Back in April I wrote a post called 102 Ways To Make Your Site A Back-Link Superstar. The post was created to give you some outside-the-box ideas for generating back-links for your website. I recently found the 103rd way, and it might be the best way of all.

Getting links from other sites is without question the #1, most important thing you can do as a blogger or webmaster. I have written extensively on this concept because you have to learn it to be successful with search engines. If you’ve missed any of these posts I would recommend reading them – they will help you to understand how important this service is:

LavaLinxâ„¢ – Link Trading And Link Management System

Lavalinx is the first link trading system I’ve ever seen that was designed to help both bloggers and regular webmasters to improve their search engine rankings. The system allows you to find quality websites to exchange links with.

How Is LavaLinxâ„¢ Different From Existing Systems?

  1. Lavalinx allows bloggers to trade links without adding the links to their blogrolls. Blogroll links end up on every page of your site, and unless you’re getting a blogroll link back, you’re giving more than you’re getting. With Lavalinx, you will be able to give one link and get one link.
  2. Lavalinx allows for you to put traded links in individual posts. Since I currently have over 200 posts, I already have a lot of different topics that I can work with. I have posts about computers, business, internet marketing, web hosting, and a ton of other topics. This means that I can use Lavalinx to find blogs about computers that I can trade links with. If they have a blog entry about internet marketing, I’ll have them use that entry to link to me (with the anchor text of my choice).
  3. Lavalinx allows you to create as many receiving pages as you want. Receiving pages are the pages on your site that receive the links from other sites. If you have posts that you want to pass link weight to, you can add them as a receiving page in Lavalinx.
  4. Another useful way to use your Lavalinx receiving pages is to alter the keyword text you’re getting links from. I can create multiple receiving pages that will both point links to my home page. One could use the anchor text ‘make money online’, while the other could use the anchor text ‘internet marketing’. The amount of different anchor texts you can use isn’t limited in any way.
  5. If you have more than one site, you can use them to create triangle trades and parallel trades. A triangle trade is a trade between three sites. Let’s say you have two sites, site A and site B. Let’s also say that my site is site C. If we did a triangle trade, you would use your site A to link to my site C. I would then link back to your site B. That way, the links won’t be reciprocal! A parallel trade follows the same idea, except it uses four sites. You would use your site A to link to my site C, and I would use my site D to link to your site B.
  6. Links can be placed contextually within your posts and pages. This concept is hugely important because it doesn’t leave search engines a pattern to identify a links page. On the contrary, it links ‘naturally’ within the post to sites that are related to the post, which will make the post rank better. Beautiful, isn’t it?
  7. Links can be setup dynamically. You are able to paste a bit of code into your post that will make your links show up automatically when you find partners in Lavalinx.
  8. There is absolutely no footprint. One of the major problems with other link trading and management systems is that they leave a footprint on your site. A ‘footprint’ is a pattern that search engines can identify. Many dynamic link trading systems use the same URLs on every site that uses the system. With Lavalinx you create your own URLs because you use your already existing posts and pages. There is no footprint with Lavalinx – if you view the code for the links they look like any other link. You can even set a class on the links inside Lavalinx so they appear exactly how you would like.

LavaLinxâ„¢ Is Free For The First 500 Signups

The first 500 people that sign up for Lavalinx will be able to get a free personal account. If you sign up now, your personal account will be free forever. A Lavalinx personal account allows you to add two websites. If you have more than two sites, you can either add your best two, or you can get a standard account, which gives you unlimited websites. The standard account will cost $5 during beta, and will go up when beta is over.

I would recommend at least starting with a personal account. It won’t cost you anything, so you will be able to test out Lavalinx with nothing to lose. Here are a few reasons why you should test it out now:

  • There will be an affiliate program and the more you know about the service, the more you’ll be able to make promoting it.
  • You will improve your search engine rankings by using it. On the contrary if you don’t use it, you’ll get behind the people that do.
  • You have to be one of the first 500 people to sign up to get it free.
  • I will be providing lessons on using Lavalinx, so you won’t have to learn it on your own.