1. Persistence – Internet marketing takes time to learn and the most successful internet marketers just plain don’t quit.
  2. Vision – This character trait is especially true for those who make a lot of money with websites. They can envision a quality product and are able to create it.
  3. Self-Belief – Those who become internet moguls believe in themselves well before receiving fruits for their labors. They believe fully in their ideas and their ability to overcome inevitable, eventual obstacles.
  4. Creativity – Not everyone was born creative, but I believe that every wildy successful online mogul was either born to be or learned to be exceptionally creative.
  5. Consistency – It’s much harder to make profits online if you’re inconsistent. Consistently building your web presence will go a long way towards increasing income. Time lost is income wasted.
  6. Passion – If the passion and desire isn’t in there, it’s going to be very hard to make it on the internet. Letting your passion drive you towards your goals may be what can push you over the top.

Any other traits anyone thinks are required to make money online? I would love to hear about them!