Real Large RSSBefore I started Court’s Internet Marketing School, I had absolutely no idea how powerful it is to have a group of people that reads your site through RSS.

Confession time: I actually used to think it was stupid to allow people to read your site through RSS because it seems to cost you valuable impressions every day.

Right now there are around 900 people that read my site through RSS. Simple math seems to tell you that over a month’s time, that would cost me 27,000 visits to my site – about the same amount of unique visitors I have every month.

Does this mean that I could effectively double the amount of unique visitors I have every month by deleting my RSS feed? Even though it seems like it could be the case, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Before I started this site I didn’t see the value in RSS but I was very wrong.

3 Reasons You Desperately Need RSS Subscribers

  • Your RSS subscribers are the people that will link to your site most often. This will positively affect your search engine optimization efforts more than almost anything else. More links is always going to translate into more search engine traffic.
  • RSS subscribers are more likely to add your posts and pages to social media sites like BloggingZoom, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. If you don’t have a good RSS count, you probably don’t have a base of social voters.
  • RSS subscribers are more likely to buy your affiliate offers than random people that come across your site. Since they will get to know you and trust you (assuming you’re trustworthy), they will likely put more stock into your recommendations. Note: If you give sucky recommendations this will have the opposite effect. 😉

There is no doubt that without my subscriber base, I would have less traffic. My RSS readers are the ones that link to my site, and they are the ones that are voting for me on social sites. There is absolutely no way I could have the Google rankings I have without my RSS subscribers.

The #1 goal for your blog should be to increase your RSS count. Nothing is more important than this. If you don’t have a blog but are using a traditional site, make sure you create an RSS feed that people can use.

The next post I publish will help you to increase your RSS count. You’re probably going to want to subscribe to my RSS feed now so you don’t miss it. 😉