!

Why ‘Systematic Blog Growth’?

When I started The Blog Builders™, I decided that I wanted to focus it heavily on systems, which for me have been my biggest keys to success. I have built all of my businesses by figuring out what works and doing it, again and again. I hear people say all the time stuff like ‘use Twitter for marketing’ and ‘get traffic from Google’. What I really want to know is HOW you do that. What steps do you follow? As soon as I have that figured out, I like to share the steps with other people.

My Philosophy On Blogging

The business of blogging is about providing value. If you’re willing to give to others, blogging could work for you. If you tend to be self-serving, it will be difficult. The best bloggers are consistently trying to help their visitors and are great at creating an atmosphere that’s inviting.

A good blogger wears many hats. At different times you’re a webmaster, SEO expert, writer, speaker, emailer – the list could go on forever.

Frankly, at one time I was none of those things. Now, I’m good at some of them and ok (at best) at others. I don’t want you to believe that you have to be an expert at everything to be a successful blogger. You don’t. But, you have to be dang persistent and you have to be willing to keep learning.

If you’re interested in this exciting type of business, I hope that I can help you along the way.