Follow these rules or be banished to the land of little search engine traffic. 😉

  1. Make sure you have more inbound links than outbound links. Yes, you should still link out to sites that share related information. You just need to make sure that you get more inbounds than outbounds. If you need ideas for how to get links, visit this post from the archives: 102 Ways To Make Your Site A Back-Link Superstar. It will give you a few ideas. :)
  2. Force yourself to link internally. This means link to other pages and posts in your site. When you’re writing a post, think of relevant material you have written. Link to it. An easy method to achieve this would be the related posts plugin, but you also need to be linking within your posts – the related posts show up after. Search engines have learned very well how to tell if links are in the post or not. More links in your site establishes more authority on each of your pages.