You only need these if you have a blog, website, desk job, computer, or email access. The rest of you can take a pass on this post. :)

Meteor Typing Blast

Meteor Typing Games Meteor Typing Blast is like asteroids on the old Atari, except each meteor has a word that you have to type to save your ships life. This game has three different levels, and also a bunch of different lessons so that you can learn different areas of the keyboard.

If there is an area of the keyboard that you’re weak on, Meteor Typing Blast can be set to emphasize that area.

QWERTY Power Typing

Qwerty Power Typing Qwerty Power Typing is more lesson and less game. The lessons you find here will help you to hard-code the key locations into your mind! QPT pretty much forces you to repeatedly type combinations of letters that don’t normally line up next to each other in words.

Until I found this lesson I didn’t realize that I rely on too much memorization to type words and sometimes I don’t really know where the letters are. I would start here if I was a beginner typist because this really helped me a lot when I started using it.


FingerjigFingerjig is a very simple game, but is one of my favorite on the list. There no princess you have to save, or anything like like that – you simply have to type the words that appear on the screen.

The main reason I really like this game is that at the end of each level, Fingerjig shows you your gross and net words per minute. This game allows you to see whether you’re actually getting better at typing or not.

This game is useful for anyone at any typing level.

Learn To Type Typing Test

Use the Learn To Type typing test to find out where you stand. Even though I’m working on my typing speed, I can still only type about 45 words per minute. I’m going to keep working on it until I can get to about 100 WPM.

The online typing test is pretty easy, all you have to do it type the paragraph into the box, and then hit ‘test me’.

The tool will tell you what your speed is, and will even adjust it for mistakes. This leaves you with a gross and net score.

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Spider Typer Super Hyper Spider Typer is a game where you have to save Berry the hairy spider from certain death.

This game is pretty basic, but can be played in Easy, Medium, or Hard – it makes it playable for people of different levels.

This game was a little too easy for me, even though I’m not a great typer. I personally prefer Fingerjig and Meteor Typing Blast, but this one is worth checking out, especially if you’re a beginner.

Free Typing Lessons

Free Typing Game ShotsFree Typing Lessons by offers incredibly basic lessons for typing super newbies. If you already know how to type, this will be far too basic for you, but if you’re just starting out this is a valuable resource.

The lessons begin by taking on two keys at a time. Once you master two keys, you will move on to the next two. Lessons get more and more difficult from there.

Keyboard Triathlon

Keyboard Triathlon Typing GameKeyboard Triathlon is for you if you struggle with key location. This one has three different games that you play. The second game you have to click the keys shown to you with your mouse – this is really helpful if you’re trying to learn where each of the keys is located.

For the other two games on Keyboard Triathlon, you have to type the letters and words that are shown to you onscreen. This might be the best game out there for beginners.

Give this one a try if you’re just learning to type.


Barracuda Barracuda is great for intermediate typists because it makes you type a combination of letters and words. It also uses upper and lower case letters. This is probably the hardest game on the list, and one of the best if you are already average at typing.

Barracuda will probably only get you frustrated if you don’t have at least a little skill on the keyboard, so if this is the case I would try one of the games that’s a little easier.


FoggiesFoggies is almost impossible unless you’re about 20 times better than I am at typing. This one is here for the serious typists that want to fine tune their talent. I couldn’t even pass the first level of this game without trying it a couple times.

Many of you will want to pass on Foggies until you become a little more advanced. Check it out if you like to be challenged. The people that got the top score on this game either cheated or they’re injecting steroids into their fingers. 😉

Air Typer

Air Typer GamesOn Air Typer, you’re an airplane that is being attacked by blimps. Apparently, blimps must be pretty scary when you’re an airplane. This game isn’t bad, but I didn’t like that it doesn’t allow you to configure you’re starting point.

This game is great for beginners but will be a real snoozer for people that have intermediate to advanced typing skills. Those guys would end up waiting for 10 minutes before you even get to anything that’s a challenge.